Why you should buy the Nothing Phone 1?? (45 days later review)

So, this is Nothing Phone 1, and people also call it iPhone 10 version 3 I am using this phone as my primary phone from the last 45 days I will clear 100% that should 34 thousand go from your account to Nothing’s account or not? So, let’s start with its most important aspect Its performance, Look it is a simple matter, everything on this phone is fast and smooth. It performs very well in the day-to-day task Its display quality and processor make the end-user performance excellent. But like us humans things in this aren’t perfect too. Its RAM

management is kind of hit and miss like even after having 8 Gb RAM It depends upon its mood whether to keep apps in memory or not. Sometimes 2-3 hrs old app is in memory sometimes half hour old isn’t. So its RAM is in intoxication all 24hrs. This isn’t a big issue as most of the time things works really well. I don’t know why people can’t game in this with Apex legends in smooth ultra it consistently gives 60 FPS. Even if you keep the setting at max its frame rate is at 50 FPS. At extreme settings

game like Apex Legends works really well. Asphalt 8, PUBG and call of duty like games too have the same result. In general the phone heats a little

bit don’t get me wrong Its doesn’t heat so much that you start felling unformattable. Gaming is good but before deciding on the basis of gaming listen about the battery too. Now lets talk about display and its the best part of this phone. Its symmetrically bezel is not much noticeable but As Nothing has market it when you use its display you notice among other androids There is something in its

display and is bright too. In outdoors its not much bright as it could have been as Nothing has limit its brightness for battery management. But cant do anything but in sunlight the display is visible. Display supports HDR10+ but doesn’t work for Netflix and Prime for now. It has a fingerprint sensor too which works good. Isn’t superfast like Chinese phones but works well 9 out of 10 times unlocks in one go. Display is 120 hertz and among other phones its screens smoothness and UI Which feels buttery, talking about UI its like stock android But it has

some suttle changes which makes it different from other UIs. If you are listening to songs on Spotify and want to open YouTube then as you switch to YouTube It wont switch immediately instead there is a smooth transaction from sing to video. * DEMO * You can keep WIFI & mobile data on at the same time and it will share WIFI not mobile data. It doesn’t have any alert slider but when you keep it reversed it gets silent ‘FLIP TO GLYPH’ It has these small things too like makes good UI experience But UI completely is not

good like to switch off the WIFI you need 3 tabs. No doubt has less features and some odd things as a new brand they must figure out what’s working and not. In my phone it has only 2-3 bugs first is when the phone is in dark mode In the night it shows Twitter glitchy & pinkish which looks odd. In some phones fingerprint sensor is getting lost but not in my phone These small bugs are there in every phone but no major issues in my phone. Phones in-hand feel is very great and feels premium But isn’t

a compact phone and is definitely not made for single hand use as The screen size is big. Back panel is like a newly wed bride. Whole world will get attracted and is inspired by iPhone 10 From camera placement to antenna, Jokes asides build quality is quite solid. No matter how much solid it is and of Gorilla glass 5 has been used But as soon as it falls down all its aesthetic will get broken Because if it gets a crack all the feel gets bad. And this isn’t completely water resistant with IP53 rating its splash resistant.

In simple words don’t put it in water. If we talk about security Then Nothing Phone 1 does not have any hardware security chip As some of its competitors like Pixel 6a and Motorola Edge 30 have. And every minute that we spend online Our activity is being tracked. So, to secure myself from these trackers and hackers I use ‘Surfshark’ VPN. In just 33 Rs. (0.41$) per month Surfshark hides my online identity So the trackers who want to track me Will never know who I am And using surfshark, I can change my location and Access Netflix content

from different regions. With all of this, surfshark shopping websites It blocks cookies to give you the best product prices. And all of this in just 165Rs. (2.07$) per month And you can use this one account on unlimited devices. So, me and 4 friends have purchased this And it costs 33Rs. a month per person Which is definitely a great deal. If you click the link in the description and use code MRTECH Then you’ll get 83% off and 3 extra months for free. So in just 33Rs. Surfshark is guaranteeing all of your online security And they’ll give

you a 100% refund if you don’t like it. Before that lets talk about the best and most important feature i.e. camera With main camera photos are very good and maintains natural skin tone Photos are generally on soft side at once it takes weird photo but when you open the photo It will do the processing and change the whole scene. In harsh sunlight photos look a bit fade due to which dynamic range is not maintained. This happen with most of the phones so not a big deal Mornings and evenings photos are really great. With portrait mode

same aesthetic is applied just in 1 out of 10 pics it doesn’t look natural. Edges become hard with shift in ultra wide there is a shift in colors too. Details gets lost Nothing is trying to fix the camera with every update. Till now there haven’t been any extra ordinary results. As it takes 2X photos with main camera there are similar too the main onces. You can take good pics in Marco mode too but taking a close up through main camera is the best. Selfies are good too but not its dynamic range. This is a normal

photo then I took with a tap on the sky so it made it very dark. In both conditions its not as expected a central result should come. It comes with G cam see foreground and background are perfect For selfies use G Cam & you are sorted here between Gcam and normal camera Many times in many scenario G Cam does a better job. In videos colors are good but if you at stabilization As you move step by step forward it shapes and looks like rolling shutter. You get to see a flexible experience which is something weird.

Its OIS doesn’t work that great as its expected from a 32k Rs phone. Next when I talk about night mode its great not consistently great but great. For proof let which photo is Nothing’s and which is is iPhone’s Many times it takes better nightmode photos than iPhone 12. Nightmode photos are suttle & soft but at the end it gives polished photos. NIghtmode is definitely good has decent details doesn’t make night day and are eye pleasing. Speakers aren’t the best but are decent At max volume the speaker doesn’t sound like burst for saying its dual speakers

but doesn’t have balanced sound from both. Has more sound from bottom speaker than the top one just like its speakers its good Haptics. But in its Haptics there is something worst which is its sound. *Sound Demo * In the days its normal but at night you can hear it clearly. There is no option to close it. With Haptics I have a love n hate relation. Now lets come to the videos crucial part which is the battery and is confusing too. No idea why people are saying that it has an exceptional battery life as Its definitely

not exceptional but acceptable. You can see its a rough usage where I played Apex legend for 1 hr and screen time is 4 hrs 53 mins. Rest all is normal like everyone does. Games, YouTube, Instagram, Prime etc. In 1 hour of Apex Legends 25-26% battery fell down This is the latest but I dint experience the new updates so I am not sure about it. Without games it can take you to 5-6 hours. For playing more games results are Infront of you it might be better if other games are better optimized. All this test I have

done in Non AC with adaptive brightness on So keep this in mind if this thing gets fixed I will definitely update it on Twitter. It uses 33 Watt charger but there is no charger in the box so I used MacBook’s Which takes around one and a half hours to full charge. With any other 33W charger it will take around 10 mins less that its. Also supports 15 W wireless charger I have this Unigen wireless charger. Which charges at a decent speed and supports 5w reverse wireless charging. So you can charge earbuds etc. Now lets talk

about theses GLYPHS I am not happy saying this but these are not that useful at this time. Who will but different ringtones for different person just so you get to know there is a call. Also these wont let you work id kept straight notifications will be seen if reversed GLYPH light will pop. With all this definitely you will feel like using it and if Glyph is kept off then why did you pay. It syncs with music keep it reversed in the gym and people forget working out. Teeling from my own experience it looks good, attractive

and gets eyeballs too but not practical. New features will be added Karl ina recent interview told that the exclamation mark is used for battery progress. Later it will track your Uber’s progress which sounds good the practical too. Right now it has only one use which is too use as film light and works well too. No problem in network connectivity call and all are good carrier applications works first class. Now the verdict should you purchase Nothing One phone? After price hike it is increased by 1000 Rs and is on for 33,999 Rs. Straight and forward answer

is this price is not justifiable for this. Because its just another android which tried too perfect its basics. Being a mid range phone and giving wireless, reverse wireless charging, good Haptic is good but performance to price ratio is bad. Price around 31-32k would have been a value for money. But as Nothing is comparing it to Apple they are trying to get that premium tag too. On normal days if you get it for 31-32k Rs then might be good. Another angle to see is Big Billion Days where ts showing for 28999 RS. With PIxel 6 its

showing for 27699 Rs With all offers Pixel is for less and I feel bad for those who bought it for 40k Rs. Now we have 2 similar option at same price point if I have too pick I will pick Nothing One. One 120 Hz matters and display is great. Camera is not good as PIxel’s but in some areas preforms better than it. At the end Google is giving Tensor chip and decision will come back at you. If your usage is normal Netflix, Entertainment and everyday stuff then you should go with Nothing. In sale with all

offers around 27k will be a good deal at that price. I believe they will fix updates and other stuff In practical life you wont get a problem if your unit is fine. If unit has a problem replace it with XYZ. And don’t forget to check out Surfshark VPN Because in just 33Rs. they take care of all of your online security. And by the way few days back whatever issues I told you about Surfshark I’ve discussed all of that with them And they’ve fixed everything. Here’s the proof….. That’s why I’ve reactivated my subscription. So, click the

first link in the description And use code MRTECH to get 83% off and 3 extra months for free. The wait which you guys did for Nothing One hopefully was worth it. So that’s it from my side, thank you so much for watching. I am Devanshu and I am on leave till the next one bye bye.

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