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Let’s go onto the pitch here and just take a look at the team news for both teams as they sit right now. Tim. Well, we’re allowed to switch to a back for the season in a short paid off. I will set of the best defensive record and apparently they’ve kept three clean sheets. Only conceded four goals in the first six games this season and and it’s down to that back for a Tandoori filming Collins, Johnny and Josie, saw in Gold up front edge. With a, the question marks of been very, very low squirrely squirrel. Three

goals this season. No. Kalajzich. He’s at the cost of who they signed to replace. Him isn’t match fit. As there are a lot of said, so get his get to the start of. So that’s the home side in wolves has for Manchester City. Here’s how their team nuisance. Yeah. Bit of a reshuffle across the back seller, we know can play right or left, he plays left back today, Diaz and a kanji of Partners in the center that defense then Johnstone’s. Who is a centre-back gets pushed out to that right hand side. Bernardo silver Was on

the wing. Drops into the move at Midfield, three and up front grille. Has she started the last two games for City in the Champions League? Foreign

switches sides of the right? And in Harlan, what more can we say, ten primary goals? This season, 13 goals in nine games, all competitions, get us underway said he going left to right as we look, Off we go. Jim battling alongside me at molyneux you say that the best attack against the best defense though they’re only been one. We’re but thankfully the Premier League never quite simple. As that very

true. I think the circumstances because of all the injuries to their attacking set up, I think it might make a little easier and less pressure for the Wolves up against the Champions, they can sit back and into a low block, which I think will happen often through the game. You called it as well as Stewart. We were discussing as to how they might set up and pretends he’s playing through the middle and go ahead. Ace is operating from the left hand side, Neto on the right, it is called a moveable feast probably the front three

would absolutely started City on attack with folded. Who is on the right today. The broiler on overlap, it’s a great ball in. It’s a great start to Manchester City and the perfect answer to his critics Jack greenish. With the goal he runs away. In Triumph, Ultra wonderful bullying from the broiler and City scoring a minute. Well, it’s almost memories of last season and what they managed to produce here in Manchester City. And as you refer to Kevin De bruyne, I was at the heart of it all scoring four times on this occasion. It’s just Just

one too many and he plays the past, the broiler and then he decides to make the run and he’s not tracked. That’s the problem. Greta is doesn’t go with him and he allows the primer to just run into the space and then it’s a case of. He’s got time to actually play the ball across the box. And what are you looking for? You looking for somebody to come in from the other side that being Jack grealish and he got The Right Touch and what a start for the Champions. And that best defense in the league.

Doesn’t look as if it’s gonna last too long. Already a fifth assist in the Premier League this season for Detroit and British Off the Mark as well. We can walls looking to strike back straightaway, they’re looking for to dance to dance. Nice back heel, Neto Neto, good effort, pushed away by Edison. Nice instruction wolves. Yeah. Well, he seemed to be pushed that way. Stones wasn’t showing guedes inside, he’s gone on the outside and he Unleashed good power, and he made Edison work. The growing up Stones is in there. Well, got it free kick given, it’s

always going to be given. Anthony, take that straight away. Decided that Saul was impeded Yeah and vaudrey knew exactly what he was doing. Let me just jump into the keeper and I might get lucky. You’re not going to get away with that. I’ll Holland bearing down on goal. Holland’s. He is a one-man wrecking ball swinging through Premier League defenses Holland for City again. And now they’ve got to at molyneux. I think this is a bad girl to concede for wolves. Just when they were enjoying a better spell of possession. And I think he’ll even admit

himself once it’s fair to whole and he’ll even admit himself that, you know, he hit it with his right foot and didn’t get the cleanest connection. But doesn’t matter because there was enough Tara behind it. I don’t think he’ll mind did himself any favors as well and turning his back on the Norwegian and he got himself into a bit of a model and he just allowed Holland to get a shot away. The keepers moving to his left. So we can’t all of a sudden switch everything back right, again. And a level of comfort now for

the Champions 11 goals, in his first seven Premier League appearances. Overall for City 14 goals goals in final six, Premier League, appearances last season. So you’re right. It is slightly wide. And feel as though the goalkeeper, got his angles right there, but it’s stuck. Interesting coming here you still expect to see Connor Cody, do you and plays have been here for years, likes ice, then donker. And and others. This is, this is very hard, red straight red. There’s absolutely no doubt in Antalya. Taylor’s mine. No doubting. This is a red card offense. Sometimes chill. You

can forgive these because it can be accidental but that looked as if there was some intent in that as if he was going in with excessive force and that’s that’s ridiculously high awful Challenge and just hiding his face as he leaves the field, who saw that change did not argue with the red card. Pull that way, Anthony Taylor. Well it’s like as if he’s not very impressed by never has the Wolves Captain who had a little of discussion with him. Just a mascara is going to sit down again now. So maybe they are going to

continue with Neighbors playing in this sweet parole virtually. It’s a great ball as well so that’s Has It. Go. Recycled again, bike City. Patient possession, silo. Chipton towards Holland’s. That’s a crucial challenge by kite Nori. Halftime ignoring the law on the outside Lori danger hero, quite as Vistas kick. Really British nice balance rides, a couple of challenges. This is Holland Holland, good save and the rebound goes behind just comes to me in a Flash, he gets an opportunity and start keeps walls just about alive. I’ve just watched Harlan here. He wants to take this on

himself and again, didn’t get the greatest shot away. Just wonder whether that could have been a corner in the end. Yeah, he just bounces it into the ground and sad doesn’t get the greatest touch to push it wide enough, and so phones, got an opportunity but it did come off, killman photo, IDs Harland, and that inside, right Channel. The lovely ball in the flick is fantastic. And that’s that folding with a lovely touch. The broiler involved again. Any hopes of a walls come back. Well and truly snuffed out three-nil City. He still not happy. Pep

Guardiola. Third goal has just gone in and he’s berating Ruben Diaz. But this was always the likelihood, even though wolves have taken the game with 10 men to Manchester City in the second half, the Champions would find a way to maneuver themselves into position and this is lovely from from Fulton. I mean it’s not always easy when it’s on your weaker side to get something on that. I think it actually might go through legs here as well in the process. That’s it. It’s done in all The Bravery we’ve seen I’ve been blown away reading through

that the game plan out the window, as well, any chance of maybe changing things before? City got a third as it has been for a lot of the season. Now, got a man over here. City Holland really important clearance. Reuben nervous. Nobody’s used to do, agree in that situation, but that’s a corner. Yeah. Well, my race is furious that Alvarez. Didn’t release it early enough. I think he might have been off side, so might have been a good decision but in looking then for Holland, he gave never has the chance. It’s got father returned as

well. Gets it Silent. But Alvarez. Easy, pickings for Manchester City. You go to the top of the Premier League. Brittany, there was no way back for wolves. After British scored. In the first minute, the broilers cross in the right hand side. Harlan, made it to to put City in complete Command and then walls, made it hard for themselves. Collins straight. Red for a terrible foul on greenish, they did improve in the second half, you have to say wolves, they gave it a real go, but another assistant de bruyne, a lovely finish from foden and that

was that. At Manchester City, march on finished at molyneux walls nil. Manchester City 3,

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