Words To Win App Review – Really $10+ Per Game? (REAL Truth)

Is the Words To Win App really a way to potentially earn $10 per short game you play as it looks like when you first join? Or is it a waste of time? My name is Mikael and I’ve tested hundreds of different ways to make money online. And many

viewers have recently asked me about this app. So therefore, I decided to test it and take a closer look. And in this Words To Win review, I’ll give you an inside look and reveal some very important details you need to consider before downloading this app. So before I

log in and show you how it works, let’s first clarify something about the name. Because if you look at the App Store or Google Play, then you can see there are several apps with the same name. The one I’m talking about here the one that people have asked

me about is one that claims you can earn quite a lot of money by just playing a short word game there. This is the logo. You can see here that’s the app we are talking about just to avoid any confusion about which of the apps we’re talking about.

So with that out of the way, let me now log in and then we’ll take a closer look at how it works. So I have now logged

in and as you can see here, I am currently at level 24. What you just need to do is to fill

out this one here, you need to make a word out of these ones. And if you can see, if you just wait a little, it will actually tell you which ones that you need. So it’s like super easy and you can see also then now it then loads

and I need to watch an ad. And this is how they make money quite regular, not after each game but after a few games you need to watch an ad. So I’ll just be right back when this ad is over. So that was it and you can see

supposedly I got like almost $5 for that. And actually when I first joined here you can see that supposedly I’ve earned $331 because the first few games I got like you know more than $100 then you know $20, then $10 or so. So I thought like okay on

average you know you can get really good money there if it was real there. But we’ll talk about that later. But as you can see though even though it’s annoying with these pop-up ads regularly, if I could get $5, $10 sometimes like even $50, $100 for a game

like that, you see this is all I need to do there. And then it says $2.5. That’s super easy right? So that’s supposedly how it is. So I can understand why it seems appealing. But let’s now dive a little bit deeper into this whether you can actually then

get the earnings out because that’s of course very important to know. So I now jumped to the withdrawal section here and you can see that I need to earn $500 to withdraw my money. And this is the first big red flag like I’ve talked about this in other

free ways to earn like I’ve tested hundreds of them right, and no legit site or app or anything like that will ever ask you to earn hundreds of dollars to withdraw. That is just not realistic. That’s, you know, one thing. Another thing is that you start with like

earning hundreds of dollars per game and then it just lowers down becomes lower and lower and lower, so it becomes harder and harder to actually reach this one here even though I earned these $333 very quickly, fairly quickly. Anyways I still waste a lot of time watching their

spammy ads. But anyways, there are several big red flags with this. So the thing is that you will likely be able to reach the payout threshold after watching a lot of ads, but what you can be sure of is that it’s not realistic they will pay you this

much per game. Again I have tested hundreds of different ways, and of course, yes they make money by having these ads running but they do not earn that much that they can afford to pay me or you or whatever like $5, $10, $20 or even $2 per little

ad per game. Because you play maybe five games and then you watch one ad. So that will say they will give you maybe $20, $25 you know when you first join, they’ll give you more than $100 for watching one ad and they will earn like very very little

money for those ads. So of course they cannot pay you this much. So it’s not realistic that you will actually ever get paid. You might be able to actually reach a payout threshold, I’m not going to waste more my time because they are making money when we are

watching ads. I don’t want to help an app or company like this making money because I know I’m never going to get paid. And people say oh but you didn’t try to reach the payout threshold. No because I learned from experience I’ve tested hundreds of sites and I’m

not going to let them earn more money. And you know, I want to reveal this instead and not waste my time because once you then reach it, they will either ask you to invite people. They invite you it will ask you to watch a certain number of ads

because you are on some kind of wait list that’s impossible to ever get to the top of. Or they might even ask you to pay a fee of sometimes a few dollars sometimes $10 or so to process the payout. And that’s always a huge red flag. They will

you know, never let you actually take out your money. So never pay them anything. And just in general, do not waste your time uh because you will never get paid. You will just end up wasting your time maybe even money if you fall into the trap of actually

thinking that you will get paid if you paid them. So there’s so many red flags. But there’s one more huge red flag I also just want to talk about. So the last red flag that makes it clear that it’s an app to stay away from is that you

can’t see it right now because I’m on my computer, but on your phone if you go to the Google Play Store, there you can see it’s in Early Access. And this means that there are no reviews because apps that are in Early Access, and it’s been in Early

Access for a long long time there, people cannot leave reviews. And this is a trick that some earning apps, the fake earning apps that actually don’t intend to pay you are using. Because they know that you know see it has more than 5 million downloads, they would not

have had that if people could actually leave reviews here and share their opinion and tell like oh I didn’t get paid, you know. I did this and then I reach it, they charged me or whatever you know. And this is a trick they use. I have no idea

why Google Play allows this. But there are many apps that use this trick, go in early access people can’t leave negative reviews. And they can keep just getting new members that waste their time and help them make money. So without a doubt this is an app app to

stay away from because you will just be wasting your time. If you want to earn by playing games, there are realistic ways to do that not where you will earn $10 just for a few seconds of a game or something like that. That’s just not realistic. Any platform

that offers that or claims to offer that will just end up wasting your time. So I do have a list of the best ways to earn by playing games realistically on my website. I’ll leave a link to that below so you can check that out instead. But no

matter what, I hope this video help you figure out what to be aware of so you do not end up wasting your time. And if it did, make sure to hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and hit the notification bell, so

you won’t miss out next time I release a video with tips and tricks about different ways to make money online.

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