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Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Wee wees. Weewees and poo poo. You don’t want to be sharing eye juices with people, do you? Hello, everyone. Today we are watching a Worst Reviewed Makeup Artist by the wonderful Judy D. Check out her channel if you haven’t already. I have a feeling this is to be a tough one to watch. As I always say in these videos, creativity and individuality have no rules. But makeup has a theory, especially when you’re making people pay for it. “Why do they look like torture devices?” Yeah. “What is this? Where is

my butt supposed to sit? It’s so uncomfortably thin. Like, how is that going to hold me? I’m not comfortable looking at it.” Extreme neck pain is what… That’s no good for anyone’s posture. Actually… But not while someone is pressing on your face. Just get a normal makeup chair. You can get them on Amazon. We all know, we all know, right? Hygiene. Hygiene. You can’t just take it out the thing and put it straight onto the person’s eyelid. Things you can do; sanitize your hand, roll it on the back of your hand, use a separate brush,

roll it onto a palette. Or use disposable lip wand because they’re a similar shape. Do you know what might be festering and growing in that eye product? And

especially next to your eyes? One of the moistest parts of our face. You don’t want to be sharing eye juices with people, do you? Do you? I never understand… And yes, I’m going to keep pausing it, because this is a reaction video. If you want to see the whole thing, link below. Two things I don’t understand, why people use a base that’s darker than the person’s skin tone.

Same level I get, lighter, I get. Even pitch black I get. But when it’s going to be orange? When it’s blended in, not so much. And why use a sponge? You’re going to cover the lashes, you’re going to cover the brows, you’re going to get a bit in the eye. Ooooohhh. Here’s the deal, right? It’s okay to want to be tanned, it’s okay to want to be bronze, but you have to confirm with your client, listen, how do you like your skin to look? Do you like to be a little bit lighter? Do you like

to be a little bit darker? Do you like to be just the tone you are now? Discuss. Where’s the… the… the… intergrat… interrogation. But that sounds too… you know, where’s the discussion? “So remember this? It’s on my face. I’ve had tape on before, so it wasn’t like, oh, my God, crazy surprise. Not the best technique.” You shouldn’t be doing, you shouldn’t be doing this on clients. One, because there’s a few different things, right? And some of it’s for your own safety. People can be allergic to the adhesive. also as well, you might accidentally rip their

skin a little bit. If you’re going to use tape on a client, you make sure it’s that proper, like makeup tape or surgical tape or you, on a sanitized hand, you put the tape on and you rip it on and off your skin once or twice or in the palm of your hand, wherever you feel like it’s going to hurt less. Then apply it to the eye so it has less thick, less painful when it’s removed. And it’s also not going to drag this delicate skin along with it under the eyes. “Obviously, it’s very bad

for the skin, especially that area of the eye. But I understand the meaning behind it. Like, she wanted to get a clean…” Sure. “… nice, sharp eye look, which is possible with something called a wipe. Especially because she didn’t do my face first, like she’s doing my eyes first. So I don’t understand the purpose of this.” Yeah. “But it’s okay. My eyes, they’re out of control. I’m blinking left, right, and center, Linda’s. I’m blinking so hard that the shadow is falling off, and I’m destroying this makeup. Okay, that’s petty. I know. I’m sorry. But in

my defense, my alleged blinking destroys this makeup in the future. Am I psycho. But you know, Linda’s, what’s nice is that until now, we’re looking nice. I like the blending. She’s cutting my crease, which I think is a bit old school, but still, it’s cute. And gen…” When you’re cutting a crease like that, using a brush… what’s this? What is this? Using the brush like that and dragging, you’re going to get that feathery thing. It’s much better to use a curved brush, even if it has a point like this. And you can literally tap the

shape on using the edges and the curves of that brush. This isn’t going to be very precise, and if it is going to be precise, it’s going to take a while to get there. “Finally, my eye makeup was nice, apart from the occasional exfoliation I got and will continue to get on my eye. Generally, this process wasn’t that bad. It was on the pricier end of the scale. It was $45 without lashes. But, I mean, you kind of do get some value. I did end up liking the eyes. So.” See, this is a much better

brush. The one that’s been switched to, much nicer, has a natural curve to it. It’s going to be a lot easier to use to create that shape. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t… do it. Don’t do it. “So next, she adds glitter. And for those of you who don’t know, I am glitter’s biggest hater. I don’t like glitter, and it’s mainly because if not used properly, it’s very harmful to the eye. She seemed like she knew what she was doing. Plus, it wasn’t that intense, so I let it slide. And I mean, it did

actually look cute, to be honest.” This actually is a really nice… A really nice shape at the moment. It has structure. It looks symmetrical. It looks like it’s going good. You know what I would do just now? Add a darker shade to the outside corner. Some lashes, which I would have included in the price, because that’s a lot for no lashes. Unless… It’s not the best. Brows. Carry on with the face. I feel like something is, of course, something crazy is going to happen. It’s Judy D’s vidoes. Also glitter. Be careful with… you know what

I always say, cheap makeup isn’t bad, fake makeup is. Be careful with glitter palettes, especially when they are cheaper, though, because sometimes it’s not like cosmetic grade glitter, and it’s actually really painful on the eyes to try and take it off. And if it gets in your eye, it’s going to scratch it up, and it’ll be painful for weeks, months, years. “We let this one go.” No. Noyyy. “So she picks up a brush from her brush set and tell me why, Linda’s, tell me why it has more pigment than the other one. It came ready.

Wow. It came ready. Eww. Obviously, it wasn’t cleaned before. Also, it’s really hard to control my eye when she’s using such a flat brush. I don’t think…” You know what’s happening now. That brush is so flat, it’s going to graze on the glitter. When you’re doing a cut crease like this, right? It’s always nice to come in with that darker color at this angle, at a slight angle. But tap, tap it in. To blend you don’t always have to rub and buff. Tapping can blend as well. It all depends on how much product you have

on that brush. “But it did get the pigment there. Like, we are looking snatched, you know? Oh, my God. This liner has no right looking this vicious. Please. Why does it look like a syringe? Why does it look like a marker? I mean, it did do…” That is a sharp liner, and that looks really good. That is… “… the job. It did the job great, actually. I love the liner.” Yeah. You know what’s important when you’re doing a cut crease like this as well, with this kind of shape, is to have her open her eyes

occasionally, because you might find that the cut crease is actually dipping below the socket and you lose all the shape and the point in it. So with a cut crease like that and with any eye makeup, it’s good to have your client or yourself keep looking forward. Down. Forward. Down. Shut your eyes. You know? See how a wipe just instantly reddens someone’s skin? Just instantly. Ditch the wipes. Come on. No! No! “Yeah.” She did it. She did it. She did it. She did it. Don’t do it. “Yeah.” That thing has been rotting on the floor

most of the makeup process.” Didn’t even try to get a match. Didn’t even try to get a foundation match. Just going straight with this color. Great. Everyone’s yellow. Everyone’s yellow. It’s fine. Let’s just make everyone yellow. Why not? “And what do we do? We don’t pick it up the minute it fell. No, we leave it there. It has to marinate on the floor. It has to absorb all the dust.” You know what could be on the floor? This is why you should never wear your shoes into your bedroom, right? Poo, wee wees. Wee wees and

poo poo from outside could be all on your shoe. Not even a big one, just a little microbe. Poo flakes, wee flakes. And now someone could have just, you know, stood on a little bit wee wee, could have dried out, could have stepped in that one area. What if she steps in… I mean, if you live in a city I’ve definitely accidentally stood in someone’s wee walking through London. And now it’s on her face. Little particles. Little poo particles. Really bothers me when people aren’t delicate around the eyes. Also, you like, spent ages cutting off

that makeup and now you’re going to go over with a sponge with a million rounded edges. Does a sponge have an edge? And you’re going to lose that precision and definition. Get a brush. Just a little fluffy brush, just to brush it round. Again, hygiene! That is dry. “The liner. The liner, ma’am. The liner is no joke. You know, at least it was sharp. I think it was a bit too sharp. So that’s clean.” Yeah! You can see it poke… Look, you can literally see a ridge. It’s like it’s ridged and like a blade going

into her eye. Also, you might want to come in a little bit higher so you’re not physically poking her in the eye. Wha….?? No! No’ooh. Where do we… what now? You’ve flaked everywhere because you’re using a very dense, small flicky brush. Black is a very messy eyeshadow color. Black and dark blue, right? If you’re going to use black, once you’ve done the foundation, concealer, you better be ready to be so careful, like you’re diffusing a bomb, you know what I mean? You want a small, dense, dense brush and you want to tap it on under

the eyes. If you’re wiping backwards or forwards, you’re going to get fallout, especially with, not that there’s anything wrong with it, but a more affordable kind of eyeshadow texture. You’re going to get a little fallout. Even press pigments. Going everywhere! You keep staining it. How does she keep staining it? What did your client do? If something starts going wrong, don’t start blaming somebody else for it. Just be like, oh, you know what, lesson learned. Let’s quickly fix this up. Get on with it. You can’t say to someone, don’t move. You know what, the first thing

they’re going to do is? Move. And can you imagine? I’m just coming at your eye with this. Try not to blink or move or breathe. Say, I’m coming in, it’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable. Figure out what’s more comfortable. If you’re doing this on a customer. You know what the best… customer? Client. The best thing for them to do, the most comfortable thing for anyone is to look down and then you can pull their eyelid up a little bit. When you look down, you have a little bit more control. If you’re looking straightforward,

you’re going to kind of want to blink a little bit more. Hygiene. You’re white as… you’re white as f*ck. Your neck is whiter than your face. Can I just say, if someone’s paying you for something, right, say I want a new coat, right? And I go into this shop and I’m trying it on and then someone helped me and they’re like oh my God, you’re fat as f*ck. Your shoulders are too wide compared to your hips. Can you imagine? You’re providing a service still. You’re not in charge here. Don’t ever look down for anything. You

can see in her eyes she’s staring straight at a light. Give her some shade, give her a shield. How long is that mascara gonna take to dry? Look up, look down, look up, look down. Looking in the middle, look down. What’s the instructions? Why is this… Why… I don’t understand why you need to look in like 50 different directions. Chin up, look down. You can use your little finger if you want to lift the lid a little bit, roll and do the mascara. You don’t need one looking this way, this way, this way. And you

know what? If you are using a disposable, perhaps you can buy a smaller disposable to get right on those inside corners instead of using this giant massive brush that’s come with the mascara, that’s covered in poo and wee. No, I’m jok… I don’t think it is. All this, all this just to get the tips of the lash. Jesus Christ. Let’s have a look. You know what, the liner shape is actually quite nice. What I would have checked, like I said, can you see on this side here. When you’re doing things like liner and a cut

crease, when her eyes were shut, this gray came into a really nice kind of swoopy shape. But with her eyes open, all that detail is gone. Same with this liner. It dips down and goes like this. So yes, everything might look good with the eyes shut but no one’s walking around like this so you can see all their makeup. You have your eyes open, so you need to keep checking where you’re going to start your liner. I always start liquid liner with the eye open. Flick, flick. Shut. Join it in, you know what I mean?

Yeah, I actually would have even taken this cut crease slightly higher and used this curve here to join in that gray and bring it out like this. So all that swoopy detail is more evident on the lid, more prominent. Alright, so I will leave a link to the whole video down below there. That makeup artist was very blame, very blameful. Check out Judy D’s channel and subscribe to her over there for these videos because they are the best. Consider subscribing to my channel, follow me on TikTok and I will see you very, very soon. Bye.

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