It gives circus tent. This is Avon sales representative makeup tactics. Why did that happen then? What happened there then? What was that about then? Hello, everyone. Welcome back. Thank you so, so much for joining me. Today, we are doing a reaction video to one of the incredible Judy D’s videos. Every times one of her videos comes out, you are all in my messages telling me to watch it. So I have saved this one to watch with you all. Do go and check out her whole video, which I’ll link down below, because I’m not going to

put the whole thing in here. Do consider subscribing. Do me a favor right now and give this video a thumbs up. And I want to know your opinions in the comments down below throughout this video. Don’t be scared to comment more than once. And as I always like to say in these videos, creativity and individuality have no rules. But makeup most definitely has a theory, especially when you’re charging people for it. Okay, let’s have a look. Okay, so, straight up, looks reasonably organized. It’s, oh, that chair has a headrest. I’ve never seen that before. That’s

a good chair. Now, if you’ve ever seen some of Judy D’s videos before, they have her laying on beds, chairs with no backs to it, the

floor, things where she shouldn’t be laying on. Why is that important? You know what? It’s good to be face on to your client. She should probably face the mirror. I hope they turn her to face for mirror so she can see as they go along, but also because you want them to be comfortable, basically. “Wow, This one? This one was a pretty interesting one let’s say. Today’s makeup artist is

an actual makeup artist, first of all. That shouldn’t be a clarification, but on this channel, it is viable piece of information that’s necessary to say. We’re actually getting a pretty funky makeup look. He wanted to add glitter. That’s all I know. And that’s the one thing I interfered in. I did not want glitter because that hurts. Glitter is the enemy. This makeup was not cheap. It was actually $70, but it was professional.” $70, in my opinion, isn’t bad for makeup if it’s done by a professional and includes lashes. “We even sat in a professional makeup

chair. Professional makeup chair. You’d think the professional chair came with a professional service, but that’s debatable. I mean, he did prep my skin and he did my eyebrows. All was good. I just noticed he was a bit more rough. I mean, I was thinking at that price point, we would get a more chill makeup artist, but no.” Okay, so eyebrows, not bad. You know what I really like in an eyebrow is where you can still see movement and lines and texture in… oh, I haven’t done my eyebrows. And you can see in her brow, you

can see some individual hairs. There’s still some shape to it. It’s nice. It’s her eyebrow, but structured. “And this Lindas was the start of our…” I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. The claw, the claw hand holding onto here, doing this here. I’ve told you all about the time I’d seen someone do this, too, right? It is so unprofessional, uncomfortable, and just not a good move. Also, when you’re moving a client’s face around, right, there’s many things you can do. Just little taps like this. Move your brush. But when you’re

moving their head, it’s not good. “He does end up depending on me.” And here’s the deal, right? You can lift the brow while you’re doing eye makeup. And here’s the deal. You can lift the brow while you’re doing eye makeup just with one finger. You don’t have to hold the whole head and stretch the whole head back like tapes, you know? “For most of the makeup. And by that I mean, like, literally, physically depending on me. He’s putting most of his weight on my head and my face. And yeah, I mean…” The base, the eye

base is darker than her skin tone. Under the brow… right, so we’re going to do eye makeup on top of it. Fine, whatever. But under the brow, lighter, give it a bit of highlight. Because if you have beautiful eye makeup, right, imagine if this line here was just darker than my skin tone, you’d be like, what are you doing? What are you doing there, then? “So we’ve got Barbie pink. Violet purple.” That’s a beauty therapist. This makeup artist learnt beauty therapy. I can tell because they stack colors next to each other like this, and they

blend. What I would have done personally is, well, one I would have started with a darker color, I like to go from dark to light. But that isn’t like, you don’t have to do that. That’s not a rule. But in this case, blending the pink into the purple just in a straight line like this. Pink and purple, when they blend out, they blend out. So I wouldn’t have gone in with this shape. I would have done little bits at a time and then built it up, because now this is going to get smudgy. That’s the

word, smudgy. “And a deep navy blue. Linda’s, I’m looking like a unicorn. I’m looking like every little girls…” Okay… Okay, so this blue blends beautifully into that purple. Nice. Why have we not blended that purple into that pink? And it’s dead easy. You can take the brush you put the pink on with no other product, and just tap, just tap down the middle there, done. Really simple. But can you see now we have this solid line. There’s no, nothing on your eye makeup should be a solid line, unless it’s a cut crease or liquid liner.

“I do think they’re very pigmented it’s a nice surprise. I mean, surprise. It shouldn’t be a surprise if there was a professional makeup chair. My concern wasn’t with the colors. My concern was with the way man’s tried to line my lower lash line. My God. Please. You know? We have to ban glitter and we have to ban Q-tips. Like, why are Q-tips…” Again, this is a very… Okay. So if any of you took any kind of makeup course or beauty course, early 2000s, late 90s, you all know Q-tips were the thing. Don’t have a brush?

That’s fine, Q-top , you know? So I think, I think it’s really important as a makeup artist to keep updating your knowledge and your experience. Are you in your 30s now? Do you know a makeup artist who’s really good, who’s like early 20s, 19? Have them teach you a little bit. No shame. No shame. There’s nothing wrong with updating your knowledge all the time. Imagine like, you’re a car mechanic from the 1940s and then suddenly you’re in 1997 and you haven’t updated your knowledge ever since then. You know what I mean? That’s quite a time

gap, but you know what I mean? “They’re not even healthy for your ears. Why do they still exist? Let’s just invent something instead of Q-tips, like, that’s actually healthy, please.” No. Okay, why… okay… so when… So when… Okay, so with a Q-tip, it’s a solid, really firm tip, as gentle as they claim they’re going to be. Like Judy said, you can’t use them in your ears, so what we doing? That’s not going to blend well. It’s going to apply the product really heavy. All you have to do is get a small brush. A small little

brush like this. Looks like a Q-tip, but it has movement to it and just blend it across. That’s all. Or wipe down that pink brush you used. You know? This is Avon sales representative makeup tactics. “Never mind, it exists. It’s called a brush.” Right. “I don’t appreciate, I don’t appreciate cotton in my eyeball.” No. “Especially when I’m paying this number. And especially when I’m sitting in a professional makeup chair.” Why does that happen then? What happened there then? What was that about then? That gold there? If you just use flesh color powder, would have blended

it beautifully. We would be absolutely fine. Like, like on the outside with the blue. Just talking about this brow just for 1 second. I would fill in underneath here a little bit more. You see this gap here and on the outside edge here? Just to bring the arch further out a little bit. Especially if we’re elongating the brow here. You don’t want to stop here then have a massive tail. Just bring it out a tiny bit further. So why can we blend the purple and the blue, but not the pink and the purple? What’s the

deal there? Why… do we want a solid line? Because it doesn’t look right. It gives circus tent. Okay, so why is his thumb on her nose. Why? If you, if you have… sturdiness. No, what’s it called? Trouble with how sturdy you are. Find something else to lean on. The chair, your hip. A friend, not the client. No, no, no, no, no, no. Instantly stop. Instantly stop. Spatula. Spatula. Take out some of the product onto a palette or the back of a clean hand, if you so wish, and you work from there. That’s unhygienic and unprofessional.

And if somebody took that out of their kit and it looked like that, I would be devastated that was going to touch my face. Please clean it. Let’s take a moment, let’s take a moment to appreciate the perfection of this foundation. It is the perfect shade. Literally no difference between my face and my neck right now. And, yeah, it is pretty heavy, so it’s full coverage. And yet there’s no difference. So that’s remarkable. I’m so happy. Take a moment and pray, Lindas, that it does not oxidize, it doesn’t turn orange, that it stays that way.”

It is quite yellow for her skin. “We didn’t pray hard enough. We did not pray hard enough. I don’t know how. I don’t know how, really. It’s actual magic right here. What happened? What happened?” A lot of heavy creams do tend to oxidize, and especially if it’s the wrong shade, this is quite yellow. You can see that her skin undertone here, I would verge on neutral or yeah, it can be a little bit yellow, but this is too yellow. You can see the yellowness in comparison. She has some surface redness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean

that her skin tone is pink. The undertone looks a little bit more neutral to me. One thing that I feared, actually, was when my makeup artist got excited, so he does become extremely heavy handed. I was getting whooped.” We lack precision here. We can see there’s a bit going through the eyebrow right here. So that’s cute. And kind of, that was just kind of everywhere. It was spot treating, literally. Spot, spot, spot, as in spot the product, not blemishes. Spot treating, where you just tap over certain areas. Unless you walk around like this, there’s no

reason to do this. Your face will move if you do this. Your face is going to move round. Plain face. How your face is all the time. Look straightforward. Apply the product. Also, when you do your bronzer like this, it makes it look like you haven’t taken your foundation all the way up to the head. Judy does not need this for her face shape around the hairline, around the edges here, maybe to elongate the face there, but unnecessary. We need to bear in mind people’s face shapes when we’re doing makeup. Wait, are we blending this?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So we’re putting powder on top of this. Have we blended it? Because we’re going to set this how it is now. All of that needed more blending. It all needed more blending. It’s lines. Lines on the face. Unhygienic. Disposable. You need a disposable, please. Ewwww Urghhhh! Okay. Let’s see. Let’s just see. It’s okay? I thought that was going to smudge on my lip. Okay. Very unhygienic, those spongy things, very unhygienic. In a kit. Sponge in the kit, shouldn’t be a thing that hangs around. Use those disposable sponges. And that’s it.

The tex… the way this is all gonna sit. The texture is gonna be unbearable. Cream foundation powder, powder, powder, cream. Liquid. It’s going to look like… I don’t know. It’s going to look like a smashed up birthday cake. Honestly, in terms of eye makeup, it’s not the worst we’ve seen. It’s not terrible. The best part of this makeup is for eyebrows. The skin texture is not good. It is not good. There’s a lot of gray going on there as well. This is why we have to bear in mind… if you are a makeup artist, I

know it’s really difficult to say, just spend money, but if you are charging people for makeup, you need to be able to cater to their skin tones, their shades. Have enough variety that your work doesn’t look like this. Yeah, all right, we’ll leave it there. You can see the full video down below in the description box. I’ll link it there for you. Go and check it out, because a lot more happens than what you’ve seen in this video. Please do subscribe. Give this video a thumbs up right now, right while you’re here. And you can

see some more reaction videos here on screen as well. I will see you very, very soon. Bye.

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