Wow Bao Food Review

So I ordered some Boa from Wow Bao,
which is a fast food Chinese restaurant
and I already ate some haha but these are so
says on the bottom this one is the whole
wheat vegetable has the edamame, I’ll put the name on the bottom,
and then the coconut this is coconut custard dessert basically and this
is the teriyaki chicken. I tried this before
a long time ago but it’s been a while
and yes I ate some of the teriyaki
chicken but I’ll show you guys how it is.
So yeah I won’t try to smoke it I never
try to the whole wheat
shows how much they
it’s very soft and fluffy yeah these are
like the beans that on me yeah it’s
really good looks looks good
holy I never tried this one so let’s
take a bite
it’s really delicious
I could definitely taste the vegetables
and really good
she’s probably healthier version
soft and fluffy though yeah I think they
steam it
I like how light it is
so good
and now this is the teriyaki chicken all
right cut it in half is for you guys to
see yeah
teriyaki obviously it’s a very sweet not
just meat but it’s like a almost like a
barbecue kind of thing yeah cuz he’s
very fluffy dough yeah let’s take a bite
it’s very delicious
this is like my favorite one the
teriyaki chicken
they also have spicy one but this is not
the spicy
if you like teriyaki flavor of things
this is definitely for you it’s just
like um obviously like just cutting a
now this one is the custard the coconut
flavor so let’s see
so break it up
there’s more of like a desert last time
I went here they had I tried have like
chocolate inside just chocolate to look
too much but like it’s pretty good I
like chocolate you know but this one I
never thought was the thing so I was
just like interested to try this one
stay bite
this tastes really good I love coconut
like if you guys like anyone like
coconut flavor this is definitely for
you yeah I like coconut play everything
so this is really good it smells smells
like coconut it tastes like coconut so
that’s good
I was building how to taste with the
dough is not that bad yeah this fits in
really well with anything sweet or
savory so best of all horrible you know
yeah let me know if you guys tried any
of these yeah so or if you guys have a
favorite yeah I gotta go finish things
and yeah so if you guys like to enjoy
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Thank you!

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