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So hi everyone, today the result of NEET 2024 has been released, you all have seen your results and you have seen the rank versus marks, but the biggest mistake that has happened in the midst of all this is that you all You must not have noticed that almost

all the teachers and coaching institutes are wondering how many students are there from our institute who have scored 700 plus marks, 720 marks out of 720, but is it possible that 719? Number can come out of 720. Number can be 718. Number can come from 720. You will

not believe it, we too did not believe it when it came to us. We will show you two results, not one, but two results and download it from NT’s site. We will show you whether it is right or wrong, so now let us take you to the NT

website, we will show you the first two, which is your result, first see this, 71 is 718 and in 720, you can also see its application number, roll number. Look, because everyone is making noise, do you also know how much noise is being made regarding the results, those

who have been selected will make noise, the coaching institute people will definitely make noise, second look at the roll number of the one who is a

girl, the application number. It is yours and this is also the roll number, so now we will give you the complete score

card which is on NT’s website from where you all have downloaded the score card, you can also check it by going there, we will check it with you from there. Let us tell you how is this possible or not? This is your NT’s site, we have come here,

it will take some time to open, so we have come here to the NT’s website, so today NT has Today is the 4th of June, NT has released its press release, NT has declared the result, it has released the NEET score rank of National Eligibility Com Intensive Test

for 2024, take what it has released, above this we tell you the NEET score card. Click here and for the score card, we are here, you wait for a minute, we will tell you in detail whether it is possible or not, first of all you will have to

copy that roll number, then we have created this application. Number and date of birth of the application we have put on the NT website. Now see that what we had shown earlier is the same. Here we have entered the roll number, application number and whatever is your date

of birth, we have submitted it. We submit it in front of you, you can see it, sorry for you, the score card is not generated, we put his roll number and date of birth on the website of NT, we put his roll number which we have to copy

and the roll number is given to you. Let’s put this and you will have to enter it along with the date of birth because you will also enter the application number and if you enter the date of birth then it will be removed, so this is what is

coming in front of you which is similar to what we showed earlier. No one will guess that there is editing in this at first because it happens again and again but as soon as you see it, see here 719 is yours, 719 out of 720 is from general

category and see its rank is 68. We are showing the second one because. We have told that there are two such ones which are circulating around you, now type the application number of the other one here, you can also check it yourself, what is there in it, how

much is locked in it, what a big mistake has been done by NT. This is done by NT because no one is able to see what mistake NT has done and everyone is trying to celebrate because unless correction is done the result will not be correct, so look

at this and If you want to verify it then download it yourself and see if it seems right because we are also downloading it from NT’s website, then we are making a video and telling you that otherwise there is no harm in making such fakes. A lot of

fakes are being made, this is 718, 718 out of 720 and see, its rank is 69, so how is it possible, think to yourself, how is this possible, the cut went so high, there were exams before this also, the cut was not that high. Regarding the paper, all

the experts are telling that whichever paper the expert has given to you, last time the paper was of 23rd or 24th and both are the same papers, is it that there is no memory mine paper made ? It was given that any child can be asked to go

and write the exam. There was no such paper, all the children have studied, so you should think about it one by one because it is being circulated a lot. Look at the NT for yourself. Mail me whether it is right or not. If you do not believe then

because we have downloaded it from NT Keysite and told you whether it is right or wrong. This is what we feel, children have attended 200 questions out of 200 and the system of NT which tells so high has flopped so all the best and see you what’s happening

tomorrow thank you so much

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