X-Sense Mini (XS01-WR) Wireless Interconnected Smoke Detector Review

Smoke Detectors are a good investment for
keeping your house safe, but unless you get
a smart one you have to be home to know if
they’re going off.
The product we are testing today in the X-Sense
Mini, which isn’t a smart smoke alarm, but
it is a very affordable one and you can interconnect
up to 24.
Not being able to receive notifications when
the alarm goes off is kind of a bummer, but
having a reliable alarm means that the people
inside will be alerted to escape in case of
We received a pack of three smoke detectors
from X-Sense.
The X-Sense Mini is a very compact smoke detector
that can be mounted on the ceiling or wall
it has TÜV certification.
The X-Sense Mini has a round plastic case
with a circular opening towards the speaker
and on the sides.
The smoke detecting sensor is protected by
a metallic mesh cover that can be seen from
the sides.
The X-Sense Mini is powered by a CR123A 3.0V
Lithium Battery that should last 5 years,
according to the developer.
The smoke detector itself it is said to work
for 10 years.
activate the device you need to pull the transparent
plastic tab and place

the battery in its place.
You can use the included screws to mount the
alarms, but due to their relatively small
weight you can also use a 3M tape to stick
them to
the walls.
To test
the alarm you need to press the Test/Mute
If it works you should hear three loud noises.
The noise is loud enough to wake you up even
from the deapest sleep, which is good.
We tested the X-Sense Mini using regular items
and it performed well.
When one of the alarms senses the smoke, all
of them will sound together.
Overall, for 30 euro a piece you get a pretty
good smoke alarm.
It does not have any fancy features, like
smart integrations or CO2 carbon-monoxide
detection, but the X-Sense Mini is a good
cheap smoke alarm.
You can buy them directly from Amazon as a
single unit, three pack, six pack or 12 pack.
Each unit covers between 20 to 40 square meters,
so you can do the math on how many units you
need, based on your house.

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