Xiaomi 12T Pro Review & Unboxing

the megapixel count race is still on it seems with our camera sensors this is the Samsung hp1 200 megapixel sensor with an F 1.69 aperture lens and this here the new xiaomi 12T Pro the 12T Pro also has an 8 megapixel ultrawide 2 megapixel macro camera yay you know how I feel about those and a front 20 megapixel camera which is a cut out hole punch style and it’s a flat AMOLED screen that does have a peak brightness of 900 nits it also does support HDR 10 plus and 120 hertz refresh rate along with 480

Hertz touch sampling rate so really good screen on this phone and Screen fingerprint reader sound from Harman Kardon dual speakers 120 watt fast charging credibly quick it just takes under 20 minutes to fully charge this phone it’s all powered by the Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 which is qualcomm’s latest and greatest with improved CPU and GPU performance it’s more efficient and the battery life should be a little bit better here it does have a large 5 000 milliamp hour battery powering it all plastic frame around the outside frosted anti-smudge anti-fingerprint glass on the rear of

it Gorilla Glass 5 is covering the front included with the 12T Pro you will find quick start guide warranty card safety information our 120 watt charger it’s a little larger than normal but

it charges the phone in record times it’s under 20 minutes I’ll give you the exact times later on in this video type A to type c cable there’s a SIM tray tool which is off camera and then a clear TPU case the 12T pro has this anti-glare glass backing on it now I’ve noticed it does tend to pick up fingerprints a little bit

because of the matte coating it has on it now it does feel good in hand we have however a plastic frame around the outside of this phone so when you’re holding it it doesn’t feel quite as good as the 12 Pro or the 12 Series so here we have our volume up and down power button which is in a good position you can easily get to it there which I do like now it has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery within it so it’s a little heavy 205 grams and the thickness is almost nine millimeters

right here and about 13 with the camera module there as you can see sticks out a little bit now with our cameras this is the first time I will be testing out this new 200 megapixel sensor it’s got an F 1.69 aperture and yet again we see this 8 megapixel Ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro camera with such a spec it’s truly a disappointment to me I think they need to just ditch this and give us a very decent Ultra wide instead of those two say a 13 megapixel of autofocus or 16 megapixel with

a good lens in it would be a little bit better dual tone LED flash so this main camera does have Optical image stabilization other top we have an infrared transmitter there secondary mic loudspeaker so they are still tuned by Harman Kardon which is good to see they’re keeping with that partnership there our type c Port does not support video out and it’s USB 2 speeds this needs to be fixed I hope that one day xiaomi will correct this Sim trade takes two Nano Sims our mic and then the downwards firing loudspeaker the screen is a

6.67 inch 120 hertz AMOLED screen it’s flat really do like this and the fingerprint reader located a little low for my liking I think it should be about here but hey that’s where it is and you see unlock speed here does not seem to be too bad I’ll do that one more time for you so it’s reasonably quick it’s probably the animation that’s making it look a little slower than what it really is it seems to work every single time for me and I’ve only added my thumb once I haven’t added it a few times

now just the ones there and it seems to be working well so up the top here you can see we’ve got a cutout for our front facing camera 20 megapixels again and it does not support 4K video Unfortunately they just don’t seem to want to add that do they xiaomi so it is a nice screen good resolution it’s almost 1440p the resolution so 27 12 by 12 20 so a little shy of 1440 but a little bit sharper than normal and up to 900 nits Peak brightness HDR 10 support 2 with it the touch sampling

rate with the screen is 480 Hertz Which is higher than normal than what you normally see a lot of the times it’ll be 240 or 360. I’ll just show you some real world images so touch response is very good it is I find quite accurate with the touch and I really haven’t had any issues whether you can see blacks are looking very deep there because it’s an AMOLED screen I love the fact that it is flat and it’s got that HDR support and also Dolby Vision now just go quickly here into our settings with display

and just show some of the options here that we do have so you see got the typical ones here now the refresh rate I’ve set it to 120 hertz that’s the way I like to run it if I’m buying a phone or I have a phone that supports it I’m going to run that but there is no unfortunately sweet spot of 90 Hertz here which I do like to see on other manufacturers they do actually offer this and I hope that with the firmware update xiaomi could offer us 90. it’s that perfect combination of fluidity

and a little bit of battery saving if you did happen to want that of course so you can adjust the colors here under color scheme there I’ve got it on the default which is vivid but the original color does actually look a lot more correct to me you’ve got adaptive color options there blue light of course and lots of other things that can be tweaked including the scaling and the font size and briefly a little bit on the UI so MIUI 13 running Android 12 my version here has eight gigabytes of RAM and of course

it’s the Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 there latest to greatest now performance 120 hertz very good everything smooth it’s fast touch response as I mentioned just before is working really well multitasking is good and I haven’t noticed the task manager being too aggressive with things so when I go into any of those apps there they should actually okay that’s reloading but that has been in the background for quite some time but normally it’s pretty good you can swap over those apps without noticing uh them having to reload themselves now they do that of course to

kill them off for battery saving but it is good and I have found really that there are no bugs I haven’t really seen any loading lag or glitches which can often happen that sometimes when I would unlock some of the other devices you get that little spinning icon doesn’t seem to be happening here so the optimization with the 12T Pro with the ROM currently as is does seem to be very good it’s really quick and snappy what you want in a phone like this the phone does come with an Android security patch level of July

I hope they can update this my model here does have the latest firmware at the time of this video and I have 256 gigabytes of storage so you get a lot of this bloatware Spotify Tick Tock and all sorts of other rubbish that you probably don’t want but it’s there why is it there well that’s because xiaomi’s made deals with these companies they pay a little bit of money to have the application on the phone as soon as you turn it on and I just hope that they tone down a little bit on this because

it’s a bit excessive almost three gigabytes worth of bloat applications I do love it when I get new phones and they run a very just bare minimum set of apps and you install what you want not having it forced upon you like it is here a little bit so we do have a wide Vine security level one cert for DRM so this means that Amazon Prime video is Yes actually I’ve tested it in HD in full HD Netflix and Full HD really good it doesn’t always happen even though they’ve got the cert it’s seems to

be working well this time around camera 2 API support level 3 so if you want to use open camera gcam ports with that 200 megapixel camera you can do so because we’ve got the full level of support which is good now the storage ufs 3.1 256 gigabytes worth very quick you can see that these speeds are excellent look at that sequential read speed and the rights wow really fast and this random right so installation of applications is very quick and very seamless and that is great so geekbench 5 score here you can run this on

your own phone to compare that’s why I’m showing you these that well the Snapdragon 8 plus gen one very quick chip gets over a million points here with and two two this is version 9.4 it does say that it’s a not a validated score online I don’t know why that’s happening it’s a bit of a glitch but you can see it did get a little hot and I lost five percent battery just from that single test there so here you can say well I just mentioned before that yes it runs full HD Netflix really good

to see that and unfortunately I tried to run 3dmark stress test that goes for 20 minutes it would not complete it it failed at about the 10 I think it was or 12 minute Mark overheated not good to see this so xiaomi does actually need to throttle this hot Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chip a little bit more because of this so if you play a very demanding game chances are after about 30 minutes or so you might get this message not good to see at all so we have audio is just checking too 96

kilobits per second still what is going on xiaomi there was a point where we’re getting 320 kilowatts per second with their Flagship devices but they’re falling behind again charge time blazing fast now this is using the boost mode with 120 watts there’s a little option you can select to speed it up even more and it only took 17 minutes to go from 9 to 100 wow that’s crazy quick and yes the power supply was hot yes the phone did get relatively hot but not as hot as it does when you game and then battery life

so this is the fixed test it’s all calibrated the screen 200 and it’s a brightness just let it run at 120 hertz gave me this 11 hour score so real world use you’re looking about seven and a half possibly eight hours out of the 5 000 million hour battery but mind you that is where the good signal strength that’s using 200 nits of brightness only and it was normally light tar so if you do any gaming you’re probably gonna half that battery run time if you game especially with a bright screen now let’s pick a

test now so we’ve got the Harman Kardon tuned speakers downwards firing here and then up the top they do sound very good as you’ll hear from the sample so they’re loud they’re clear and when I went into YouTube it automatically turned on Dolby Atmos as well just to help improve the quality so here’s a sample one of my videos the audio it’ll be at 100 and you’ll hear from the sample that they’re pretty good gaming performance with the Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 is very good as you’d expect now very smooth and fluid here with

genshing impact on the top settings I’m running it at the highest settings and then 60 frames per second now if you go into game Turbo you can see it’s at 60 frames per second it was at one point down to 30. so we’ll dip it times now if you do intend to run a very demanding game like this one on the highest possible settings it will get very hot the back of the phone and after about 20 or so minutes of gaming you could run into it completely just crashing out overheating that message that I

showed you before it will boot you out of the game completely and you can’t even depending on the game it is you’re gonna of course lose your play so if you’re playing Pub g a lighter game or Call of Duty it won’t actually happen now for this game you do need to run it eventually on Lower settings so running on highest at 60 frames per second it’s going to overheat after about 30 minutes I recommend running it just on the high setting and it’s a really pleasant experience it is super smooth right now and that’s

on highest so when you drop the settings down a little it is going to be even smoother and then you don’t run that risk of overheating but it’s still to me unacceptable to have any game overheat be booted out of it because it just simply gets too hot the phone the xiaomi 12 T Pro and the camera so the video quality front-facing Vlog footage is just 1080p we’ve got a 96 kilobit per second audio bitrate so that’s sad to see they need to fix this rear footage does look really good video so you can shoot

4K 30 4K 60 8K 24 it does have decent quality and then the 200 megapixel camera it can take some excellent shots now I do have an in-depth camera review where I go into a lot more detail I show you the camera app A Lot More Sample so do check that out and a camera comparison with the 12T Pro versus the Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra and the iPhone 14 pro Max now the 12T Pro certainly ticks a lot of boxes there’s a lot of areas that I like about this phone great screen it’s very bright

good end screen fingerprint reader we have decent performance from it Beyond decent in fact very fast and snappy fluid it’s great however if you play some of those really demanding games like Genji and impact top settings 60 frames per second with the case on it you play for longer standard periods you may be in for a bit of a surprise here that Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 will overheat it has been overheating here with my demanding tests that I’ve been putting it through it cannot complete the wildlife 3D map Wildlife stress test the extended one

that goes for 20 minutes can’t even finish it because it will overheat now that’s not good to see xiaomi needs to issue a firmware update to just throttle that chip down a lot more similar to what other manufacturers are doing like Samsung for example they end up throttling these chips a lot but at least you can still game you’re losing some of the performance doesn’t get it is hard but it won’t boot you out of a game so I guess that’s what really we need in the end here with this chipset so it charges in

a blazing fast time around 16 17 minutes to fully charge it is nothing short of amazing yes it gets hot but it is controlled apparently with a lot of different sensors they’re checking The Thermals of the battery life it is safe there so that’s good and it is a bit larger and chunkier the charger now the 200 megapixel main camera is it something they should go for should I get that 108 megapixel sensor or the 50 megapixel one oh 200 megapixels must be better right so far from what I’m seeing it’s looking like a good

sensor it can take some very detailed photos but it’s one of those things that’s nice to have especially if you like cropping into your photos a lot but it’s something you don’t actually really need and compared to other cameras camera camera systems out there other phones other flagships it’s not really a sofa for mining scene getting a huge advantage or any advantage if that it’s similar kind of photos out of all of the flagships really we’re getting where it is a bit of a letdown as the ultra wide 8 megapixels looks a little bit blurry

you can only shoot 1080p video front-facing camera still 1080p video audio bit rates only 96 kilobits per second yada yada I’m a broken record I’m mentioning these same things no video out all these things that xiaomi just never seems to want to fix for some reason I hope if they do watch my videos that they take this into account maybe in the Next Generation the xiaomi 13 end of this year beginning of next they give us a 4K and front facing camera video out and prove the audio bitrate lots of those things are just software

only so they could actually fix and correct them which I hope they do so overall it is a very solid offering here it’s not quite I feel up to that of the 12 Pro the 12 pro has the middle frame around the outside it’s got a better Ultra wide camera even though it has a curved screen it’s a nicer higher quality screen it is I feel still a better phone but the 12T Pro is a nice alternative for those that are looking for something with this kind of spec and that charging rate and even maybe

the gimmicky 200 megapixel camera which is still a good camera so thanks a lot for watching my review here of the 12T Pro

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