Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro Review & FULL Walkthrough With Tests

this is xiaomi’s new Smart Band 7 Pro with a 1.64 inch AMOLED rectangular screen 326 PPI and a maximum brightness of 500 nits it can be made out clearly in direct sunlight when you’re out training so it can track up to 117 different sports activities Sports modes that it has 150 different smart watch faces too for that 1.64 inch AMOLED screen and it does have built-in GPS glonass to support with it for tracking with me fitness app so you can see all of your activities there with it battery run time with this particular Smart Band

Here is up to 12 days of light use or six with heavy use so this is what you will find inside the box we have our cable so it’s using Pogo Port pin connectors and magnetically that’s going to attach to the back of the watch and this is how it charges so simply it like that and you just plug it in takes around about just over an hour and a half or so to fully charge it from what I’ve gauged so far we have our user manual which is in various different languages in fact pretty

much every single language you can think of is covered in that and that is it that’s what we get so just the cable and the manual with the

watch the xiaomi SmartBand 7 Pro is not a heavy Smartwatch at all as you can see it’s only 30 grams so it’s lightweight and this is why it’s lightweight because of the materials they have used so the Silicon strap feels very good I can pull on that really hard and it’s not going to snap or break off so if you accidentally snag your watch on a door handle

which I’ve done before many times you shouldn’t end up pulling it right off and breaking it it does feel that it would actually be able to stand that at least in what I’m doing now my tests here so we’ve got these little buttons on the back if you push those in you can pull off the straps so they are yes replaceable then we have our sensors on the back there so we’ve got 24 7 heart rate monitoring stress monitoring blood oxygen levels two as well sleep monitoring there’s a lot of monitoring on it that it

does have that you want in a health orientated Smartwatch like this of course so plastic around the outside here is not sharp we’ve got a plastic frame here and then our screen now it is a 1.64 display that is an OLED screen here it’s got automatic brightness I’ve currently got it on auto and it is clear now indirect sunlight you can see it just fine there is a bit of banding happening because of the shutter rate of my camera fortunately I can’t correct that but you can see right now it’s a clear screen it’s bright

you can see it when you are working out which is important now the resolution of this particular screen here is 280 by 456 pixels so that gives it a 326 PPI so it’s sharp when you look at it I’ll just bring it up to the camera a little closer you can’t see Jagged edges or pixels really so we’ve got our battery life indicator whether the time the date there calories burn steps all that information is there clearly displayed on the screen which is good and it’s meant to have a scratch resistant screen too as well

so it won’t be easily scratched out there but build quality is good feels great and most importantly it looks good on my wrist now you can set the display to be always on but it’s going to completely murder the battery of it now battery run time should be around about seven days even up to 12 for light use now currently with about battery I’m losing about 12 percent every day but I’m using it a lot I tested out the GPS so for my two hour workout I lost pretty much almost exactly 20 so for every

hour GPS is on work out with all the heart rate monitoring and everything you’re going to lose 10 per hour there so the battery life does seem to be reasonably good it’s not bad at all for for what it is so the controls of it you just simply need to swipe here you can go into the settings you can turn on vibration torch alarm um you can have it of course to wake when you spin it around on your wrist so it’s going to wake itself up I do have that enabled and settings I just

want to quickly show you just a little bit more on the display here what options we do have so auto lock I’ve set it to five the highest always on option is there uh cover to sleep race to wake that’s what it’s called race to wake I normally have that always on brightness I have that set to Auto which I find seems to be working pretty good there so you’ve got a lot of different settings in here do not disturb vibration Auto detect your workouts app layout pin system about it and I’ll just go back

to this one so I quite like this setup here if you just hold down and tap there you can change that as well all sorts of different watch faces and you can download about 100 and 80 or so in total of them so I’m gonna stick with that one I think it’s the best for me just gives all of that information right there at a quick glance so what is it like wearing it it’s comfortable it’s good I’ve got it on quite tight as you can see just to make sure that that heart rate reader

is accurate I’ll just test the race to wake so you can see it is working fine now haptics from this Smart Band 7 Pro are okay it’s enough that I can be woken up with it set it on to set it on the alarm mode here I can feel it there vibrating and buzzing away on my wrist but there’s no built-in speaker remember with this there is a microphone I believe that is it right there on the side but no actual beeping or anything like that you need to watch for that but a lot of

people can just wake up with that buzz I know I can at least I’m not a super deep sleeper so we have our notifications there if you swipe down from the top I’ve noticed that sometimes it looks a little bit laggy the UI it’s not a full 30 frames per second it’s definitely not 60. it’s not super smooth and these movements here as you can see that you sometimes see like when I pulled down that it can be a little bit laggy but for a smart watch or the Smart Band style care I think it

is acceptable so we have all of our various different applications I’m not going to go into all of them we’ve got our heart rate reader there we’ve got our different workout modes okay so all of those there is some additional wines there and it just goes on and on and on there are a huge amount now it does have a 5 ATM rating for waterproof so you can have a shower with it you can swim with it which is all good or what a lot of people are going to want to hear okay so it

can even do that so you’ve got pull workouts it will be able to uh then of course you can start we’re able to measure that sorry you can start the workouts which will get onto soon in this so there’s the Elixir support there Alarm music so you can control your sound from the watch but you cannot again you because of no speaker you cannot actually listen to your music through the watch we have a camera there so you can pair that up too well it’s not pit at the moment I don’t know why it’s saying

that it should be connected to my 12T Pro but it uh obviously isn’t there torch mode and that’s just the barcode mode it is not an internet browser and then all of our settings there as you can see so that is pretty much all of it oh and we’ve got this right here too which is find my phone which is Handy for those of you that do leave their phones uh all over the place like I sometimes do that one there hit that and then your phone will start beeping ringing in the background when you

press it and very quickly and in real time here I will show you what it’s like and how you can test out your heart rate just straight away so that is the main screen there with our watch face just need to swipe up there and then click on the little touch the little heart icon and it is currently measuring my heart rate so my wrist heart rate was 59 it’s currently 61 probably because I’m moving about a little bit and talking and this okay there it’s just updated so it did take what was that about

20 seconds maybe to update and now it’s giving me the live info there on the watch and I have found it to be reasonably accurate and as you just saw now it’s not too slow it’s a reasonable kind of speed for it to start giving those live results as it is right now now in order to start a workout very simple just go into the watch here so tap on the screen you hit workout and there are all those different options and therefore your workout so there’s plenty of them right there but I’m going to

go for an outdoor cycle I’ve actually already done it but I’m just going to show you here what it’s like so you hit go to start but you do have this option here so you can go into your goal your alert side to set it to every kilometer to give me the alerts there you can have a look for Speed your heart rate zone two if you wanted to do that so tapping go now it will want the GPS signal but I’m just going to tell it to start now so we can see here what

it does look like so once it gets going you’ve got the at the top here that is our GPS signal so once that fills up you’ll get the little bar you can see now it’s actually got a lock even I’ve got a roof over my head average heart rate the speed right there distance and then what you have burned your calories now when you’re working out with a watch it does give you a summary as you’re running along or you’re cycling or whatever you’re doing so here you can see this is a finished test that

I did do so it was outdoor cycling for almost two hours and about 20 kilometers well almost 20 there so you can see there’s a little map there and you can see that through the application which I’ll get onto shortly to as well you can see the average heart rate that I have my average speed calories and the screen as you can see times out really quickly here this is the way I’ve got it set and of course that’s to help save on the battery life so average heart rate heart rate stats there you can

see then the workout times and the different zones that I was in and it gives you all of that summary and the information there clients and you get a lot more details through the application but it’s all summarized here on the watches OLED screen so here is our application called me Fitness that’s where you’ll find everything you need to register sign up and there is a firmware update for it straight out of the box so you have everything summarized right here in this page you simply just scroll up and down it which is good you

can see my steps calories burnt exercise time you’ve got the competition mode right there my last exercise so that was a 20 kilometers cycle for almost two hours and you can go into that you can see all the information about it where I went and everything which is really good and you’ll see right here your sleeping information so last night was a bad night only slept uh six hours heart rate right there uh calories steps standing time uh blood oxygen so that’s 99 which is good that’s your sp02 so your blood oxygen the saturation level

reading it’s it’s important that’s a good one and it can actually alert you when that gets too low it will vibrate you can set the same alerts for your heart rate with your heart rate’s too high or too low low it can alert you to that as well so pending health issues or someone that does have heart problems very handy to have now blood pressure and the VO2 max this is not going to come through with this particular watch here I believe that’s not going to be there supported so workouts you can start those from

the app or the watch and there’s a huge amount of workouts too as well our device as mentioned there was a firmware update so very important that you do log into the app you get that we’ve got Amazon Elixir that’s supporting it of course they’re there as well the Display band so you can go through either with the watch or then download online get different watch faces too as well for the Smart Band 7 Pro you’ve got your notification settings all right you’re able to tweak that sync them a few other things see I won’t

go through absolutely everything right here incoming calls so it will display them on the watch itself so you can mute it you can reject the call but you cannot answer the call it’s one of the cons of this particular watches there is no built-in speakers so you cannot talk to people through the watch you can only just well basically get the notification or reject those calls you have the different Health monitoring so I’ve got everything on I’ve got the heart rate sleep blood stress standing that’s all on it’s going to consume the most battery life

but it’s to give you an idea to later on when I get onto the better life portion of this review of Just how long it’s going to last and how long you can keep the GPS on for and everything like that the different widgets that you can set up with your apps there and various different things in there so it’s got a lot on offer there it’s very clear and straightforward here the application me Fitness and our battery life as mentioned in the video so when I use GPS for one hour I lose approximately 10

of the battery so you can run I feel GPS for probably up to around about nine hours depending on of course how often you look at it now race to wake is working quite well but not a hundred percent there are a couple of times that I’ve gone like this and oh the screen didn’t turn on I’ve got to do it again ah there we go and I had to just do it a little bit more quickly a little bit more aggressive for that to turn on so I hope with a firmware update xiaomi can

just tweak that sensitivity so raise to weight Works a little bit better when you flick your wrist around the other thing is with this is that there is no built-in speaker I mentioned it a few a few times so you can’t handle calls you’re not able to get the feedback when you’re training vocally that is it can’t read out and say that you’ve ridden 12 kilometers your average speed is your heart rate currently is you need to actually look at the watch but good thing is the screen is sharp it’s bright it’s clear you can

get all that information you want to when you’re working out which is great now the the GPS accuracy the heart rate accuracy I’m not seeing anything unusual there it looks to be pretty good it does support glowness too GPS and a few of the other satellites that are out there the the standards which is good to see and you’ve got that five ATM water resistance well with it the water well proofing basically so you can go for a swim with it you can shower in it it’s not going to be a problem but of course

don’t go free diving with it it’s not going to be able to handle those kind of depths it’s only really just shallow stuff just swimming really that um it’s it’s designed for with this so you can replace the straps the strap quality is good it’s very compact it’s small it’s comfortable and of course for a well it’s a fitness orientated watch it covers I think all of the bases apart from missing out on the speaker there but for those of you that want wear OS you want NFC Wireless payments with your watch well it’s missing

all of that okay so if you need that you need to get it more expensive bulkier watch probably gonna cost about twice the amount of this but then it’s going to be a lot more fully featured the battery probably won’t last as long as this one does so good battery life covers all those Fitness bases and I think it really is quite a decent watch here that’s on offer for the price point from xiaomi so thank you so much for watching my review here of their Smart Band 7 Pro

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