Yachtsman Steakhouse Re-opened for Dinner | Vegan & non-vegan food review | Disney's Yacht Club

hello everybody princess and the bear here 
and we’re back at the yacht club resort  
unfortunately we’ve already got some steakhouse 
it’s been a while yes i’m trying to go to the  
clean slate i don’t know if you guys know her 
long enough to remember that we did not love  
this place last time but it’s been a very long 
time and they reopened so now it’s time to give  
them their chat and the minis so time for their 
uh youtube redemption that’s all be sure to oh boy
that’s really good i think you’ll like that
it’s a good day to rose i love the like 
richness of this one it’s very much like a um
on like the harsher tones more 
like a red it’s very delicious  
and bright refreshing there’s a little 
bit of floral in it not too much  
i would give it maybe and a half out of five 
grapes it’s um it’s one i’m gonna enjoy drinking
so much wine lately it’s 100 apprentices 
fault not many things in this channel are  
her fault when something goes wrong 
but the wine is always your fault
when wine and blue takes the 
rose term a bit literally
sliding sweet little bit harder

than back down
very fruitful without being overpowering
it’s good adult grape juice 
three and a half out of five plus
our friend the gluten-free vegan 
bread is back in action but this time  
we have earth balance butter and 
some uh roasted garlic with olive oil  
i’m anxious for this roasted garlic from olive 
oil so i’m just gonna ward off vampires right now
take a whole chunk and put it here 
oh yeah like butter like butter
it’s got a beautiful kick to it it’s like a nice 
perfectly smoked garlic i love that i’m gonna  
give that three and a half out of five garlic and 
then i’m gonna do just like earth bounce butter
i love that this bread is 
actually still warm so my butter  
will melt which i appreciate because most 
of the time these are room temperature
also good i think i like the gluten-free bread 
better when it’s warm and you can actually enjoy  
it with the butter i would give that like a 
three out of five and now i’m going to do both  
a little bit of butter
some garlic
that is the ultimate vegan food garlic bread 
if i can put like a little salt on it too  
oh perfection that it is the best this is 
the best iteration of the gluten-free bread  
and accompaniments that i’ve had in a while 
is yatsman going to redeem itself with this
it seems as if disney has finally 
given me a new hill to die on  
i feel for a gluten-free and gluten intolerant 
community however stop making plant-based people  
suffer gluten-free bread plant-based bread can 
taste a lot better than any of the gluten-free  
rolls we’ve ever had on disney wrapper 
you got the money you can do two guys  
i love this like serving of the fresh garlic 
and the olive oil all cooked up in a full husk  
it was kind of a pain to 
apply ah i’m still taking it
remember there’s never too much 
thing there’s too much garlic ever
i’m just enough garlic i feel like godzilla three 
out of five claws is actually a lot better one
we have a little bit of the bronze butter so 
inconsistent we find a restaurant that has  
earth balance we’re always happy when 
they do there’s always a dvd in there
so it’s still that super dense punky disney 
company collection of gluten-free rolls  
but it is much improved by being 
warm i think that’s the secret  
that if you can get if you have to eat the 
gluten free rolls ask for it fresh and hot  
it’ll suffer less let’s try 
both here a little bit of garlic
a little bit of butter
both did superior but it’s still getting 
like three out of five costs for me  
here we are on the bare side uh we 
got two kinds of bread we have this  
wheat looking roll with some herbs 
in it and then we have like a  
oniony pull-apart sort of bread 
let’s try this first we got some  
sea salt butter over here nice and whipped comes 
off super easy try to get it light so i don’t die
like light it’s like croissant 
level light and fluffy  
and the onion balances really well without 
being overpowering i better help with that  
three out of five calls and we have this delicious 
looking roll here which is decidedly not as warm  
with everything else you’ve had tonight got some 
fruit in here looks like a little bit more butter
thank you oh yes
tastes like fan man
at three and a half out of five applause 
it’s definitely making me hungry
i’ve not had a wedge like 
this since uh 50s prime time  
it’s a smaller little wedge 
piece it’s uh it’s got um
i don’t know what this is on top it flakes i think  
and some sauce i suppose um 
i’m gonna be a savage and just
basically paying to cut my own salad
now we can add the sauce
and i can toss it
well these pieces are still a little large
right now
that was some work and i’m still gonna 
have to do some work after uh i try this so
wow salad
dressing’s not bad salad is 
fresh it’s crunchy it’s good  
i have no complaints it’s your 
average salad i’ll give it um
three out of five salads it only gets minus 
points because i have to chop it myself
apparently our apprentice is 
not paying to work on our food  
i’m sure that one of you can tell us the 
purpose of a wedge salad honestly i would  
have just tried to eat the whole thing uncut like 
a savage but you know me i’m a bear after all uh  
i need the decorative plate it almost looks 
part of the dish but it’s not it’s just a design  
and then you have like a baby tomato and like two 
shavings of radish i’d like to see more of that
for a plant-based dressing it’s a gray day 
but a nice crunch to it a nice consistency  
in the dressing it tastes like a fresh white 
salad it’s light it gets ready for the meal  
i’ve got no point it’s not anything special 
for me i’m not going to remember this sound  
like i would have the one at 50 prime time but 
it’s a salad two and a half out of five paws
all right so i tried to surprise you guys 
and give you guys the ability to decide what  
i was mean tonight i only gave you 30 minutes i 
probably should give you more time but for those  
of you that had notifications on it you actually 
got to decide unfortunately it was half and half  
for steak and fish so yeah fish for an appetizer 
and i’ll get steak for the maine so we have this  
humongous shrimp cocktail here comes a little 
bit of lemon to kind of squeeze over top of it  
and then the cocktail sauce is old bay base for 
you north easterners that never shut up about all  
day season i know you’re out there i know you’re 
watching too i love how massive these shrimp
got a little bit of old bait cooked all 
day kicked a little shrimp or chilled  
we cook a profession ahead of 
time it’s got nice seasoning to it
and it what’s my appetite so i’m 
guessing that it accomplishes its goal  
i don’t use like lemon on my shrimp but it does 
add a little bit of layers to it three out of  
five blocks have you guys ever dined here 
somehow this is sweet potato and mushroom  
dumpling i was thinking this was going to be like 
literally a style dumplings this is dumplings on a  
whole new level this is like sophisticated 
something i see some green beans on here
let me just i’m just going to give it a chance 
and i’m going to try everything together
it is really good and the creme rib is a roasted 
steak so it tends to be a little bit more  
tender the fat content’s probably the same the 
problem with mushrooms is usually texture um  
the texture on these is very like 
soft they’re basically melting around  
a company with a sweet potato that’s like a 
little crisp it actually balances really well  
if you eat it all together i’m going to give this 
a 4 out of 5 mushrooms i was completely surprised  
at how delicious this dish was i 
was not expecting that at all i  
came here expecting to hate my food and 
i actually don’t good on you outside
before i eat this i remember on the uncultured 
on the channel this looks like combos in a swamp  
like pizza flavored gas station combos
and the swamp like swamp water combo swamp 
thingy mushrooms it fits don’t fight me on this  
either way it’s an interesting 
looking dish i’ll give it that  
i don’t really know what any of this is 
i see some minky mushrooms we have like  
this roasted beet looking thingy and 
some green beans it’s got a whole fork
judge this dish not by its 
cover i think you should  
pack with flavor um the dumplings 
the green beans the sauce  
all work well together i promise you that it 
tastes a hundred times better than it looks
it’s definitely got some different textures so if 
you have an issue with like a texture of mushrooms  
and maybe the dumplings it might not be the 
dish for you but all in all for plant fish  
this feels elevated like you came to a fancy 
restaurant and you got something a little fancy  
i would actually eat this i’ll 
give this a four out of five  
so we came to a steakhouse and i got a steak i had 
to figure last time i wasn’t in love with it and  
my top steakhouse property is still a silly 
day so it’s got some big big shoes to fill  
and they gave me a knife it’s probably a bad 
idea either way i got the new york strip medium  
rare because i don’t ruin steaks around here 
even if i don’t eat them in often it looks to  
be cooked absolutely perfectly as expected you 
got a little peppercorn sauce here to dip it in
let’s hope it’s not too uh rough on me
okay all right peppercorn starts out some nice 
flavor to it steak with some juicy it’s got a  
little bit of fat on it gives it a bit more of 
that savory flavor it goes down really well i  
do really like the sauce it’s not a steak that 
i say that i’m going to run and tell my friends  
about like you got to come to yachtsman but i’m 
definitely not going to leave here i’m satisfied
if there was any piece of meat that we’ve had 
in recent memory it’s going to give me the itis  
it’s probably going to be this one i’m 
going to give that a solid four out of five
now i could have taken the easier out i could 
have got green beans i could have got mashed  
potatoes i couldn’t even get french fries honestly 
truffle fries i got potatoes all right cheesy  
layered there’s a little ground full 
casserole dish it’s cute if nothing else
nice and savory big cheesy flavor 
without being enough to kill even me  
potatoes nice and thin everything that’s layered 
so you know i feel like it’s just sitting on top  
i would like to see somebody probably do 
a plant-based version of pennies all right  
i wouldn’t issue that challenge 
when the chefs of disney but this
four and a half out of five
i’m not really digging this 
dessert it’s like a pineapple  
coconut combination i ordered a port so that 
i could immediately drink that after trying  
this because i feel like it’s gonna be bad 
but the waitress has not brought it yet so
not sure what this sauce is on the 
top but i’m just going to spread it
nice full bite
i’m only dreading this a little oh
it’s not really strong in the coconut or the 
pineapple it’s actually something i would enjoy  
i’m surprised i will eat more bites 
of this i will give it um three out of  
five pineapples i’m shocked that i i like this
the restaurant with a princess dessert here you 
got me guys trying it action this came out it  
just looked kind of pretty like a little 
like flour on a plate a little coconut  
pineapple type flour so you like this roasted 
pineapple circle here on top the tart beneath
on top of this like better the 
sauce sort of looks marshmallowy
it’s got like a banana pudding sort of consistency  
applied apple coconut all the flavors go well 
together without like being too strong of each  
this is definitely a tasty dessert one i could see 
ordering but definitely one i could split because  
it’s so rich i definitely couldn’t do a whole one 
of these maybe you just put it in four i give that  
a solid four and a half out of five flowers 
that will help me with all the coconut flakes
oh yeah that is so smooth and light this is 
worth every penny this is a delicious pork  
5 out of 5 ports
oh man so cherry and flavorful 
wow i love that that’s good
another foray into these dessert lines i don’t 
think i’ve had a port wow that hurt a little  
bit a little sharp i think the last time we 
had a port was the last one in wine tasting
but uh
here’s getting into port
that’s an over me family
it’s hard tastes like a pork but it’s just 
too tart too sharp and too sweet for me  
you guys know him about sweet things 
so your mileage may vary 2 out of 5.
so yachtsman i’m surprised much improved over our 
last visit yes i will say that it is better i’m  
still not going to give it the best steakhouse i’m 
probably a title but i did enjoy my meal and all  
my food and i even enjoyed coconuts so i mean that 
has to stand for something you gotta eat kona and  
mushrooms all in one meal that isn’t new but after 
what you guys seen would you guys come to youtube  
and have you been and where does it rank when your 
favorite steakhouse on disney property hit me up  
in the comments let me know is there any place 
you think we should go of course that’s gonna be  
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