Yelp Review vs. Food Critic Taste Test

We’re pitting food critics recommendations against everyday people. Let’s talk about that. ((Intro Music)) Good Mythical Morning! Twice now, we have stacked food critics recommendations up against the preferred choice of everyday people via reviews like Yelp. First time we did it, the people’s choices wiped the floor with the critics. But then the second time we played, the critics choices overwhelmingly won. So what’s gonna happen today? It’s time for Who Loved This Food?! ((Upbeat Music)) – Alright pals, in front of you are two plates of buffalo wings, one is the top result for buffalo wings as chosen

by the people, and one is the top pick for buffalo wings as chosen by food critics. Go ahead and taste both and you’ll decide which one you like more. You ever do that thing where you create a lollipop with a flat? Yeah, they look pretty similar. It’s messy. These are a little more orange. Don’t, try not to do all the grunting. I’m a dad, I gotta grunt. I’m just gonna bite side. I tried, it didn’t work great. That’s good. I mean, both are gonna be good. According to somebody. I mean, woo, that’s hot. That’s hot,

that’s some hotness. Oop. Oop. Oop. Was that it? Oop. On. You. Crotch. I’m sorry, I didn’t know I’d be such a dad today. I’m grunting, I’m, oop. Oop. Oop. Oop. Oop.

Alright. These are smaller, Link. And saucier. I feel like I gotta do the same thing, sorry. You know, we’ve done this twice, I still have not decided to leave any reviews on anything. You know? I benefit, and then I don’t give back. I feel bad about it. You’re a taker, not a giver. Hmm. That wing’s smaller. It’s oranger. It’s fried harder. I like the sauce

better on that. And I like the fact that they made it a little bit crispy. Yeah, and I’m gonna taste some of the sauce. I’d be happy either way. I’m just, I’m just a. A bigger wing is not necessarily a better wing. Say that again. Say it loud for the people in the back. A bigger wing is not necessarily a better wing. That’s right! Get that thought out of your, your heads! I actually think a smaller wing can be better. That’s why I’m voting for this one. Me too. Was there supposed to be a countdown?

– It’s okay. It’s okay. I don’t know how to do anything without a countdown though. I just, they legitimately, they taste better. They’re crunchier. They’re crunchier. They’re saucier. – Okay, well on Rhett’s side are wings from Ye Rustic Inn for $21. Ye Rustic Inn has the best buffalo wings in LA according to, the experts, the infatuation called them the best wings in the city. And on Link’s side are wings from Hot Wings Cafe for 16.50. These are the best wings in L.A. according to the people, who have made them number one on Yelp. They have

four locations. Yay! – Oh, I forgot to tell you, if you choose for the people, the Chimney Sweep is gonna be. Everyone’s favorite Mythical character is back! The Chimney Sweep! The man of the people! It’s the man of the people, yeah. You chose correctly. The man of the people win. Last time we didn’t, we were choosing the critics so much. I stood there for hours waiting for you to choose me. It was really sad. So you like a little wing? I like when the wing is little. So you could, I swallow the bones I do.

I enjoy the bones I need it for me strength. Chimney Sweep guy. He’s a happy, he’s a happy guy. If you’re going to buy the bones, you might as well eat them. ((Music)) I would just appreciate it if you didn’t offend Stevie in this round. And apparently everybody else. Bagel and lox. Now this is, that’s a dirty, dirty bagel right there. It’s got everything on it, it seems like. I mean, versus this one. I think, I think it, this seems like a critic bagel. So much crap on it. You gotta make yourself a little perfect

bite here, Link. You can do that. I’m just gonna do that. And yes, I’m gonna take some of this lox. I’m gonna loxs it up. Okay. Just in that bite. Why is it so hard? That is tough. It’s supposed to be hard Stevie? – I think maybe the time between when we got it and the time when you’re eating it might be a little bit. It tastes great. I think it’s because there’s so much crap piled on the top of this thing. It’s just made it crusty. It’s chewy on the bottom side. This seems cheaper.

Just looking at it, it’s not about whether it’s cheap, I guess. ((Laughing)) But is it of the people? This, the pieces of meat, I was gonna say. I guess, is fish meat? Are thicker. Is fish meat? Like if I brought you fish and I was like, eat your meat, boy, would you be like, fish is not meat. Why don’t you call it. Why don’t you call it fish when you, when you give me fish, but it’s flesh. Is it meat? Is it? Is it flesh and it’s fish. Fish flesh. It’s fish flesh, man. That’s, ha.

Of course. Not even close. Not even close. I like my fish flesh on this side. I mean, if you’re gonna put everything on a bagel, I wanna see it. I do feel like I might lose a tooth. I definitely loosened one. So I, I mean, there’s just nothing, there’s nothing to emote about over here. Are we still men of the people? – On Rhett’s side of bagels from Courage Bagels. A single bagel with cream cheese for $6 and a side of lox for $10. You’ve tasted Courage Bagels before because they are my favorite bagels. They’re

great. – And, they are the best bagels in L.A. according to not only me, but also the experts. The New York Times wrote about them in an article titled, The Best Bagels are in California. Sorry, New York. Ouch! – Yeah. I also like mine from Courage. Like, usually they come a little bit warm. And a little toasty, so, sorry. A little warm and toasty. And then on Link’s side are bagels with cream cheese from Brent’s Deli. A single bagel with cream cheese costs $7.13 and a quarter pound of lox for 11.29 Brent’s Deli has the

best bagels in L.A. according to the people who have made them number one on TripAdvisor. Never heard of them. Brent, huh? – Never heard of him. Sorry Brent, you lost today. Trip-ill-advisor. Much? So we are with the critics again. Boinky, boinky, boinky. We can’t, we can’t wear these hats. We can’t be seen in these hats. Nope. Boinky. ((Music)) Hey, listen up, y’all. Tickets for the Good Mythical Tour are available for everybody today. Woo. What? Tell them what the Good, Good Mythical Tour is, Rhett. Well, we’re bringing this show right here, at Good Mythical Morning. We’re

bringing it to the stage and we’re enhancing it a little bit for your live enjoyment and your interactive pleasure. It’s gonna be awesome. So tickets are limited because. There’s literally a limited number of seats in each theater. Because it’s not virtual, it’s physical. It’s physical. Let’s get physical. And if you want to get yourself a nice ticket, or a VIP ticket, while supplies last. Get them. We have. Tacos. – And are these? – Tacos? Yes. Beef tacos? – Carne asada. Carne asada. You want, can I lime you? Lime me. Okay, I’m gonna salsa myself

with both sauces. I’ve been told by Turbo that the orange one is hot. Hot. You want me to hot you? You want me to medium you? Medium me. Just a little. That’s fine. And then I’ll do a little dip in that. Okay. I’m gonna start without it. Hot boys. I mean, it’s your expected street scenario taco. An expected street scenario. Give me an expected street scenario. Just so I can picture it. Crosswalk. Old lady. Traffic stopped. Honking of horns. It’s all very expected. Lots of, lots of, lots of traffic. Now give me something unexpected. What

happens? What happens? What happens? An ant that speaks English. Oh. Murders the old lady. Someone’s aunt or an ant? An ant. Yeah, that’s more unexpected. Yeah. That’s a pretty good taco. It tastes like. Pretty good taco. A lot of taco trucks in town, which there’s so many good taco trucks in town. This one’s got a fancier green salsa, but how different can it be? How different can it be? Well, this is one tortilla. No, it’s not. Oh, it’s two. It’s bigger. It’s basically, it looks the same except for the green salsa. Hmm. And the orange

salsa. Well, I greatly prefer one of them. I feel like I’ve been thinking out loud too much lately. Well, we’re not competing. I know, but I don’t want to influence your answer. – I’ll give you a countdown. Yeah, I really have been missing the countdown. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Three, two, one. This one is so, it’s like so. Oh, man, it’s so good. Charred. Like, the flavors of char. The flavor of char. – So on Rhett’s side. Salsas are so much better. – The what’s so much better? The salsa. – Oh, okay. So it doesn’t

just look better, it actually tastes better. On Rhett’s side are tacos from Leo’s Taco Truck for 2.25 per taco. Run of the mill. – They’re the best tacos in L.A. according to the people. Yeah. – Who made them number one on Yelp. Reviewers called their tacos such a steal and said Leo’s never misses. And so of course on Link’s side, for the best tacos in L.A. according to the experts, they’re from Tacos Los Cholos for 2.44 each, and they received the highest score out of any restaurant on The Infatuation’s list of best tacos in L.A.

They’re so good. And I’ve been to Leo’s. We went to Leo’s on that night that we were trying to find the best, um, al pastor taco. I really think that apparently because they’re so cheap, people are loving it. This is like a 1:00 AM. You stumble out of the club. – No, it’s a perfect taco! It’s a perfect taco. You stumble out of the chimney. You’re covered in soot. – Yeah. You just want one little cheap taco to, bones not included. I think it’s that critics don’t have to pay for their meals. So they don’t

care how much stuff costs. You think critics get reimbursed? Yeah. I just think maybe critics get to deduct their expenses. Are you talking about an independent critic or are you talking about a critic that works for like the Tribune? I don’t like to talk about critics. Yeah, me neither. Forget I ever said it. ((Music)) Cookies! Now we’ve agreed on every round. Yes we have and these cookies are drastically different. I mean they’re similar in size but like. It looks like one is cooked longer. I think, I think this one, I think I know where this

one’s from, but let’s start over here. I don’t know what, where this one’s from. I can see that there’s salt on it. You got that salted chocolate chip. You feeling it? I think I know where this is from. I’m feeling it with my tongue and my mouth and that’s, I call that eating feeling with your, with your mouth is eating and tasting. Feeling with your throat? When do you stop feeling something? When you’re eating it? Right, just think about it. I’m feeling it right now. Like right here. And then I’m still feeling it. At the

collar. And then I swallow. Still feeling it. And then at some point, I stop feeling it. I feel a little bit. Does it turn into spirit? What happens to it? Yeah, it becomes a, it becomes a ghost. It becomes part of your spirit. Where do you think this is from, Rhett? I don’t know. Insomnia. It’s shaped like the cookies that you get from that place. Super salty on the, on the one spot. That’s good. I think this one, what’s that place? What’s that place? Milk. Where they have all the, not. Milk daddy’s. Could be Milk.

What’s that place where it’s like, they change their flavors every week and it’s a bunch of different cookies. Cookie Chaos. They’re in a box. – Crumbl? Crumbl. – No. No it’s not. I think it might be Milk. You’re gonna love these. You don’t like cooked things. It’s so borderline raw that I love it. I love it. I love it too. No salt. I just wish there weren’t chocolate chips in it. I can try to eat around them, but I’ll do that on my own time. Well, I think, I think we may be parting ways here,

brother. It was nice knowing you. It’s a matter of taste. – Two, one. What? Hold on, you can’t. ((Laughing)) No, you can’t do that! He can’t do that! ((Laughing)) He can’t do that! What is that? You’re messing with the ethos of this show! I planted my flag. You’re offending my spirit. As a farce. It was a farce flag. – That was a good one. Okay, on Rhett’s side is a cookie known as the O.G. from The Very Best Cookie in the Whole Wide World for $5. These are the best cookies according to the experts. Los

Angeles Times did a definitive search for the best cookie in L.A. and landed these at the top of their list describing them as perfectly crisp around the edges with a soft and chewy middle. Yeah. – And then on Link’s side is the chocolate chip cookie from Milk Jar for $4. According to the people, they’re the best in L.A. on Yelp, and one reviewer called them the gold standard of cookies. It was me who said the gold standard of cookies, yeah. And I agree with you. You agree? Oh, I. You’re a man of the people. I

actually, I actually could use this. Yeah, for your chimney, yeah. No, that’s not what I was thinking. Oh, I don’t want to know. Oh, you and your fancy cooked cookies. You’re putting in the oven for 350. Not us. We cook these in the sun. ((Laughing)) Yeah, you suck, man. That’s how the people eat. You’re highfalutin. Hey, I’ll take it, man. You’re out of touch. So what do we conclude today? – Well, I think we’re kind of splitsies. Because you went with the people and you went with the critics. Now you went with both the critics

and the people. Splitsies? ((Laughing)) Did someone say splitsies? Did someone say, I’m not gonna do the splits. Can you do a split? I can’t do the splits now. Well, you came back out. My pelvis is gonna split now. Oh, it is? I thought you split your way into the chimney and out of the chimney. I thought that’s how you did it. Me not Santa Claus. ((Laughing)) Me not Santa Claus. ((Laughing)) Yeah, me not an English teacher as well. It’s a perfect accent, yeah. Thanks for subscribing and clicking that bell. Now you say. Oh, you know

what time it is. ((Laughing)) Hello, my name’s Elyse from the Magnolia State, that is Mississippi. Future Mythical Chef in the making. And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. ((Tongue Click)) I don’t know what that was, but I love that sound that she made. It was her mouth, I believe. I like that. Click the top link to watch us test if we know what year makeup is from in Good Mythical More. And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land. – The tickets for the Good Mythical Tour are available for

everyone today, so grab them while they’re available.

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