Yosuda spin bike review, a $230 Peloton & Apple Fitness+ DIY bike | Unboxing, Assembly, & Review

hey everyone james here i’m back with
another video this time talking about
indoor spin bikes and we got a yosuda
spin bike from our good friends at
yosuda this was provided complimentary
for this review which is awesome now the
good friends over here at usu this is
one of the most popular bikes on amazon
for indoor spin cycling i’m a big spin
fan myself i also do some outdoor riding
too but i am a big fan of apple fitness
plus and also peloton
now i built a bike not too long ago a
sunny bike for a few hundred dollars
about four 450. and that has a 49 pound
flywheel with leather resistance and
then you have to add some other things
like sensor and different stands and
different seat cushions too the nice
thing with the yosuta is that this bike
comes in right now at the time of this
recording for 230 dollars on their
website has a 40 pound flywheel and um
38 pound flywheel 40 pound flywheel and
it has felt resistance that goes on it
so a little bit different than the

bike that i’ve used for the
last nearly a year
what’s awesome though is that the good
people at ufc are not only having this
bike but also gave me a discount code
that i’ll put in the show notes and
overlay here and a link that you can use
to get an additional five percent off
and free shipping that’s right five
percent off in addition to the current
discount rate of 230 which is a steal
now i messed up the original unboxing
here so
i’m not gonna get the big reveal of
pulling off the top
but the bike came in and actually i
ended up pulling it out from the bottom
so i flipped it up on its side opened
the bottom and flipped it back over i
think on this bike you could have just
simply you know open it from the top
took out the different pieces here and
but because we’ve already done this
let’s go ahead and open it up and start
to unbox it and put it together
all right so we have a lot of different
bits and pieces here we of course have
the main bike here with the the the
actual resistance that’s going on here
we have the 38 pound flywheel that’s
going on and of course it comes with all
the necessary bits and pieces you need
so all of them that i’ve seen and put
together come with all of the
accessories and bolts that you need i
mean this is minimal we’re talking like
nine screws to put this thing together
kind of anyone can do it
and then we also have the different
stand posts here for the
the front and the back
one of the nice things that does come
with this yosuda bike is actually a
smout for the ipad or for your phone
we’ll give that a test it is a piece of
plastic pretty much there
it also comes with a entire sort of
metric system that’s coming on so it
gives you a scanner a timer a
speedometer distance and calorie no
cadence here this is just kind of going
and for as long as you go so it just
kind of you know sums up there is a
pulse input and a sensor input i don’t
know what those are for but uh that’d be
kind of cool if we could do a little bit
and of course all the other parts and
pieces and of course
the grip that we need to get this going
it looks like there’s some parts for the
metrics that’ll go on there so this
should take not too long to put together
let’s start it up here and let’s see how
long it takes
all right there you have it that is the
yosuta zero zero one a i built it in 20
um that’s actually quite quite fast it
looks like i need to take one more thing
off a few things to note here on the
bike like i said earlier it does have
this sensor i hooked it up right here
which should give me some readings for
timer speedometer distance we’ll check
that in a second also has this holder it
is just a piece of plastic just kind of
snaps on so if you don’t like it you can
take it right off
the cool thing part here is the actual
felt pad down here was already in place
it came with an extra one but i thought
it was going to knead that there
and then there’s also this turn off it’s
very small it’s not a
crazy turn knob you can’t really press
down on it too much was there water
bottle holder right here check check
of course i put the different feets on
right there um the the pedals on those
are good you want to follow those
directions like i pointed out make sure
they’re nice and tight going around i
mean besides that was pretty easy the
seat is a very squishy
big seat and you want to make sure you
tighten those up make sure it doesn’t
come off you want to tighten the
bolts down there
but let’s go ahead and take it for a
closer look alright so the first thing
we want to note here is the actual
flywheel and the felt pad that it has
going on right there so that is where
the resistance is going to be
right there when you press down it’s
going to go ahead and do that so it’s
all the way down so you can see there
pedals are just normal pedals nothing
special going on there and again you
want to make sure you put those in the
right way
now um the actual
seat here is a very very large seat you
can see here my whole hand is on it very
very squishy of course you can replace
that with anything
this thing here is going to have
just forward and back motion so we can
move it up and back a little bit here
not too far but just enough so it’s
nothing crazy but you can move it a
little bit back and forth on the seat
same thing is going to be
down over here actually
you can see that you can
go ahead and pull this out move it all
the way down or back up too we’ll adjust
that here in a second
all right
let’s take a look up over here
at the main so like i said this is just
something that kind of snaps right off
you have the sensor going on here and
then of course you have
the actual
arm here now you do have to like kind of
undo this first then pop it out to
loosen kind of weird i’m not sure you
have different pegs that are going on
too for some different adjustments so
you do have some opportunities there to
give that a go
let’s go ahead and fix this seat
and give it a ride
i do want to show from the other side
though in case you want to take a look
over here we can actually see that
it actually has this like orange accents
here which is kind of cool
compared to all black
on some of the other bikes are red so it
does have the yosuda here and then it
has this nice orange that’s going on
it does have this cord going up all the
way to the top up here but like i said
let’s give it a spin and see what
all right let’s take a look here this is
my first impression just hopping on and
i’m just going to kind of just let it
kind of fly a little bit here and let’s
see i think it might be a little bit too
tall on the on the seat post here so
let’s go ahead and adjust that really
pop it down
to a four
and tighten it back up
all right the uh seat is a nice squishy
seat that is for sure so that’s not bad
i miss a little bit better maybe
hard to say
i feel like it might be up a little bit
too much but kind of adjust here
it’s an interesting design that they’ve
for this so
one of the issues you might be able to
see here is i have the ipad here
it’s actually quite
up here so i’m actually kind of hitting
it quite a bit so if i pull my hands
like this it’s not too bad if you do
want to have a grip down here or down
here you’re gonna have a little bit of
an issue um
so that’s interesting
um and then you’re out here
so let’s go ahead and just fly with like
this is just really loose
there’s a lot of momentum i’m just going
to go ahead and crank it
and i mean there’s not a lot of turns to
max resistance i mean
i am
heavy on this thing
that is really interesting so
i can apparently turn on this little
sensor here
this turns on
um yeah i mean let’s go all the way up
there is not a lot of turns between
all the way up
and whoo
and uh
resistance so there’s not a lot of
levels of
of difficulty between maximum
and minimum so that’d be really hard to
to read
i would say
if i’m doing this
you can hear the felt pad
a little bit
uh and you do micro adjustments so i
think if you were just
looking for a rise
crank it up i mean
you’re gonna stop
the pedal
and you need to
that’s tricky i mean
i feel like you can get the
resistance up a little bit
it’s not smooth
that is for sure
you can get it in a zone here and this
feels pretty good now i’m standing a
second i mean it feels
relatively solid construction
overall but what i’m missing
more fine grained control
over this unless i’m missing something
um it does look
you know like
i’m getting a sweat i’m sweating up here
a little bit but
when it is up it is up the
the amount of
it’s the slightest
slightest adjustment to get the
resistance up
to me
all right this is pretty good
to me you’re kind of getting it
and i got my cadence on here
is you are going
pretty good
if they call it one to two
you’re barely adjusting it
and you’re going up
it’s got an interesting angle
i kind of want to be
more forward you can adjust
this up or down more but again i am
about five nine at 165 pounds so
we’re going here
the slightest adjustment
a little bit here
has a good
question i mean you can get it
definitely get it up there’s not as many
levels of adjustment
i would say
but yes it is a bicycle
yeah i’m very unsure about this bike at
first glance
uh it’s a little squeaky
i’m a little underwhelmed
it is a 230 bike i’m a little
by the resistance but if you’re someone
that’s just looking to get on the bike
without a lot of resistance
it’s looking to do some exercises right
and you’re you know looking at that it’s
maximum weight is 265. there’s a one
that goes up to 300 up upgraded model
you could do that
the flywheel
definitely carries some weight it is a
nice heavier flywheel on it but
micro it’s a very i’m used to my sunny
bike that has bigger
different movements going on there so
to me
you really got to do it and then if you
stand up
it’s an interesting
angle that’s going on here but
all right
um i’m definitely sweating that’s for
sure i’ve burned some calories on my
i think overall
if i was to break this down the
build quality of the yosuta
itself is pretty good
there’s some plastic going on
in the handles and down here and of
course in the chamber as well
the bar of the resistance bar is
underwhelming i would say nice seat nice
post the distance
here if i’m lifting this up a little bit
could be a little bit
a little bit nicer for the micros
over here and of course you can
adjust the
other bar too
up here
so you can adjust that it’s relatively
sturdy you can adjust all four
of the the spokes on the front and back
it’s a little bit better i still think
it needs to be a little bit lower but
yeah i’m uh
the handlebars are an interesting choice
i would have probably changed that if i
were them
water bottle good
pretty high pretty high overall
who is this bike for
well this bicycle is for someone that is
just looking
for a spin bike in the inside who wants
minimum resistance
who is not looking for micro uh
adjustments you will need a cadence
sensor to put onto the bike um i have a
bunch in the show notes the live love
the garmin moofit is my favorite
majin any of them work they’re all the
same my cadence is great for just
putting your cadence right here
it’s a bike it’s not gonna take up a lot
of space gonna be easy to move it was
easy to put together in under 20 minutes
it’s a bike
all right so who is this bike for it’s
really good question i will leave a link
to my blog post down below talking about
how i built my sunny bike and all the
components that i needed and also i’m
gonna have a blog post specifically for
the uc to bike as well which you can
find down in the show notes as well now
the yusuda bike to me i’ve had more time
since i recorded the initial video to
get on it give it a spin
and to me this bike is really for
someone that is just looking to get on
and ride this is a great bike if you’re
maybe looking for something in the
winter where you don’t want to convert
your bicycle you know or maybe you have
a cruiser into a bike that you can work
out on and you’re stuck inside or you
know maybe it’s smoky with all the fires
going on you want to stay inside and put
this in a room it’s very light to move
around it’s easy to move around the
thing is for me
is if i am doing spin classes where i
need really adjustable resistance this
isn’t going to give you that fine grain
control with that felt pad because it is
a physical resistance it’s not a
magnetic resistance there or even a
leather pad
i did have more time to write on it and
you know as long as you’re moving and
tuning it very slowly you’re going to be
able to get relatively good results but
you know take a look at all the
different bikes that are out there check
out my review i’ll leave a few links to
other great youtube channels as well
that reviews all sorts of different
bikes down in the show notes below but
if you have a yo suit up let me know
what you think if you picked up this
bike and of course you can use my link
if you are thinking about it in the show
notes to get five percent also off with
a coupon code that i provide and free
shipping it is a pretty great value at
230 dollars plus free shipping plus an
extra five percent off so if you are
just looking for hey this is an indoor
bike that’s going to have a relatively
nice flywheel on it has sturdy
construction relatively adjustable and
has those metrics and stats on it
it’s pretty nice and of course you will
want of course a little cadence sensor
if you are doing any spin stuff anyways
let me know what you think in the show
notes below if you have any questions i
can hop back on and do more videos but
thanks for watching

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