YOU'RE NEXT (2011) MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching! Full Movie Review

citizens of the reject Nation Greg here today we are going to do a first time watching for the movie you’re next directed by Adam Winger the director of Godzilla versus Kong I know this is a home invasion Thriller that’s about all I know I’ve never seen a single clip or a frame of movement from this film before I’ve heard it’s good it’s been recommended my way a bunch of times it’s Halloween season horror is actually my favorite genre covered Sinister a couple months ago you guys should go ahead and check that out as well and

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for helping us set it down these highlights I’m excited guys let’s get into the horror slasher mood oh we are off to the races people she doesn’t now it looks satisfied I don’t know her but my Primal instincts are telling me I am now emotionally invested oh oh come on be smarter than that and I would immediately call the cops all right and now would be a good time to call the cop that’s the title of the movie oh nice like a good blood Splat on the wall if you guys are fans of Supernatural you

get a lot of that I love that horror movie shot of the Woods and road on the woods road on the woods that’s a sentence that’s funny uh that’s not funny at all dude so your parents are pretty loaded right I guess my dad retired from kpg last year and he got an insane sevens package wait kpg is in the defense contractor he was just in marketing though I’m surprised this is your first time having this conversation I want to meet your family my mom’s on a way to ruin the fun with your mental health

problems oh oh my God sound is that it’s gonna be that easily thank you oh what a smart woman Aubry oh yeah no you go outside I’m gonna check the upstairs you deserve to die I’ll take this with me okay are you happy no all right you wait outside I’ll be out in a minute why would your inclination not just you should have already just want to take a weapon foreign this is why I own RPGs sorry guys this ain’t enough True Crime stuff to be like home invasion stuff is something that you should take

very serious oh my God what the hell you scared the out of me yeah you’re a piece of son you know that foreign I love the voyeuristic approach of a lot of these camera shots hey you come here oh we brought whiskey well come on in that’s a great offer well I look forward to meeting the rest of your family tomorrow it’s been a long time since we’ve all been together so it should be interesting oh it’s going to be a family Bloodbath oh oh what a great shot it’s in the window and in the

toaster oven oh that is awesome hey everybody you ever see kangaroos fight stop in a weird way do some funny little Kelly you almost hit my face it’s only a little chubby this is only a little chubby I have a round face yeah it doesn’t mean that’s right it doesn’t mean he’s fat no it means you’re beautiful all the fat on him means he’s fat what a dick so I guess she’s the main character and we’re like experiencing this through her poker cow for me can you could you go over to the neighbor’s house and

see if he has some yeah okay well I’ll be right back it’s nice to feel like you have a purpose is there a doorbell because that music is obnoxiously loud that is messed up man but smart you must be Terry yes nice to meet you nice to meet you meet you I’d like you didn’t mean to see a girlfriend see nice to meet you Z wait I know that actress don’t I you’re Aaron yeah nice to meet you Scott dad maybe horror films are always lit this way it’s like kind of like a yellow dark

tint to it just want you all to know how much it means to us that you’re all here so thank you for coming oh she’s so cute that poor mom’s gonna get brutally slaughtered I’m a filmmaker is that right yeah I don’t think I know any filmmaker makes sonic it’s not a lot of us interesting I’ve only made one documentary was it the Cleveland underground Film Festival 2008 did they show the movies underground I just think do you do commercials because those are my favorites no no he doesn’t do it really I just think that

is just the height of the art form these days foreign at this time of night through the window a beautiful shot can be formed foreign holy crap he got an arrow in his head yeah get away from all the windows right about now no oh if anyone deserved it this is pretty intense man Jesus okay you’re rich sons of gotta own at least one gun right yeah they must be using a Jammer what a cell phone blocker they’re illegal but you can get them on the Internet for like 30 bucks what are you calling me

a low life for man I’m just trying to help the situation hahaha I love that I keep fighting you’re right during this oh my God oh my God it’s not gonna work it’s gonna be a two shot it’s gonna be a two for one right now foreign crossbows take a while to reload Ed somebody should make a run for the cars no man what’s wrong with you whoever’s the fastest runner who who is that I’m the fastest man I’ve got this Arrow what does your shoulder have to do with your legs you guys pull the

doors open at the last second they’re not going to be expected to be coming out full speed oh you should say her goodbyes foreign wow that was unexpected oh that’s horrifying oh Jesus that’s some scary we need to make sure all the doors and the windows are locked what do you mean what she’s got the right idea man what are you doing so please cover up unlock all the windows never seen you act like this before I don’t see your next situation yeah dude go away with me I’ve never seen you act like this before

she’s doing Jesus Christ she’s a goddamn Warrior damn so there’s a daughter like that right in front of your eyes and the documentary filmmaker underground film cinema is never going to be the same yeah what’s this girl’s past oh no oh whoa this goddamn Pig masks that’s cathartic because who is this actress she’s freaking awesome oh jeez Geez Louise what if that guy’s still under the bed no one should be left alone why would you look without having a weapon Kelly foreign you’re so stupid I get you’re not thinking rationally but wow ouch solid punch

damn how violence is this gonna be oh gosh oh no foreign we need to get somebody out there in here I’m gonna go to the neighbors as soon as I’m a safe distance away I’ll try to text and call if there’s some big plot twists coming everything’s gonna be fine out there you just stay in here Crispin you’re dead you’re dead this is what happens when you be able to have unprofessionally in the workplace the safety say at least one of them’s already inside the person killed my wife stood in this house go find him

what’s the best room for a solo banging I don’t know all the rooms have Windows in them except for the basement no I suppose that’s a bad idea they can just pull guests down the stairs and throw in a match who is she she did know the Kirsten’s dad’s uh background how should I carry a weapon damn homie just burst right in nice nice bash is heading yeah she is so cool who is she that’s like a good force not forced head trauma someone has to ask who she is anyone know this guy oh she

is the thanks for the help by the way where’s he dead I already want to know more about this actress she is so cool oh man they’ve been camping out where’s the circuit box I don’t know I think it’s in the basement like why don’t you go look for it there I’m gonna go upstairs and try to find my dad oh poor guy Alex one of them was in the bedroom they’ve been watching us for days this wasn’t a random attack okay okay yeah don’t turn your back oh are they in on it I’ve had

I mean they’re making it they were they were shooting it was like they were red on it especially the girl you had to do that right in front of me are you saying something yeah you know what never mind I had a feeling the girl was in on it I was slightly suspicious of him but looks like it’d be really hard to fight through that mask oh oh here’s Johnny hey whoa yes oh yes get him in the face oh come on guys you guys okay what’s going on we heard noises so we stayed upstairs

we didn’t find anyone and your dad ask about the dad he just needed to lie down how many of them do you think there are to be at least two more of them you just want to make sure that the nail goes all the way through see that who is she she looks so familiar how did you learn all this stuff well I had kind of a weird childhood I grew up on a survivalist compound I haven’t even told Chris Ben that yet you guys keep a lot from each other move to the states with

Mom when I was 15 but I’ve learned a lot beforehand that’s crazy now could he kill his own brother three Kelly’s dead man her body’s up there on the floor right now oh my God you just die already this is hard enough for me that is some cruel man oh you better not I’m gonna go check on the dad upstairs and when the boys come up make sure to have some rope or something uh I can do it I can go be careful laughs stay on high alert God damn survivalist compound lady indeed awesome oh

my god oh you can feel it I don’t know why you guys ever have once I almost got glass really caught in my foot and nailed to just oh boy foreign Rich parents kids look for something to be mad about Home Alone I’ll be over soon oh that’s gross oh my God I really in the mood right now Z come on I’ll make it quick just so we’re perfectly clear I might kill my own brother I’m just trying to think of reasons why I should kill you he’s paying you we did make it this far

man yikes I just got a fist ready that’s awesome oh nice oh that is great great I love her I love her so much you could have taken the stairs come on Judo chop him foreign nice she is so cool I want to take Krav Maga classes right now oh yeah bring on the synth music people awesome I really hope Crispin doesn’t come running through that door you know how to use that thing yeah I know how to use it I pull the trigger air shoots right two bolts Two Shots you see here you make

it count I am so fascinated by this performance it’s such a cool character such a such a really cool character I would expected nice flip on the genre nice Motif I Like It Cool Style I’m Batman foreign she is the definition of fight or flight get in there nice murder her oh this is so cathartic oh my God that’s what I’m talking about man holy that is awesome I love it oh I love it wow what an image oh man she took out everyone that blender death was one of the most brilliant things ever no

it’s crisping in on this ah what you know I’m a pacifist I can’t I can’t deal with the violent stuff oh you cowered it’s it’s freezing out here I’m coming inside Aaron you’re okay where’s Felix I stuck a blender in his head and killed him he would have killed me no that was never supposed to happen you were supposed to be the witness a person with a clean record that could attest that our family and neighbors had been murdered by unknown lunatics things got so out of control you deserve to die so much I’m now

the sole inheritor of my family’s estate we’re talking Millions babe regardless of our current situation or whatever we’re going through that’s why he was like why are you behaving this way you could have 500 000 within a month or I go to jail then you get nothing oh you better kill him that’s right move easily The Right Move oh God what stay alive stay alive just a tiny bit longer we need medic and back up immediately at five Edelweiss Drive foreign oh no the ax that was awesome said suspect on her Polaroid there’s cops failing

to put it all together edited by Adam Winger too that’s cool all right guys I’m gonna have to talk very efficient because uh time of shooting this I have to move on to editing something else right it’s like 11 30 at night or something else I gotta edits this is weird just uh kind of a funky schedule this whole week that I’ve been having but um I really really enjoyed that there was a a real cheeky kind of humor to it I loved I loved its black humor man I love the dark humor throughout and

it was just a really exciting film because when it starts off it has this like self-awareness that you think you’re sort of walking into uh traditional home invasion movie where you know family is going to mingle together and then bam there’s going to be some serial killers to show up something a little bit more straightforward and direct kind of like the strangers movies you know the strangers I I’m I haven’t I don’t recall pray at night too well I don’t know I’m sure if you’ve seen that movie but uh like the strangers it’s a typical

home invasion movie serial killer slasher and such but there was a lot of great whodunit flares to it and there was uh it was almost like an Agatha Christie Vibe about it where you have the family mingling together and instead of just the body count of the family members it starts to become a question of like who’s involved who’s really behind all this why is this all going down is it you know because at first it’s sort of leading you into this belief that these are psychopaths attacking them and that perhaps there’s some type of

ritual behind it you know especially with the fact that they’re riding on the walls like you’re next that it does seem like there’s some type of ritual occurring you’re out in the woods and they’re masked up and is there like symbolism behind the mask but then you start to you know eventually latch on them so one of these people might be in on it so I like that there was a bit of this it’s like a physical comedy quality to it and a bit of a screwball comedy Vibe uh with a bit of an Agatha

Christie Flair as well with a home invasion Vibe and also an action movie and a horror movie all in one I thought that was great like the way they they fleshed all those elements together I thought had a great natural build to it because in the beginning it does feel like some of the dialogue does feel like a little bit cheesy but then it just works so well and you know it’s there are parts that feel like a bit of a because I think a lot of it just comes down to if you strike the

right tone you can get away with certain kinds of expositional dialogue like when Aaron is hiding who is this woman by the way hold up Charney Vinson God I know I’m in a rush right now but I I gotta know who this person is my God she was phenomenal I I loved her she was so incredible I don’t think I’ve seen her at this I think this is the only thing I’ve ever seen her in she is so good I love the the handling of her character we gotta talk about that because yeah like they’re

planting the seeds in there of dysfunctional family and you kind of think maybe it’s gonna go one specific way because in the beginning of the film I was sort of going all right whose perspective are we latching on to it eventually you know I was like okay I think this is Aaron’s perspective that we are ultimately capturing this movie from because you’re like is it crispin’s perspective that we’re seeing this film through you know he’s the son having to return to his families obviously ambivalent towards them or watching as he’s driving to them and bringing

his girlfriend and perhaps he’s the one who’s gonna have to go on a character Arc and there’s like a completely different movie that this could have been where through the course of these events you watch as these brothers like Drake and Crispin overcome their odds and then somehow through these actions of standing up in the violence and whatever that they become a family unit again or or some something like that there’s there’s like that tale they could have told but I really love the direction of this because of that who’d done a kind of flare

it and then having this sort of action element to it it provides something very unique and different and very unexpected it’s a nice flip on the genre like the version I pitched you just now is the very predictable version that it could have gone down which could have been a great character-driven Nuance piece sure maybe there’s a way that you could have done that as well then it could have hit the right players still got the cool violence but this version especially with the Aaron character because like at the very beginning of the film I

don’t remember the specific lines but they’re first seen together Crispin and Aaron she knows it’s a good uh uh it’s a good way of alluding to the fact that she knows a little bit more about things than you would expect when it comes to the background of killers and stuff and survivalists so you’re you do slowly start to pick up and there are these little clues that Kristen might be in on it because like I thought that line of dialogue was a little corny and it’s like I’ve never seen you behave like this when she’s

getting all assertive after really getting lost in the blood and that is the moment for her character a fight or flight like what do I do and it’s time to buckle down and you get this sense that she had um an oppressive childhood something that like I think the performance is great and the writing is awesome too because you get this sense that she had a a real oppressive childhood and rather traumatic you know being taken away at 15 and being brought up to have these sort of sets of beliefs and that you would the

world is going to end and it’s going to be like an apocalyptic landscape you’re gonna have to learn to kill you’re gonna have to learn to survive in these really dark times and just having the sort of beliefs and then you can imagine that her character went down this path of having just a completely different life and trying to get away from all that and then bam and this incident happens and all those things that were sort of pushed away that you wouldn’t even tell the the man who she loves about her true past you

wouldn’t even let him in on that piece of information eventually you know some more I’m talking about and I’m going back to the beginning of the moon like man there were a lot of great Clues laid throughout even with Crispin and the way how he reacts to the family of when she’s like a lot of people would love to have parents like yours and you could see how uh resistant he is towards just receiving that and taking that anyway um when it when it came to uh her character you’re watching as everything about her is

just becoming the full survivalist everything she was sort of raised to be in her early ages of life that they talk about you watch as she sort of morphs into this by the very end you know it’s step by step being cautious being cautious and then eventually just full on violence breaking through and I love the trajectory of her character and I thought the performance was awesome and the way the movie starts to take some turns with you know slowly showing The Killers having the reveals there and then before he know it when they put

their masks on they’re not even scary and you just get you get to the point where you just want to watch her mess all these guys up I thought was excellent and it was fun it was pulpy it was inventive with some of its kills it was disturbing but it never got like too mean-spirited to the point where uh you know like sometimes in certain movies I like I like good campy violence and I like Pulp and all that I I like Gore I I do enjoy it and there are times though contextually where I

go this is just too mean for my spirit like in Halloween kills there’s this early on in the films if you haven’t seen a slight spoiler where Michael Myers kills this old couple and then uh while the old woman’s dying she watches as Michael is like experimenting with which knife to use by stabbing it into the body of the Dead old guy and I’m like why’d she have to be alive to witness this this is so mean like I watched that film every time I see that movie I’m like this is just mean that’s mean

I don’t like it like there’s mean stuff here like brothers killing brothers and stuff they’re just killing their family members it’s mean but there’s a certain tone that the film strikes where it doesn’t cross into two mean-spirited there’s a there’s a sense of fun even amongst the more like disturbing family qualities to it there’s a there’s a morbid Macabre type of sensibility that I really enjoy and yeah I remember Christmas I thought he I the crisp and twist because like with the brother Felix and then the Z the woman I it wasn’t surprising I I

had a thought going off in the way they were Framing and I feel like Adam Winger wanted to kind of clue you in that he was part of it Crispin for some reason I I just thought he might just show up at the end uh part of me was worried that they were gonna pull some where he just walks through the door and the ax hits him like I was actually really concerned that might happen but they didn’t do that and they instead gave us a Twist that lined up it made sense it makes sense

to everything else and while there’s a lot of like Exposition dumps I thought they used it in the in the right right framing like it’s it’s certain Exposition and be forgivable again tone and and again you know like when Felix is freaking out explaining all the things that are giving all the information to to uh Aaron while she’s hiding behind the corners it works works in the scene and even with um you know it’s like if Chrisman picks Chrisman calls Felix and she picks up his phone and he just starts dumping information like that’s just

a little silly but when she when he is like revealing the whole plan he’s also pleading he knows that he could die so he’s also trying to bargain with her so that way he can you know keep his life because he is ultimately a coward and I I like the way they they formed that relationship at the very beginning because they they don’t reveal like oh my God is actually this ultimate Mastermind killer guy he’s not as cowardly as he as he puts up you you get the sense of the with the history of their

relationship that oh he’s the exact opposite of the kind of of her dad essentially the way how Aaron grew up and she talks about her father you get the sense that you know as she wanted to have a different roadmap for her life not the one she grew up in that she was drawn to someone like Chrisman who is the complete opposite of that and they maintain that complete oppositeness while those are giving us this villainous turn about him and I think the way the a lot of the way the family Dynamics I thought was

fleshed out really well like all that dinner table stuff seemed part of it seemed improvised um it would have just added the sense of realism like I like how during the most violent hectic chaotic moments of just pure intensity they would sometimes keep that family bickering still alive it was great I had so much fun with this the music choices were great there’s a lot of great framing devices in here that do feel it feels like it’s doing its own thing kind of feels like the example when you do the guest as well because um

uh there are times I was thinking of the guests did he do the guest I’m looking it up he did do the guest okay yeah that makes sense that makes a lot of sense that way because there were definitely times I was thinking about the guest and I really liked that movie oh that would have been a good one to react to on this channel why did I have to watch it on my own time uh I really like the guest a lot so yeah again that’s another movie with a revealing of the character throughout

I don’t want to ruin that for anyone if you haven’t seen it watch the guest that’s a great movie um but yeah I think keeping it at Close Quarters a contained film and the the way the reveals went down I thought I had a lot of colorful personalities to a lot of the characters and it was just it was fun that was just a really fun horror movie it was fun it was the time suspenseless and had some really good jump scares I’m trying to think of something I didn’t like and just because I feel

like I gotta contribute something to the like a criticism uh other than some points of expositional dialogue that didn’t quite click with me but I was so invested in the main character and I think the way how you discover who she is through her actions is is great and yeah no it was this is cool it’s a cool movie man it’s cool I like how it took its turn into sort of a b pulpy film from a from a suspenseful home invasion movie to a like a pulpy cathartic violent action film that was awesome kind

of like the cast and um guys what do you think about this movie you’re next I thought this was awesome this was a really awesome film and uh I’d like to watch it again and sort of just study it because I thought there was some wonderful composition to the shots because so much of it is handheld yet it also to really add up that intensity beef up that intensity yet at the same time there were some just really great composition with its shots and a lot of messing with perspective I thought was awesome that it

constantly had this voyeuristic touch especially in the first half um a lot and watching how the table’s turnover time is great ah drake drake drake drake drake drake there’s some stupid character choices of course but you know as again when you get into this like fearful state I’m like I don’t know what it’d be like to be in a situation so would I be the idiot who runs out the door sure why not I mean I’d like to think I’d be logical and composed and be Aaron in this situation but I’m like maybe not I’d

probably freak out too at some point and make the wrong call and split up or something like that when I shouldn’t be splitting up but for the most part now this is good it was great it was a great time I could see why people Rave about this movie Ladies and Gentlemen leave your thoughts down below leave a like subscribe click that Bell and last but not least let’s end this with a kale Linden Mikhail if I was stuck in a home invasion situation I feel like you’d be the right guy to know because there’s

something about you that just reads a pure intellect especially with the kind of films you’re really into I feel like you’d really understand what kind of weapons we need how to set up Contraptions all kinds of gimmicks and gadgetry probably go on MacGyver on everyone’s asses and that’s the kind of guy you need in a home invasion situation some kale I hope that the time I take a trip to Sweden that eventually when I’m in your home chilling getting to know the family that some people try to break in and maybe annihilate us and then

that’s when I get to see the true side of Mikhail come out the monster within and he tries to resolve this guilt by staying a loyal super sexy reject or patreon page Thinking by giving that will absolve him of the monster within him but it won’t if anything I’m just going to use all the earnings from patreon to make sure to hire these burglars to break in just so I can Unleash the Beast Within you and force all that repressed trauma to come out of you because that’s the way I roll Mikhail and I love

my people at our patreon just that much that I want to see their true colors go back

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