youth to the people mandelic acid + super food unity exfoliant | trial + review

hi everyone my name is alex if you’re new to 
my channel welcome and if you’re a returning  
subscriber welcome back today i cannot describe 
how excited i am to be trying out this new product  
this is the youth to the people mandelic acid 
plus superfood unity exfoliant you get four  
fluid ounces of this product for 38 dollars which 
i usually don’t pay this much for an exfoliant but  
with some of the ingredients in this product and 
some of the things that i have heard about it i  
think it is going to be worth it i hope something 
that specifically drew me to this product besides  
the fact that i love the brand youth to the people 
is that this is marketed as a gentle exfoliant  
which i’m getting into a lot recently this has 
a combination of aha bha and pha i don’t see a  
ton of those products on the market this product 
is vegan cruelty free alcohol free fragrance free  
and comes in recyclable packaging some of the 
chemical exfoliants that are in this product  
include a three percent concentration of mandelic 
acid which is an aha this ingredient removes dull  
skin in a gentle way and also helps improve your 
skin’s tone and

texture another ingredient that  
this product has is a two percent concentration 
of salicylic acid which helps to unclog pores  
and remove blemishes i use a salicylic acid 
treatment at the moment and it is a two percent  
concentration i haven’t seen many products with 
all three of these chemical exfoliants with a two  
percent concentration of salicylic acid and it’s 
personally my favorite exfoliant to use because i  
do suffer from breakouts that is one thing that 
really makes me excited to try this product and  
the last ingredient that this product has is a one 
percent concentration of pha which i am looking  
at the word and i am struggling to pronounce it 
so bear with me glue canola gluconolic tone wow  
glue canola tone let me blue condolactone 
gluconalactone but this pretty much just  
boosts cell turnover and also increases hydration 
and helps protect your skin’s moisture barrier  
part of their marketing is the fact that this 
is a gentle yet effective chemical exfoliant  
so with that being said there are a few things 
i am specifically looking for in this product  
one of them being how often can i use it 
personally i usually do every other day  
where i do some type of either active or chemical 
exfoliant or anything like that i usually take a  
day off so how i’m going to start with introducing 
this product into my routine i’m actually going to  
drop most of my actives except for retinol i only 
use an aha of bha and a retinol at the moment so  
i’m just going to cut out the bha and the aha and 
try to replace it with this product i’m going to  
do it every other day at first until i kind of 
build up to it and see if i feel like i can use  
it more i do usually use a bha during the daytime 
and in aha at nighttime some days i’m going to try  
using this during the night time at first youth to 
the people says you can use it both day and night  
just make sure you apply an spf i’m also curious 
on one side how gentle this product is and on the  
other side how effective this product is i know 
it’s sometimes hard to find a balance between the  
two from the marketing of this product i’m hoping 
that this is going to be the perfect balance of  
gentle and effective usually i found that more 
gentle products actually work better on my skin  
and work better on a lot of skin types especially 
sensitive skin usually if you get something that’s  
formulated for more sensitive skin and you don’t 
necessarily have it it could treat your skin  
better like i would prefer to be more gentle 
in my skin than to use a harsh exfoliant  
i will continue to check in and kind of let you 
all know how it’s going but yeah i will see you  
all in the next check-in wow i look so crazy 
anyway hi everyone i am here to record my first  
impression of this product i haven’t even opened 
it yet i haven’t even looked at it yet i wanted  
this to be completely blind also i have been up 
since 6am this morning it is currently 1am wow  
i apologize i just really wanted to record my 
first impression using this product and i was  
wanting to use it tonight so have to say i’m never 
disappointed with youth to the people’s packaging
oh this has a lot of smell to it first impression 
it smells kind of lavendery a little bit of rose  
minty in a way i don’t know it’s not bad it’s 
just a lot at first it could be because i’m not  
supposed to smell this acid who knows i have a 
cotton pad here i usually don’t use cotton pads  
when i’m doing like toners and stuff like this 
because i try to save the environment as much as  
possible also this is a chemical exfoliant there’s 
not too many rules on where you should use it in  
your skincare routine if you’re new to this i 
would definitely recommend using it in between  
your cleanser and your moisturizer 
before you moisturize but after you  
cleanse i’m using this as my first step in 
the treat process also if you’re new to using  
actives i would definitely recommend starting 
out by using this maybe once a week try it out  
see how you feel i don’t know how strong this 
is going to be we’re literally about to find out
it actually comes out very 
slowly which i kind of like  
you don’t use like excess product which is 
good because it’s 38 dollars this is my mirror
this feels so gentle usually when i would use like 
a pha aha and bha toner it would cause a lot of  
sensitivity it kind of just feels like i clean 
my skin even more which i like it’s definitely  
on there like it doesn’t even feel like it’s on 
there get my skin just a little bit of a glow  
to it i’m really struggling right now i’m having 
really bad breakouts well not terrible but just  
breakouts because i’m stressed i feel like this 
is the perfect time to try out this product  
and put it to use it feels very gentle i’m going 
to see how i feel in the morning i do not feel  
any sensitivity whatsoever i do want to see if it 
does anything because it feels very gentle this  
is the first time i’ve used a chemical exfoliant 
for the first time and not experienced any type of  
sensitivity anyway we will see how it goes i’m 
liking it so far i like how it feels right now  
it’s very lightweight it kind of just soaks in 
no like crazy redness no anything like that okay  
i will probably check in after i’ve used 
this during the daytime so i’ll see you  
all next check-in hi everyone i just wanted 
to give you a quick update on this product  
i have used this during the daytime i experienced 
no sensitivity whatsoever i do have to say though  
there are parts of my face that i don’t feel like 
i need to exfoliate very much like i’ve been using  
this product every other day my t-zone needs it 
more than this part of my face i noticed that when  
i use this every other day like i’ve been doing i 
don’t necessarily need to do that around this area  
because i’ve noticed a little bit of sensitivity 
to it i’ve been seeing some really great progress  
with my skin while using this product i had 
a lot of dark spots up here and texture along  
with around here i had a zit here you can almost 
barely tell that it was even a thing like i said  
the progress that it’s making on my skin is pretty 
amazing i feel very confident again i went through  
a phase where i was trying out a product it 
didn’t work for me and i was like okay i need this  
product right now and it did exactly what i was 
hoping it would do i’m hoping that i’ll continue  
to see good results with this product i’m going 
to keep using it and i will probably either check  
in with my final thoughts or if i notice anything 
else i’ll check back in so i will see you all then  
hi everyone i just wanted to come back and 
give you all my final thoughts on this product  
i was able to use this for about a week and i 
noticed some pretty good results as i’ve said  
in some of my previous reviews since this trial 
was so short i wasn’t able to see any long-term  
benefits of this product but i did find a lot 
of great things about it i’m going to go ahead  
and dive into the things that i found during this 
trial so as you all saw first time that i used it  
i didn’t have any sensitivity when it first went 
on that pretty much stayed true throughout using  
this product i did not experience any tingling 
any stinging any type of sensitivity which is  
really good for a triple exfoliant with bha aha 
and pha i did notice however that this was a very  
effective product i had a zit right here with 
hyperpigmentation it’s still there a little bit  
but usually it takes me about two to three weeks 
to get rid of hyperpigmentation and i noticed when  
i was using this product it definitely accelerated 
that process i did notice the fragrance was a  
little bit potent in this product when i look up 
the ingredients i don’t see any fragrance products  
in this so it could just be a natural fragrance 
to it it does go away after i use it like it’s  
not something that lingers on my face the only 
thing that i did notice with this product that  
i have to be careful with because even though i 
didn’t experience any initial sensitivity i did  
experience just a little bit of sensitivity over 
time of using this every other day around my mouth  
area which i talked about in the previous check-in 
this went away after i stopped using it around  
that area so frequently i never exfoliate that 
area of my skin that often so i really don’t think  
it was this product i’m pretty sure it was just 
the fact that i was introducing an exfoliant and i’m  
not used to exfoliating that much around that part 
it’s super lightweight i barely feel it when it  
goes on it’s actually one of my favorite chemical 
exfoliants that i’ve used out of all of them  
it gets more expensive to buy a bunch of different 
products like i could buy a bha exfoliant an aha  
exfoliant and a pha exfoliant and honestly i feel 
like it would be about the same price if i went  
with a more cheaper brand much less if i got the 
paula’s choice bha exfoliant for instance and say  
i got the ordinary’s glycolic acid and then the 
inkey list pha that would be a little bit more than  
this product so that combined with how much i 
found myself using of this product justifies the  
price point to me it is a multi-layer exfoliant i 
think that it is suitable to wear if you are used  
to using exfoliating products then you could 
use it every day but like i’ve said before if  
you’re new to introducing exfoliating ingredients 
into your skincare routine i would definitely try  
starting it out once a week see how your skin 
reacts if you don’t notice any sensitivity after  
a while kind of build up to adding it more and if 
you feel like you only need it once a week then i  
would just stick with that i didn’t notice any 
sensitivity when i used it during the daytime i  
feel like it is suitable for both day and night 
use i’m looking back at what i said and i don’t  
think i said anything negative about this product 
which makes me so happy youth to the people is such  
an amazing brand and i am so glad that i got 
to try this product i was so excited when they  
announced it and it did not disappoint me in any 
way shape or form good job to you to the people  
this is definitely the best liquid exfoliant that 
i’ve tried with the combination of aha bha and pha  
i cannot wait to use the rest of this product i’m 
actually about to go use it right now my nighttime  
routine is calling my name anyway thank you all so 
much for watching this video if you liked it make  
sure you subscribe because i post new videos every 
week and i will see you all in the next review

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