oh and
how are you
when we talk about racing we
we imagine a car like ferrari or maybe
a motorcycle as educational but what would happen
if I tell you about a scooter
We found gentlemen brands like 0 of the
hand of the people and of falcón but his
new model evo 272 is a scooter with
high quality standards designed to
run born to run with
high-quality brake components
competition tires and all
materials that are necessary for
a scooter fulfills that task the
10x limited model series is born from the
careers where the need for a
model with improvements and more power the evo
is the improved version of the first
10 x limit models with two
60 and 72 volt versions available
the racing version for sale to the public
for me it has been a total surprise few
models have so many features in one
size as compact as the
010 you almost always have the big ones
brands focus on more volts more
spacious and generally tend to be

/> bigger and heavier models like your
older brother 011 x
this model is ridiculously powerful
gentlemen with their two 1,600 engines
watts each with 11 tires
inches make it a super scooter
in this space is where you are
all the power of this scooter pair
72 volt aina web controllers with
140 amps gentlemen is what makes
this ship takes off on the runway and now
you will tell me what it all translates into
this the answer is that we have a
scooter similar to a mantis seth ebro o
a world warrior ex and who easily the
largest in the segment gentlemen the
power of an electric vehicle
setting aside their controllers depend on
equal battery voltage form the
configuration of this scooter makes
your 140 amp drivers
channel the power of your 72 battery
volts very aggressively being noticed in
its handling as a sports racing vehicle
one of the most
striking this scooter is that the
battery is located here in the pack here
we will open and observe the compartment
The battery is a battery of
molins the one of excellence of quality of 72
holes and 150 amp discharge no doubt
some one of the novelties of this 2021
are scooters with lcd models like the
na will see me for example the wolves
king 7 already carries it
however 0 scooters was the first
world brand in placing lcd display
in its new limits and this model evo
It is not the section with a lcd
big and centered without throttle
integrated and clear apart the possible
configurations that can be made to
your controllers
with a bluetooth app that I’ll tell you about
in a future review how it is used
don’t despair
and of course we can’t leave behind
the lights has excellent headlights
forwards things that improved on him
last model with a yellow color
strident truth at the beginning of
rare price but it’s a matter of
custom continues to count on the lights
LEDs on the deck that illuminate the
way they really generate a lot of me
security walking at night
brings a lot of buttons that serve
from controlling the display and motors
up to the lights
when we talk about brakes and if we want
exquisite and excellent braking of
high power and with a lot of safety
there is nothing to say we talk about mature
all the power of the four pistons
of mature now in a version
specific for i bike and shields capable
to stop this beast by controlling the
heat evenly and increasing the
shape pad durability
even much more efficient mature mt 5
and stop are optimized for the most usage
demanding offering great stability
and consistency in stopping power
at high speeds
the new i-stop system is based on the
proven mtd series features
in augurs but with improvements in the
heat dissipation
this model brings the combo of discs and
mature calipers doing the game
perfect for braking this shield
The 0 10 x evo features a chassis and
totally lightweight which makes it ideal
for your sporty driving for that
occupy nm hydraulic springs
fully adjustable these feature
position or bounce switch
a wax-friendly impact on
curves as it absorbs the most
of strokes and delivers the power of
scooter to the ground with maximum
efficiency now fine in your model
previous the limit came with suspension
pneumatic but not for sports use
applies due to its softness and high
toured this new series of
suspensions has been completely
redesigned where the new platform
has a short travel range
converting to this arrangement of
ideal suspension for the street and
track in order to improve the
I handle smoothness and perfection in
adjustments with just a few small
turns on your hydraulic adjuster
we will achieve that it reflects the changes more
fast and precise in the different
conditions in which we occupy it
after subjecting it to several tests in
extreme conditions from low
mountain temperatures up to a
loneliness tomorrow on a track and leave me
tell them that suspension for both
uses with proper adjustments behaved
excellently delivering a great
and low speeds
one of the improvements that is appreciated for
sporty handling on this scooter is
the direction danper exist
different types of shock absorbers
address in the market the
conventional that can be dimmable
and they are mounted transversely
caught to the chassis and the bottom
of the frame
now well imagine that banesto scooter
bump is something that slightly deflects the
front shock absorber or are
accelerating so fast that the wheel
forward loses contact with the
ground and when it falls you are not totally
straight as well this can cause
the inertia that occurs is so strong
that throws the direction to the sense
abruptly the opposite suddenly
Has this happened triggers a series of
movements that make the handlebar
go back and forth
to keep those under control
movements is what the
steering damper or danper
within its structure there are two
fluid-filled chambers communicated
to each other through two holes that
they let the oil pass and one of them is
a rod with a small piston this
makes it roll from side to side
inside the chamber
and well and what happens if the address
begins to move from one place to another
in a totally uncontrolled way is
easy steering damper
converts radial motion to linear
inside the piston inside
shock absorber moves to one side
to another and in turn pushes the fluid to
that forces you to pass through
holes that offer resistance by
compression as a function of speed
which is produced thus mitigating the
handlebar jerks in this way the
steering control becomes a lot
easier and avoids a possible
as always friends thank you very much for
see this video I hope you have
liked anything you want to know
below in the comments in the same way
I want to thank my friend Jordan Tabra
for having allowed me to taste so
excellent machine and importer of
Zero scooters in Chile- mark your mobile and
more information all teams
who used links to my social networks
are in the description and see you then
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