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one thing i want to make clear is that i
do enjoy zootopia
i make multiple videos on one piece of
media when i enjoy it but enjoying a
piece of media and thinking that piece
of media is perfect
are two entirely different things i
decided to make this video
after reading some material and
interviews by the creators of zootopia
originally as i understand it nick was
supposed to be the protagonist
originally shock collars were put on all
and this was a very different story that
would have addressed my concern about
the discriminated racial group being
and it would have been better thinking
about it now to tell the story through
nick’s eyes because nick would have been
a part of the discriminated racial group
that’s something that is comparatively
rare nowadays telling a story from the
of the discriminated racial group
instead of from the viewpoints of a
supposed white savior character
but apparently the creators felt it was
too depressing which was one among
several reasons why judy became the main
character and not nick
isn’t necessarily about the changes made
first and foremost i don’t
think that the idea of making the
predators the subjugator group
would have

been a good idea because of
how often people of color are portrayed
as predators in the real world i also
don’t necessarily think that the shock
collars would be the best way to tell a
shock collars would certainly drive the
point home about the violence of racial
discrimination and would have
interesting parallels to police violence
however precisely because of these
parallels you would need someone who has
really studied the way police brutality
functions and the way racism excuses
violence in small and large ways
you would need someone very well
prepared and well read in the subject
to write that story i don’t know that
the creators would have been able to use
the device of shock collars in a way
that told the real story about racial
discrimination in part as in my original
it’s because as the ultimate product
shows the creators didn’t understand
racial discrimination and how it
in part it’s also because the story
might try to make the shock college seem
necessary showing it from the
of the dominant group and not as a
violent act as the
subjugated group would see it in fact
one of the worst things that might have
happened would have been if nick somehow
had to prove that predators weren’t
violent it would have had the horrible
real world parallel
of saying that discriminated racial
groups have to prove they don’t deserve
the discrimination they get
so removing the shock collars may well
have been a good idea given that i doubt
the creators would have known how to use
the shock collars as a device for
talking about racial discrimination
what bothers me are the reasons for the
changes made one interview mentioned
that telling the story with the shock
collars and through nick’s eyes
remember the eyes of someone in the
discriminated racial group made him
dislike zootopia and he wanted people to
like that city all of this means to me
that the writers on some level resisted
engaging racial discrimination seriously
i do admit as i did in my original
review that the final version of the
movie does depict a very complex version
of racism and did
so many things right but like i also
said in my original review
it did some things wrong especially in
not showing
how dominant groups benefit from racial
since racism is a systemic
redistribution of benefits to whites and
away from people of color i will also
that what i’ve heard about the movie are
fragments of reasons
i’ve heard here and there so the
creators may have had better reasons if
i were to hear the reasons in their
entirety but to the extent
the above reasons played a part in the
ultimate version of zootopia we have i
wanted to address these reasons
because i think that to many especially
white viewers
these reasons aren’t damaging i do think
these reasons are damaging
i think they are worth addressing i
think that before you make a movie about
racial discrimination you need to
understand how it functions zootopia
portrays racial discrimination as
something that affects every animal
every racial group the same way and
that’s factually false
history shows that to be false for
example asians were portrayed as the
yellow peril in the late 1800s
but about 100 years later they are
called the model minority which is
racial discrimination because it folds
all of an entire racial group into one
and it masks how certain groups in the
asian community might not be doing well
but also it’s racist because the idea of
a model minority is used
by the dominant majority to scold other
discriminated groups
the model minority myth uses asian
americans to criticize
latinos and blacks the model minority
myth hides
the actual violence of racial
discrimination and says that if some
asian americans are doing well
then it’s all the fault of other racial
minorities if they aren’t doing better
all of it is for the ultimate aim of
keeping benefits within the dominant
white angler majority and justifying
that redistribution of benefits this is
not the way discrimination against
latinos or against lacks has
historically happened
racial discrimination is different but
the system itself functions towards
one goal to live in the united states
today is to recognize that all these
things are real to say you love the
united states
is to say you love an entity that does
all these horrible things
and i would assume you say you love that
entity because there are things about it
that are not horrible i would agree
i say i am proud to be
colombian-american which means i’m proud
of both my colombian heritage and of
being born and raised in the united
even though both countries have done
horrible things both countries have also
wonderful things to love an entity like
a city or a country to love it honestly
is to reckon with everything it
historically has done
good and bad for many myself included it
means trying to fix those horrible
but at no point does one forget those
horrible things i don’t think the
creators of zootopia understood that and
even more than before i don’t think they
understood what racial discrimination is
if you are afraid of being depressing
then i don’t understand how you can make
a movie that honestly and seriously
addresses racism
it’s like deciding to make a movie with
horror aspects but being afraid
of making it scary of course a movie
about racial discrimination is
in fact the more closely it mirrors real
life the more depressing it is
because our world can be a deeply
depressing world
if you want to address racial
discrimination you need to tackle how
depressing it can be head on to take
another exam
it would be like the scene in the lion
king where mufasa dies
it would make no sense to have a scene
with main character’s father dies
but not want to make that scene sad you
would have to tackle the pain of that
and lion king showed that you could have
a scene like that in a movie for
children without being obscene
you just need to have some tat and an
understanding of what
death means similarly a movie about
racial discrimination would necessarily
depressing it would be sad but you can
showing that young black latino and
asian children in the united states have
to handle living in a world that
against them why should a movie that is
for children for them
be afraid to show the world as they
experience it if disney is willing to
so many resources studying cities to get
the setting right and they make these
visually amazing
why can’t they get the theme of racial
discrimination right
this frankly reminded me of judy’s
ending monologue and how she said
change happened one person at a time and
how insincere that sounded to me
after seeing a movie that refused to
designate any racial group as benefiting
from racism and therefore portraying
racial discrimination incorrectly
that’s the sense i have after reading
these interviews
it’s an incomplete portrayal of racial
discrimination that just
scratches the surface and therefore
seems insincere and ill-conceived if
changes were going to be made it should
have been changes to the idea of having
predators and prey animals in a story
about racial discrimination that to my
mind was the most
damaging part that survived into the
real movie when you have a story about
racial discrimination and using prey and
predator animals you run the risk of
justifying racism because predators do
pose a risk to prey animals that is not
comparable to humans at all
but it is comparable to how racists
portray people of color
predators would have always been a
troublesome word because
it’s been used to attack people of color
especially in the united states
and of course in the united states there
is a history of racist arguments that
say people of color are biologically
inferior and having a story of this
racial discrimination with animals and
the division between them being prey and
predator fits
pretty neatly into that history the
creators did not seriously consider what
the function of racial discrimination is
if they would have made a movie about
racial discrimination using animals
divided along prey and predator lines
is in itself so ill-conceived it invites
so many negative connotations that
frankly i need to ask why they didn’t
consider making a movie with
this theme using humans even if it was
it wouldn’t have had the negative
connotations zootopia refuses to
identify who
benefits and therefore takes away the
structural aspect which is what makes
racial discrimination problem it is
the movie makes racism seem like angry
sentiments against one racial group
constitute racism when racism involves
the entire edifice of law and politics
as well
in conclusion it seems to me that the
creator behind zootopia both did not
understand racial discrimination and how
it affects communities and also cared so
much about portraying a lovable world
that they sacrificed any sense of it
being a realistic world
because primarily what makes zootopia
isn’t that it’s populated by talking
animals it’s that these animals live in
a society
almost completely unrecognizable to our
own where racial discrimination happens
everyone equally no one is especially
harmed by it and no one is especially
that is what primarily makes zootopia a
fantasy world and yes
it is a good movie yes it does a lot
well in addressing its theme
i talk about that too in the original
video on zootopia
but i don’t think a video focusing on
zootopia’s issues
was unmerited zootopia makes a lot of
mistakes with
its theme and those shouldn’t be ignored

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