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hi fantasy recalls here
today i am going to explain a comedy
drama film from 2006 called 200 pounds
spoilers ahead watch out and take care
kang hannah is an overweight young woman
who has two jobs to pay for her father’s
hospitalization for alzheimer’s disease
her first job is as an operator where
she listens to customer issues provides
comfort and pretends to love her
her other job is ami’s ghost singer and
you can say that hannah is obsessed with
her son han sang-jun one night hannah
accidentally broke a wooden stand that
stood in a fierce dance
after a while when sung joon barely
checked her adding anxiety and pride it
became clear that hannah even allowed
her to hug him
at lunch together
you scold her for believing that he has
a chance and remind her that hannah has
a polite attitude that she doesn’t want
to believe
she still remembered the only time she
was in a relationship which was terrible
the man used her to get her to buy her
product and said she was perfect because
she shouldn’t leave until she signed the
upset by the turn of this event hannah
stopped eating and swallowed some diet
pills but eventually

arrived at the
that day she decided that the diet
wasn’t for her
after lunch hannah and the young man got
a matching tattoo
for the design the african symbol of
matata hakuna which fulfills the wish
was selected
a few days later
hannah’s hopes are even higher when
sanjin offers to take her to her
father’s hospital invites her to his
birthday party and spends the entire
drive transcribing the hakuna matata
symbol on the score
to the hospital the next day hannah
receives the package sent by sanyuan
the card will have your address and you
will be asked to wear it on your
however when i try it on it doesn’t look
good when sanjin’s brother choi asks him
to take off his jacket things get messy
and everyone around the table can see
how ugly she is wearing that dress
as sung joon said so heather mentioned
wearing it but he doesn’t know what
she’s talking about
at that moment she arrives in the same
dress in a more flattering way
and her smile and her innocent way of
playing show that she was the one who
sent the package to hannah
now it feels like a joke
hannah leaves the room and sanjin
immediately suspects that the ami did
she takes her to the bathroom scolds her
for her and reminds her that hannah
doesn’t like her either hannah has been
hiding in one of the stalls all the time
and she has something here so she
prepares to go home and commit suicide
after sealing all doors and windows with
she turns on the gas and waits for it to
pull her out
however her weight was interrupted by
one of the customers seeking her comfort
when an idea comes up it reminds me of
what the client does to make a living
the next day hannah goes to see plastic
surgeon lee khan hawk
lee khan hawk tells her that any surgery
she wants to do is possible but it is
very expensive
when he refuses to give her credit
hannah reveals that she is always the
operator who received his call and that
he has a copy of another conversation
that would cause trouble with his wife
to protect his reputation
she undergoes various surgeries and
begins her exercise routine her career
begins to decline and ascension goes
looking for henna
he noticed that her apartment was empty
except for the dog who came back alone
and an answering machine message from a
young man looking for her son joe also
visited hannah’s father who had no
answer to him
a year after the announcement of the
june birthday party called hot hannah
removes the last bandage from hannah’s
face and she can finally see her new
self in the mirror
she is incredibly cute and her best part
is that she also looks like a natural
all of our clothes are too big for her
so she sneaks into the nurse station and
steals one of her uniforms so that she
can go for a walk wearing something
other than a hospital gown
while wandering
she always understands that the dress
she sees from a distance can be her own
so she buys it and wears it much more
then she visits the mall
john and amy are having an autograph
there are few people there and producers
from other companies are making fun of
her now that she can’t sing ami is at
sitcom which is doing very badly
after the event is over
hannah chases sung joon and tries to
hide in the parking lot but when sanjin
approaches to check the man
fearing to be found hannah puts a helmet
on the man before leaving but that
doesn’t prevent her from following june
she stepped into the car dealership just
to see him but a salesman approached her
and told her how beautiful she was
he managed to sell her an old tattered
but she doesn’t care about these
mechanical flaws
she’s just happy that someone praised
her and paid her words
accidentally bumped into the car in
front of her
the driver is incredibly angry and yells
but when she sees her pretty face her
attitude changes
the same thing happens if her police
officer checks her and claims that
another driver has cut in front of her
which wasn’t the case but the driver
problem is that the license still has an
old image
so she is taken to the police station
and detained there until someone can
confirm her identity but didn’t
recognize her at first and believed that
her friend was trump sleeping on the
so hannah shows her a tattoo to prove it
after a while both girls go out for
dinner and hannah expresses her desire
to return to the record label and sing
young men don’t think it’s a good idea
everyone in her company is angry with
her for running away and ruining her
second ami album but she finds that even
her best friend wasn’t aware of her new
reminds me
the next day a young man takes hannah to
an audition looks for a new military
ghost singer and introduces her as a
korean-american friend named jenny their
singers impress them all and they soon
accept her as their new voice
however sung joon gets a little angry
when he thinks he is aware of her
thankfully he doesn’t know she’s hannah
later sun yuan and choi talked to her
father and persuaded her to be the right
singer not the ghost voice of her mom
because hannah has the natural innocence
that money can’t buy
her father wasn’t convinced at first and
even threw an ashtray at troy for the
idea but eventually he admits it
as hannah begins her successful career
as a model for her advertising
emmy wants to be a singer not an actress
at sitcom so she gets jealous and
incredibly frustrated
she continues to visit hannah’s father
hoping that one day she will find
herself and hear her father complaining
about her work
he tells her that god is the only one
who can do everything and people do what
they can
after a while while spending the day in
the pool amy puts lotion on her body
while talking to hannah trying to admit
that she was natural and slipped almost
a few times but just in time
hannah goes to the hairdresser to get a
10 when ami points out that she’s for
someone from california
however she thinks the machine’s
implants will rupture so she spends
three hours covering her chest with her
so ami tricked her into going there
the hawks scold her and assure her that
the implant is not
the problem is that she is still shy
when hannah should show her body more
the next time she goes to the studio to
record her first single she begins to
act as boldly as am i but sang-jun
doesn’t like her
he showed her a recording of fatanna’s
song and she sang from the bottom of her
heart to her that she was obsessed with
her appearance as jenny would never be
half a woman in hannah
i want her to do it
she is very impressed with these words
and thinks she should confess her
feelings regardless of the opinion of a
young man
hannah still visits sanjin with her
excuse to sing a few songs together
they will have dinner together and
hannah takes the opportunity to ask his
opinion about her cosmetic surgery and
finds out that she hates her as much as
she claims
this supports her idea that she
shouldn’t confess and when hannah’s dog
suddenly appeared to take care of her
since she found her in her empty
apartment their conversation suddenly
the dog recognizes hannah and won’t get
off her
so while chatting with sang joon she
unconsciously uses a word to make the
dog lay down surprising sanju when the
little one obeys
after dinner sang-jun gives hannah a
ride home and jumps in front of the man
turns out to be the delivery guy from
the parking lot and sang-jun calls him
out for his behavior even pushing him
against some fencing
but hannah asks him not to be too harsh
on him because she understands what it’s
like to only be able to watch the person
you love from afar without confessing
a few days later hannah tries to visit
her father but ami is still there so
hannah leaves without seeing him from
she puts all her energy into this new
this includes not only recording and
practicing but using that same quote god
is the only one who can do everything
that her father often uses to
this made me suspicious and the next day
she learned that someone wrote on the
hood of her card that you were a scammer
when she is preparing for her first tv
appearance and she wasted her time
getting there because her boyfriend is
more important than her job plug
her doctor tells her that they have
found too many sleeping pills in her
stomach but she is already living with
doubts about who is responsible
hannah returned to her apartment to get
her visitors business card and found a
home sauna that sold her in the middle
of her living room
hannah rushes to meet with a boyfriend
at the company’s building and enters the
elevator with him waiting for the doors
to close to start calling him out and
even hitting him with her shoe
when the elevator doors open again
sang-jun finds them and quickly takes
action so nobody sees his star in a bad
he pays the guy off not to call the
police then tears off hannah’s skirt and
ruffles her hair to make it seem like
she was the one that had been assaulted
afterward they rushed to the tv studio
where hannah must perform and sang-jun
tells her not to worry about the state
of her hair and dress because they’re
going to love her voice
hannah hugs him before getting on the
stage where she begins singing shyly
hands soar his career bring a ton of
cash for the company and every time
there’s an avid hater who keeps fans
flocking to her and writing wrong things
on her poster but at least her dad is
enjoying the night their music at dinner
sun yuan kisses her and tries to touch
however hannah recalls that her contacts
advise being careful as she can reveal
that her body is fake if she grips too
hannah rejects sanjin but when he sees
him very disappointed she comes up with
an idea
by using their mobile phone
she guides him through her intimacy
using her old experience as a telephone
when sanjin is over she falls asleep and
while hannah draws the symbol of chinese
cabbage on the window she is watching
him from another room
after a while sun yuan woke up and found
hannah sleeping on the couch after
putting a glass of water on the table
for her
he notices the paintings on the windows
and recognizes them as the same symbols
that hannah painted on the score over a
year ago
sun yuan begins to put together clues
and then talks about plastic surgery
about the inability to confess the dog’s
and even the same way to hug jenny is
when she wakes up he abandons her and
tells her to pretend that her last night
didn’t happen
some days later during a party the
brings hannah’s dead on purpose to see
how she reacts while claiming he’s just
a fan
the man tries to give her the doll back
but hannah wants to keep up her lie and
tosses the doll to the floor saying june
cut and then dragging her father back as
he does with a normal fan
but hannah continues to pretend she
doesn’t know him which is an attitude
that disappoints sang junior min comes
and then grabs hannah’s dad to take him
back to the hospital after calling out
hannah for her behavior to afterward
hannah meets with sang jun privately to
confess everything
she starts tearing off the posters and
throwing her cds to the floor cutting
her hand on the process saying june
tries to help the bleeding with some
but hannah tells her not to bother with
surgery and heartbreak hurts way worse
the morning of her big concert toy
brings bad news
they’ve received a letter that reveals
hannah’s identity and threatens to take
it to the press
their father wants to cancel everything
but sang joon finally stands up to him
and after reminding him which member of
the family has made that she approaches
her in the bathroom to apologize for
what happened at the party
however the young man plays a cold game
pretending to be a random old man who
provided a place for her to sleep after
being locked out of the hospital
just before the show started hannah was
so upset that she couldn’t play
so sun yuan changed her mind and she
pointed out that this wouldn’t apply to
him or amy hannah decides to go on stage
that a young man has lost his back
singer and her father in public leaving
his seat and walking forward with adult
she tells her full story to her crowd
shouting her heart and when she comments
she no longer knows who she is on the
screen behind her sung joon is playing
the video
it’s her old self singing from her heart
her fans of the delivery man are in the
crowd and begin to argue that it’s okay
and soon all the public joins him and
expresses their support
hannah is very grateful for this
reaction anna leaves the stage and hugs
her father and her emotional delight
activates all the fireworks
jenny’s career collapses within seconds
of the concert but hannah has made it
bigger and delivery men are now working
as part of her marketing team now she
has a lot of new fans carr she also
starts treating sang joon more
professionally standing up for herself
instead of following him blindly and
sang joon likes this hand much more even
gives her back her dog
in her free time hannah continues to
visit her father at the hospital to
dance with him
dr khan hawk sees a rise in clients for
being the famous surgeon that fixed
hannah and is surprised to find young
men in

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