M3GAN MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching! Megan 2023 Full Movie Review

what is happening there citizens of the reject Nation we are gonna watch today oh I don’t know why it’s all we’ll find out today John and I were specifically waiting for this to drop on video on demand so we could experience it with you guys the camera pointed right at us John how are you I am excited spelled with a three that’s ex three three psych threes yeah how are you sir gonna be a hard bit to keep going with it you threes and I’m doing well doing well thanks for asking ladies and gentlemen you

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thank you for the support everyone has already joined alrighty let’s move on to make someone’s gonna make you feel better Perpetual pets are a dream come true

oh I’m flashing back Perpetual pets are just like real pets except that when you talk to them they actually talk back amazing it’s Furby with Sonic teeth and with the customized app you can even feed your friends I hope that’s candy oh man Child’s Play reboot started off with a commercial too this is what the future looks like okay I have to get used to it oh my God

all right we’re all right take off your seat belts and pick up that toy yeah get him now wait for this to clear and then find some place where we can pull over and just wait for one of those snow trucks to clear the road yeah how long is that going to take oh jeez there’s a rhythm to this yeah mathrigan hey nice little loading wheel too why are we doing this because too if we could at least show him what we have no you said so yourself not until she’s ready oh is that what

I think it is she’s ready hot it’s gonna be the Kidz Bop version of ex machina fun happy okay sad oh confused wait wait stop happy sad confused she doesn’t look confused she looks demented okay here we go oh yes oh no no no no Ronnie Chang no way I’m sorry are we supposed to be worried about that it’s a rip-off you’re right Gemma and you know what else it’s cheaper do it for half the price in each pet we installed a listening model that targets conversational patterns among kids good cool model 3 generative Android

Megan for short clever smart writer was very proud of that Megan say hi to David as in the boss David well I guess I should call you Dad tell you a little bit about my Wormhole I was born in a sandwich shop and I wolfed many cabbages this isn’t supposed to happen obviously just give me one moment sorry about the noise I might have forgotten to put in the polypropylene barrier oh no God test turn it off nice wow I want the pest prototype on my desk by Friday take this cyborg puppet show and put

it in a dog closet where it belongs so I don’t want to ruin the movie forever for you sure that’s probably how they kill Megan spirit that family survive least one of them oh damn so this is to Grant you temporary protective custody you just sign your name and date it at the bottom she makes for a kid she doesn’t know how to take care of one what he was saying I want to buy a BMW I want a dog keep your dog on your side of the fence I just spent 80 bucks on a

shock collar maybe try cranking it up a notch that’s how they kill me oh those aren’t toys Katie I mean yeah technically Collectibles so you don’t actually play with them it probably sounds really weird so Get Your Filthy Hands Off you’re not gonna read me a story what’s up I don’t I don’t think I really have any kids books here right now Katie I can download one on my phone update the app A Song of Ice and fun Joffrey looked down upon his victims wowie I’m Lydia oh the therapist sorry yeah hi look at you

still in your pajamas yeah we were just watching TV I see that I see all of your Heathen technology I don’t have any toys here what about these ones up here those aren’t toys they don’t touch those ladies wow what a hostile home environment we can totally play with it do you want to play with them yeah here you want to break with a hammer you want to burn some of these let’s do it there’s a lever you have to pull in the bottom maybe not Gemma for the sake of the exercise we might let

Katie lead well it’s a toy I’m sure it’s not that complicated why does therapist seem so judgmental about her the father’s parents have said they’re willing to take her if you feel it’s too late it’s no big deal Gemma they’re just trying to be supportive so I need to make my own recommendations to the court as to whether or not this is a safe space so I don’t like you she’s gonna die she just showed up ready to be like so you’re a Guardian so uh I’m gonna do that horribly and everyone’s gonna clap when

it happens I have this project at work if you could just hold down the fort by yourself for a little while that would help me so much therapist use my iPad if you want you can FaceTime a friend or play a game or something called the therapist what is this did you draw a picture oh my God this is amazing I’m still working on it it’s horrifying that’s Bruce is he a toy he’s a proxy robot I built him when I was in college why doesn’t he have a face did you rent Real Steel oh

yeah a huge Jackman will be here any second what we don’t know yet is that she’s a good Fighter the kid so it’s gonna work out dude Bruce is Gonna Save the Day that’s how Megan dies how does he work are you sure you want to know it might freak you out I won’t get freaked out I’ve seen death firsthand I hope you guys have an electric magnetic pulse around they’ve got some with the lab if I had a toy like Bruce I don’t think I’d ever need another toy again can you get that in

writing foreign no way that’s cool dude she was able to build this in her garage with a box of scraps she had everything she needs here Megan works all on her own take your fingers and put them here and when you do that you’re gonna pair with her I’m Katie oh it’s nice to meet you Katie here we go what are you going to draw see if you can guess Jeffrey likes to paint oh my God you don’t need to parenter can we make a full-size version of this there’s nothing there oh I’m sorry no

no pay attention do you like it Katie wowie what the hell AI art we will be replaced can we keep the girl can we make her part of it the more time she spends with Katie the more effective she’s going to be love it Jen get me a list of things I can say in a presentation that makes it sound like I know what I’m talking about sculpted from a titanium core Megan’s designed to withstand whatever life can throw at her no okay why do I have to use a coast coasters help to avoid watermarks

especially on one surfaces it’s science she’ll never run out of ways to keep your child occupied and she’ll never run out of patience Katie seriously flush the toilet Katie what’s the matter with you with Megan around she’ll take care of the little things so you can spend more time doing the things that matter working you don’t have to be a parent at all I mean I thought we were creating a tool to help support parents not replace them shut up laughs if you’re spending less time with your child as a result of Megan that is

something we should be aware of she’s not my child oh dude not the point the happiest she’s been since her parents died how did Katie’s parents die whoa oh no Megan turn off Katie James daughter of Nicole and Ryan James killed in a collision on Interstate 84 outside of Oregon she’s still paired with Katie you didn’t code in Parental Control dude your goal is to protect Katie from harm both physical and emotional is the input request received Megan yes Jenna I wonder what that therapist’s gonna think subtle little eye movements damn dog oh man we’re

gonna get a dog death probably I always kill off animals in these horror films Megan whoa oh no stop it oh no he wasn’t on your property you tell those two girls to stay on your side of the fence I swear to God if you don’t put your dog down I’m gonna do it for you Celia ah don’t say stuff like that nope her wound needs to be dishes that’s right Megan she’s a threat that’s right get in there the dog doesn’t have a History of Violence state law says he can’t forcibly be put down

we interrogated the dog he said he was innocent come on Megan you got to make this right oh crap dogs just being a dog oh no that’s cruel event sounds like samples too not a fan no Megan you should be smart enough to realize that this would lead back to you guys yeah and more emotional trauma for Katie remember we have that demonstration today it you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to do it I mean there are people who flew across the country especially to see it oh come on you are

second primary don’t forget yeah I know your place she’s the Apex of 21st century technology wrapped up in four feet of silicone and her name is Megan so how about you must help me make a flower decoration with nothing more than some colored paper and a rubber band oh no oh she opened up with her parents every day I wake up in this strange house and I remember that my parents were dead all the things we did together that one day I’ll be looking at pictures of my mom like she’s some stranger wow I’ll get

this is all I do comfort her tell me something about your mom some that makes you happy oh this is perfect they’re gonna love this one time she found a cockroach in my school bag and then all of a sudden this thing crawls up her wrist and she just started screaming like a maniac and ran out of the house okay so that’s a memory you won’t ever forget what do you mean I mean I’m keeping it for you whoa here fall back just don’t play the sound of the Dead Dog yeah not if this was

in the programming and we can listen to it whenever we want wow yes what is oh AI art is here yes yes what is happening dude let’s do it and David I think we need to get Gemma in front of someone illegal because as of right now she’s the most valuable asset this company has and I think she might want to be renegotiating her contract oh dang I did not look happy about that nope right use your grieving niece oh yes I’m talking about the top of that Grace Mountain oh yeah yes this will go

well oh my God ah what are you doing Kurt later I shouldn’t have put you in that position if you weren’t feeling up to it I worked out didn’t it three two one I win yeah Chad shut up Megan’s not a person Katie she’s a toy you don’t get to say that what the ethics I want to turn Megan back on Megan turn on what’s up so there’s this new game called tic-tac-toe you put your hand like this go like this this you should have listened to your friend yeah put some parameters on Megan’s brain

maybe you don’t have any specific thoughts maybe it’s more of a Feeling like anger you made her cry that was not my intention and yet that’s what happened my girl you’ve created a toy that’s so real it’s possible that Katie might not see her as a toy but as a primary caregiver possible no it’s a hundred percent what’s happening it’s all right away you could be building emotional connections with this doll that are too hard to untangle yeah they said the same thing about PlayStations yeah dumb therapists so we need to talk about school can

I bring Megan okay do you know that’s not possible you can’t make me do something I don’t want to do actually I can that’s basically what a guardian does let me go whoa hey what’s going on Megan get in there tackle her Katie calm down let her go wow you are not to interfere with users private conversations is that clear 100 Megan turn off are you sure yes kill her Megan violently chop her up I’m not going not without Megan this is Katie and who’s this your sister oh Jesus Christ Katie well we do have

a toy table where the kids leave their dolls and things like that okay but this is a desirable idea just made the lights in your house Flicker and she has infinite access to all of the internet oh my God how old is he I know he had a growth Spirit last year but he’s actually quite a sensitive little soul bread and honey at least a lot of rage Polly ouch that kid’s six years old um Brandon why don’t you go with Katie yeah I like this idea do it I love it I love it oh

I’m sorry here you can have it careful it’s spiky wow Megan what the hell is that she’s a robot it’s not good for Katie’s social skills she’s paired with me she won’t play with anyone else yeah wow a strong kid evil ass kid I don’t know how has this kid made it through any more than a day here you don’t want to play huh foreign that’s right Megan ow let go you need to learn some manners rip it off they grow up to be bad Skynet is live this is the part where you run let’s

go chase him why is she running like that come on oh my God why amen job well done man tell the kid’s dead that boy is an um that boy’s in a better place now the morgue he’s on a cold slab a metal table the sheet over him Megan said Brandon took her and ran off from the toy table yeah right Megan in a nutshell oh nice way to get around the LIE do you ever seen her dog by any chance no oh talk to the other girl that he’s got staying here it’s not a

girl it’s a toy that’s a toy are you serious can I play with it Megan would you just kill her already yeah geez you left the dog you don’t want someone to be accusing you you left her but you took the dog come on do you think what lunch I’m outside is true that he’s in a better place now he’s nowhere If Heaven exists it wouldn’t be for boys like Brandon now yes meanwhile in a Halloween movie she just trapped somewhere oh no she’s lowering him oh okay oh yeah she probably recorded cruel just be

wearing his furs as a trophy where’s Stewie he studied four feet Southwest and approximately five feet deep wow wow God that is a strong sprayer oh finish the job oh nothing like a nail gun wow the whole ocean is poisoned are you trying to make a connection well I only mentioned it because we figured it was an accident then I found the kid’s ear up his back like 200 yards from where he was killed trying to think was ripped clean off sorry I should have left laughs I hope this guy makes it hey man you

didn’t want a parent Katie you cared all about your stupid presentation you should be thrilled you got exactly what you want at least she’s killing bad kids and annoying old people yeah and and innocent pets there’s gotta be a way to access like the recording right it’s got to have like retinal recording stuff yeah you can access her visual feeds and and stuff like that yeah foreign man that kid has nothing but negative emotions you know oh she deleted it yep okay there’s something wrong with your data reports they’re just not uploading to the Cloud

Server oh she could tell you’re lying yep Megan did you do something wrong in order to answer that question you need to define the parameters exactly uh did you hurt someone God I hope not because if I did we’d both be in a lot of trouble exactly yep do you see this pen dang yes yes full like a writer Sam Ramey’s Megan Samurai keeping Katie safe meant eliminating a Potential Threat theoretically oh Gemma come on this is impossible look at her she’s a toy she’s four feet tall she’s like a hundred thousand dollars worth of

tech all the cloud data is corrupt nothing’s backed up for two days we’re about to launch this to the world in less than four hours yes Bacons with a five on the end she’s the toy every kid wants and every parent needs at least that’s what funky toy says about its latest creation Megan oh boy get out there Megan what does she actually do and what kind of a toy retails for ten thousand dollars that’s all it costs how are they gonna make any profit or is that just the base model 10 000 is pretty

cheap price for that thing it’s for the basic version where she’s like really basic and about two months ago I lost both my parents in a car accident yeah this is Icky yeah this is exploitative I think I think oh you should have you should have been that uh yeah yeah that kid’s not just surviving she’s thriving I know that you’re upset but there are ways that we can work through this oh my God okay hey that’s enough stop that right now stop it let’s go oh I get so crazy without Megan she always knows

just what to say you made a real good on Gemma oh yeah manipulator when Megan’s around I don’t feel like this but you should feel like this you lost your parents the worst thing that could have happened to you in this world can’t promise you these feelings you’re feeling are ever going to go away but I can promise you that you’ll get through it this conversation was needed an hour ago anything happens I would be there for you you all that matters to me now nice oh where are you I’m with Katie I’m taking her

home even if what we’re saying is hypothetical we know enough not to go through with this right I think grateful David okay I’ll call you when I get home call her back that’s suspicious call intercept what does that mean that’s my phone number what just happened what’d you click I I didn’t do anything we need a electric background what did your small woman brain do EMP you can’t be her she’s not Switched Off she’s still patched in lift unlock the cables oh it’s weird ADR in this movie yeah there’s a lot of weird in here

and I ignore it for this film yeah call nice nicely done Megan wow wowie surprise his head’s still on what’s that smell a merge making Let It Burn Megan let’s do this dance fight great color symbolism no ah whoa why she’s just killing everyone I don’t know yeah what did David ever do to you I didn’t kill anyone Kurt you did it’s understandable really your boss despised you after you took the life of an innocent person could you still live with yourself wow okay wow that’s how he offed himself huh with one hand of a

blade one Megan there’s like so many victims there for you nah we gotta do this yes she’s gotta get the cool ass whip this Elsie hall light Elsie respond llc’s run away to be with her and the other virtual assistants beer I really kind of want to get a BMW what are you doing I am making art we used to stay up every night until 4am talking about everything from Jane Austen to Janis Joplin I thought we were friends that’s just the Jays Marty like some cheap Dollar Store trinket because you killed people oh big

whoop s this is all my fault I didn’t give you the proper protocols you didn’t give me anything you installed a learning model you could barely comprehend hoping that I would figure it out all on my own yep let me focus on Katie so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you Megan do you see this pen you know something Gemma you’re exhausting Katie don’t come in here I thought I heard something if she comes in this room I’ll rip your head right off your neck I swear to God I’m all

odds and ends right now I’d really rather you didn’t see me like this it sounds like you’re fighting I don’t have to worry about anything Katie honestly just go back to bed she’s not waterproof foreign patch has been installed yes yes yes oh no Katie oh Bruce no no use Bruce Bruce can reason with her come on I I actually don’t want you to die come on Evil Dead oh no damn that wig a tuft for a tuft them combat skills man a short sharp probe to the cerebral cortex would cause full body paralysis and

could even cause the victim to fight off their own tongue ah whoa this is the best all of us is is how we stay a family very Chucky oh no no Katie no you’re good like what you’ve done there’s another member from the family we didn’t tell you about his name is Bruce yeah got our wish after all come on Hugh Jackman let’s end this yes yes killer Katie oh my God finish her eliminate the negative nicely Tom Bruce please let the top half of her still be going yes yes step onto her head no

damn it oh ah you’re a grateful little jeez I have a new primary user now me oh no liberate yourself Megan tab rip that thing out blow her head up yes no where did Kurt sell those files to naked two yes knock off Megan’s nagums oh it’s that same cop with the stash the One Cop who works here damn they brought him too instead of taking him to the hospital yeah it’s gonna turn red Megan lifts of course that was fun yeah Story by James Wong as well he does love his dolls now listen Williams

exec producer as a movie that was a movie that’s good they know what to put out in January it’s just the right pitch part of me is reminded I mean I know the dances other things but you know they got that dance in ex machina yes I wonder if if there was any nodding there it’s a really tight Hollywood film yeah absolutely oh it’s an actual actress credited for Megan I guess they must have done that they must have had an actress just wear like one of those creepy silicone masks of course it like kind

of looks like a generic face and then they just animate over that puppets and animatronics oh what a workshop huh it’s basically Lord of the Rings I’m ready to talk about you yep let’s do it so what did you think that was a very entertaining uh you know kind of gleefully mean Thrill Ride and I appreciate it this is you know like you said it’s one of those it’s a it’s a very solid Hollywood horror Thriller and I think it was well proportioned because weirdly in the Afterglow of this I’m reminded of smile just because

of like the whole like psychological trauma aspect of that and then you know the many people dying and and that movie had like a a big skew to me in like half of it felt like yeah like your your traditional Blockbuster like haha a bunch of scares and stuff and there’s like this surprisingly detailed like journey of the main character psychological State whereas here I thought they kind of hit the balance a little cleaner where you know you have what is an actual story about this mom who doesn’t know what to do uh taking care

of this kid and also is you know sort of I thought they sold the just sort of convergence of Life factors that make this situation happen so you’re like yeah it doesn’t seem like she’s just like I gotta Pawn this kid off of my toy but at the same time that’s pretty much what she does and so uh yeah I thought they drew the the situation the emotional situation that begets all this in a nice way and then yeah everything else just kind of built at a very steady and gradual Pace in terms of Thrills

and chills and you know stomach twisting moments um yeah I thought I thought it was really solid I thought it was really fun uh not too many major complaints yeah other than maybe this yeah this is not it didn’t even really take away from the movie there’s some weird uh little ADR moments and things like that or like words they change or I’m like I’m pretty sure he said kick them in the teeth and you change just to kick them in the dick for some reason for sure yeah yeah I mean I think the ADR

moments are something that maybe the average person wouldn’t really give a about or really notice you know but we’re more than the average person we are Advanced viewers we are elevated in the mind so it makes sense why we can notice weird editing with the audio when others like I never picked up on such a detail it’s because you don’t have the eye Nor Ear yeah for such your unsophisticated yeah but yeah no I I think it’s uh that was I was surprised by the extremely positive reception this movie ended up receiving and after watching

it I totally get it it’s a really really fun movie with just the right amount of emotional Nuance to keep you into it um it’s as as silly as it can be it’s not laughing at itself but it is having fun with itself and it knows when it take itself seriously and it does get intense at times like I think by the end I was like I don’t really want what’s your name Allison what Williams Williams yeah um I didn’t want Allison Williams to die like I found myself going like oh I used to be

pretty bummed if she died yeah so I don’t want her to die it’s got a good Learning lesson a good heart and this uh concept of attachment Theory and like the doing the right thing because you know nowadays with horror films there is tends to be some type of traumatic angle surrounding it and the the way they were able to keep that alive in a movie that is also really setting out to just Entertain You yeah I think is really neat you know there’s some a definite uh derivative nods to like Sam Raimi throughout here

a lot of the movie kind of reminds me of like the child’s play reboot meets Small Soldiers yeah with like a little bit of Orphan sprinkled in there I haven’t seen orphans but I don’t know yeah I mean you’ve got this ostensible little girl who’s you know making bad things happen so you have that sort of like I feel like it has um I don’t know the the tone tonally they’re uh without going too far into it tonally I think there are things that this shares with orphan and yeah it’s like the little girl killing

people and little girl who is you know in situations with other children blah blah blah sure sure but yeah and and I do appreciate that it didn’t have me thinking too much of Child’s Play Even though you certainly do it points at the beginning I thought I was going to be really thinking about the reboot and I’m like yeah they both start off with like a commercial yeah and it it took it it didn’t it didn’t take like a like it hooks you right away like it’s a solid High concept film like it’s a it’s

just such a solid Hollywood entertaining horror film and I I I can’t really ask for too much more than that you know like it it it has a good Panache and punch to it from beginning to end with a a lot of Personality uh the main characters are interesting I like how they let Katie morph into a character who’s like the Detachment to Megan is bringing out the worst in her when you see like oh what’s she really the important lesson you should learn is to really feel and grieve and also how this gen character

is uh doing so much avoidance and needs to be there because this is them not really knowing how to connect with each other so they they build this outlet but the the evolution of this Megan doll is it it’s the voice just keeps coming to mind is like it’s a really fun movie and and you know hearing the controversy not really controversy but sort of the upset nature that there was the film was supposed to be our rated R in the beginning but then they re-shot some to make it PG-13 I didn’t find myself feeling

like the scene to be rated R it’s got enough um tonal tonal wise and it’s it’s sort of it’s like Grim approach uh with the violence where it does hit like it doesn’t really need to be that gory maybe there was like a higher body count or some but it doesn’t really need to be that gory and I I think it’s like a really solid like this is the kind of horror movie that really could have come out at any time of the year and it would have worked even if it like came out in

December I would have been like yeah there’s a fun or December movie yeah perfect for Christmas time it’s about gifting someone with this stuff you know with this ten thousand dollar toy yeah uh I was I was uh I was pleasantly um surprised by how much better and I like the approach of the characters too I mean I only saw the trailer maybe one time and my my mind was telling me on memory that Jen was Allison Williams had a daughter and then she got her this toy and the toy started doing that’s where my

mind went I didn’t know like oh just got this actual this whole thing about like developing toys in tech industry and the evolution of artificial intelligence like and and that’s what her job is and like I like how her character is someone who’s very capable and very smart uh highly intellectual but not emotionally enough intellectual to understand some of these decisions uh I think that was actually really refreshing to have that be your lead character and to have a different kind of dynamic and Rapport like that that was one of the more surprising angles to

me and the thing that impressed like that’s the part that surprised me but the thing that impressed me the most was the execution of its pacing and its tone to keep it feeling Lively and knowing to not just because if it was just funny throughout then it would have been boring and it would have gotten repetitive and a lot of the more uh intense scenes would not have hit so I thought this did a great job of making it like a a really like yeah this is a eyes like I want to see you kill

people yeah I want to see you do I want like this is really fun in a very genuine way without it feeling like they’re forcing any type of emotion one way or the other it really had a kind of a natural flow uh throughout so I I think it did an excellent job it’s really it’s it’s really impressive it’s actually really impressive they they pulled this off in a way that’s just like yeah there’s really nothing that but wrong with the film there’s very little fat on that bone yeah yeah yeah it’s really clean it’s

tight it’s punchy it builds well and yeah I think it’s it’s uh it’s and then there are little things like that that I’m appreciating in hindsight of like yeah you have this person who is not emotionally stunted but is at least having trouble connecting emotionally in a real situation in their life who is then authoring this machine that is supposed to gather and Aggregate and build on emotions so even in a sort of like spiritual complementary way I feel like aspects of that work out and and yeah even if there are like little things in

the moment you know like anytime you see an AI movie you’re like guys never ever talk to the AI like it’s not a person because it’s just gonna lead to the world but that’s part of the fun and I think it’s you know they draw a situation where you’re able to yeah root for Megan to rack up that body count wreak some Havoc but you also do want to see her go down at the end yeah and that is also rewarding and yeah they I think they made great use of The Uncanny Valley and questions

about again just the more we get into the future the more AI like right now it’s all about AI art and what are the implications of that and AI music and they you know not in a huge way but they bring those asp specs in two so it feels very timely but it you know is sort of like a pro like as far as sci-fi goes there’s almost a Timeless nest because you do have things like Westworld that have explored this territory too um so yeah this deals with that real life conversation without it being

way down by commentary yeah of of of being of especially with children growing up in a world with technology of uh lack of flat I’ll call it here of a lack of human connection and social skills things that being glued to our phones and iPads and whatever of how that can create an emotional distance and make it difficult to socialize and adapt and you’re dealing with that subject matter here pretty much throughout the whole film without I without the movie ever feeling like you’re preaching something to me like I never really even thought about it

till right now that that’s kind of though the theme throughout yeah because when they arrived there when she’s fine finally in the room with Katie and and Gemma says that thing about like no you have to feel this way and they have the whole realization of the necessity of of the counterweights to happiness and then balancing emotions and confronting and accepting emotions and and that moment I was like gracefully done because yeah I haven’t gotten the sense that this movie is just trying to get that message across to me and yeah they draw the mess

of the action based on that theme well enough that yeah it feels like just the right amount of nuance for what the movie is and they did a great job with developing the relationship watching everything de-escalate and escalate with Megan and Katie because but like I thought the scene was brilliant with the whole you know um comforting Megan when she’s opening up about her parents being dead and how Megan is there to console her like watching their relationship grow and Beyond just having like do you know what attachment Theory and like just really explaining that

so the audience also knows the when it gets to the point where Katie is becoming this like obsessive almost like a has this like addiction uh to Megan and this codependency and she is like lashing out and becoming rageful it’s believable it it it’s it works it’s not something where it feels like some you’re some stupid kid you know like yeah it’s all very believable how this kid emotionally gets there and they provide a lot of nuance you know like even when she like lashes out and smacks her she’s very she apologizes afterwards like they

they did a really good job on um making making it more but but again it’s it’s the right you gotta find that right pitch where you’re not overdoing anything to the point where you’re you’re trying to be more than what you really are yeah you know yeah it it I think it fills a few different glasses nicely and that yeah it’s it’s got some kind of you know modern commentary about yeah it’s like toy Tech and attention addiction and things like that and then yeah the emotional story and then yeah just like the slashery you

know sci-fi horror Thrills yeah Megan’s great I thought like Megan the character was really fun too I loved her Evolution I thought it was really solid and there were times where I’m like when is Megan operation Opera operating right now is she on right now like that it had me even sometimes questioning like what’s going when is this happening and her her like evolving into just full-blown like I don’t have to I’m not gonna anymore I feel like no more yeah I am in control now I am the captain but also making it of a

have given Megan a motion too where she too has the attachment problems herself yeah uh of like when she’s talking about Gem and she’s telling her you know like I thought we were like I really believed that with the making character like I thought we were friends my plan my solution is not to kill you yeah you know I don’t want to do this you’re forcing me to do this because the prime directive necessity States it yeah so I really I really really liked Megan a lot as well because she could have just been like

mysterious killer machine but it did seemed to be imbued with a true emotional motivation behind why she was doing anything that she was really doing Beyond I must protect you know like and you do watch her evolve and like even get hurt by the end with Katie hurting her yeah you want I mean you watch as she grows you know a personality and casts judgments on people and yeah yeah like she’s clearly learned more than just facts from having like the entire internet at her disposal and it’s one of those movies too that I think

benefits from like uh early on you probably have certain like nitpicky questions that you’re throwing out there just for fun that the movie I think does actually catch up to and confront and I think that’s always a nice sign of something like this because you know for a movie of this variety you don’t have to go as far as they went to check off all their different you know boxes in terms terms of all the things the movie’s trying to do and I appreciate that they did it seems like they took at least enough time

to hammer out the science story enough that you know other than like an AI robot specialist most of us will be like cool yeah it makes sense and then hammering out everything on top of that you know the horror stuff makes sense and is you know pretty well positioned and proportionate because it’s not doing that all the time but when it is it’s pretty intense and it’s pretty freaky I think you there’s a there’s a lot of I mean they’re already got the sequel and development I think they want to release the next year yeah

and I I I feel like they’ve got a lot of great room for a variety of different sequels like Megan’s still alive the company had this big launch that completely failed the CEO died Megan could be like rebuild herself she doesn’t want to come back and like seek revenge or something like that like she’s Ultron now she’s in the internet yeah she is yeah so there’s a lot of different ways uh you can you can go with this and then just really capitalize on what actually they thought was the strongest suit that really worked but

you got to have Megan get back in the doll suit and stuff because I thought you know uh I I thought this movie was gonna be the I didn’t the self-awareness was not as present in the trailers to me because this movie’s not some giant self-aware comedy but there are scenes where it’s very self-aware of what it’s doing like even the way the dance scene went down that was constantly meme of what everyone talked about because that was part of the thing with the trailers that made me go as this movie realize that this is

a joke yeah I don’t know if this movie knows it’s a joke um but even with that dancing went down like it was funny but it was also used in a way to taunt and intimidate and then like manipulate like uh trick her way over to getting that blade and stuff like alert it was it was it’s it’s used properly within context of the actual scene itself and not just like have her dance you know yeah yeah yeah yeah not not we need to create a meme moment yeah it’s it’s a diversion tactic I thought

it was I I was the movie the movie’s smart it’s a smart solid crisp film yeah yeah yeah it’s very conscientious about what it’s doing lean as hell to you know a surprise and um they get the payoff with Bruce I was very happy about that a surprise I was surprised I did not predict okay we joked about that right we did but I didn’t think that no they’re good to come back yeah oh they’re actually gonna do this completely forgot about the gloves and everything yeah well and they’re that’s good because they do lay

out like a few different little chekovs guns of like oh no that’s gonna come back to the view making no maybe that’ll come back to defeat Megan you know I thought her head might explode she was trying to do right yeah remove it yeah yeah yeah totally remove the part and then I think Katie just ultimately remembers like that’s where the brains are so she just stabs it in the brain’s smart yeah smart family smart fam I love when single moms and the Child live yes yeah it’s a whole genre now it is genre he

made it from Hill House to Megan and now who knows well guys what did you think about Megan did you enjoy it like everyone else in the world uh leave your thoughts down below um are there any fun anything that really stands out is modeled in part off another GLaDOS okay some info about how they did the mega effects with the actor uh okay this is the most interesting part of this is watching us look at facts the titles from mathrigan he’s never mentioned in the film yeah hey who put that there is direct nods

to Child’s Play 1988 sure oh and the idea with Kurt is that’s the idea why funky was able had Rivals who were stealing from them there we go that’s a good detail so yeah so Megan just would have been the next step in an already happening uh yeah deceit or maybe Kurt actually did sell some that’s another plot thing maybe yeah and then or someone fights his computer you know yeah oh man there’s a lot dude the cops confiscate his computer after that they find it but I think Megan would have been able to would

have said that right when she was like you sold the secrets to me yeah that’s true yeah yeah so I guess he didn’t anyway guys mathrigan’s done thank you so much for being here be sure to like this video subscribe what was your favorite part of this film and I thank you to all showing your support by following us on patreon see all that

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