$120 Per Day Watching Ads? ClickLancers Review (REAL Truth)

Is ClickLancers really a way to potentially earn 120 dollars per day by watching video ads or is it a scam to stay away from? My name is Mikael and I have tested hundreds of different ways to make money online. And recently, quite a lot of viewers have asked me about this new platform that offers you really good money to watch video ads. And let me just reveal right away that you potentially can earn but I have tested many similar platforms, so I also know there are some very important details you need to consider before using

this method. And I will go over all this in this ClickLancers review, so you know exactly what to consider before joining. So let’s start by going over the basics of ClickLancers and who can join. And it is a platform you can join, you can see and earn by watching video ads, and they also say you can earn up to 120 dollars daily. And you potentially can. But it also comes with big risks that we’ll talk about later. Another thing you need to be aware of that you can join ClickLancers from more or less all countries.

But please do not join yet until you watch this full video and listen carefully to what I say, so you don’t end up potentially losing money instead of earning.

But let me now log in and then we’ll go over exactly how it works, and how much you can earn, and what the risks are. So I am now logged in to ClickLancers and I’ve gone to the start earning option there. And you can see here now I can just watch small videos and in my case that depends on your membership level, which we’ll go over later,

I would get 40 cents for watching this short video. So I would just need to click it and then it will open up here. And you can see then over here there’s a small counter. It will start counting down. I can’t turn off the sound here, so it would be a little bit disturbing. So I won’t actually play it there but I’ll just quickly turn it and then pause it, so you can see what I refer to. Well it seems I actually can’t really pause it but you can see it over here. And when that

reaches zero, I will have earned. So let me just sit and wait for that, so you can see I have now earned credited 40 cents. And that’s how easy it is. And then I can just keep going. I need to watch at least 20 seconds and then I will get my earnings into my account here. And that is all fair and everything, you can see it in your account here. And you can actually earn even more. You can earn up to 80 cents per short video, 20 seconds video clip you watch depending on your membership

level. But that’s all looks very appealing of course. But what exactly are the risks? Because of course there’s a catch for something like this if you ever try to earn online before, you know that like to earn 80 cents just for watching 20 seconds videos so something seems off right. I tested hundreds of ways I know there’s something to be aware of, so let’s talk a little bit more about these membership types because that’s where the big consideration comes in and you need to really really consider this before joining. So ClickLancers has different membership levels

and you can see you can join for free. And you have a 10 days trial and then you can earn by watching three ads per day. And you can see here that you can maximum watch three videos per day there. And that means that since the payout threshold is $15, you will actually not be able to reach the payout threshold with the free plan. That’s very important to first of all be aware of that you cannot join and then earn enough to get paid with the free plan. It will expire after 10 days, so you

will not reach this. So you would need to choose another account to earn enough to actually get paid. And you would need to pay for that. And you can see these fees, they don’t seem like a lot if you actually calculate what you potentially can earn. Because for example, you see, this is eighteen hundred dollars it’s a very expensive membership right. But then it also says that you see you can get 80 cents per video ads you watch. And you will get up to 93 of these videos you can watch today. And you will get

even more if you invite other people to join. So you can earn you know potentially as they also claim their $120 or so per day just by watching them and then more if you actually also invite other people. So then you can see of course yeah well if I could invest this and just spend you know a little bit of time watching these ads and then earn 120 dollars per day, would it be worth it. Well it would if it would be something that you know would be available long term. Because this is not like

a weekly price something, this is a one-time price. So of course many people will get tempted to you know start with maybe some of these and then upgrade. Because they can see they can actually get paid. Because I’m not saying that it does not pay, but what I’m saying is that I have seen many platform with the exact same setup. So what is the catch then? Let’s talk about that next because there are some really tricky things with platforms like this. So the thing is that I’m not saying that ClickLancers cannot be a way to

earn. Because they usually pay, platforms like this. They also have a whole section with withdrawal proofs and what my experience tells me is that they will usually let you earn and they will let some people withdraw. Because then they will be hype and people will invite all this and people will get excited. They can see they can earn oh I just earned like $50 let me invest more. And then people will invest thousands of dollars because they can see how easy it is to earn but this is where you need to be very very critical

and think logically. And I know some people will then start arguing with me below about you you know you didn’t invest eighteen hundred dollars, you can’t say no. But I have years of experience online and I’ve seen many platforms like this. And they all work the exact same thing. Because what you need to be aware of is if they cannot make money, they will not be able to pay you. And how are they making money? They don’t have any advertisers. The only way they’re making money is from these different membership levels. So think about that.

That if all they make money from is the membership levels, do you really think that they can afford long term to let you pay for example eighteen hundred dollars and pay you hundred and twenty dollars over and over every single day for many months? Do you really think that’s realistic? Of course it’s not. What it is is it’s a way to create hype and people that don’t think logically or critically will just see oh I get paid I can earn, invite my friends and then people will invest thousands of dollars. And suddenly they will be

gone. And a lot of people will have lost a lot of money. Some people might be able to actually make a profit depending on when they get in but that is not something I recommend. Because it is risky and if you invite others you might be the reason that other people will end up losing money. I’m not saying everyone will lose money but what I’m saying is that their business model is of course not sustainable. Think about it. Do you think it’s a charity? If you think it’s a charity, you know, maybe they then just

really really rich people willing to hand out money to people day in day out you know. If you believe that, you know it’s naive. But then at least there’s an explanation. If you don’t believe it’s a charity, then logically, you can figure out that this is not sustainable. And it would be a matter of time before it closes down because they don’t have any other source of income. Then the membership fees so of course it can’t pay you more than you pay because that would just give minus, minus, minus, minus, that’s not sustainable. In addition

to that, if you read the actually terms which most people probably don’t, then you can see that they have the right at its sole discretion to suspend or cancel at any time, at for any or no reason, a member’s membership. And also you cancel your access to the website and all earnings may also be canceled at their sole discretion. So they saying here for potentially no reason they can at any time say to you when you for example reach close to making actually a profit because you pay then they can say you agree to that

by joining it during the terms right. That they can just say like oh there’s something not right about your account we cancel or they don’t even have to give you a reason because they say for any reason or no reason we can just suspend your account and take your earnings, so you know. I don’t know about you, I think that sounds a little bit risky to invest that much money. So to sum it all up, I know a lot of you attempted by platforms like this. I have tested many of them. And every time I

have protected it, I had discussions in the comments and I probably also will have here where people say like oh I earned this much. My point is not that you cannot earn but you have to be logical and think clearly and critical when it comes to making money online. Of course you cannot earn 80 cents by watching a 20 seconds random YouTube video. Of course you cannot. That doesn’t make sense. Maybe you can earn now but think about it. They will not be able to keep giving people a profit. I’m not saying they don’t pay.

I’m saying that at some point, some people will lose money. If you then decide to invest don’t tell me that you haven’t been warned. And be careful about inviting others because you probably don’t want to be the reason that some other people end up losing money. And I hope this video helped you because I recorded it because so many of you have asked me about it. And I really want to help educating you about how it works to make money online. If you want to make money by watching videos, you can do that in realistic

ways. I’ll leave a link below to a list I have on my website about real ways to do that. But it will not earn you 120 dollars daily because that’s just not realistic with real ways to earn by watching videos. And I really hope this video helped you, and if it did, then make sure to hit the like button, and also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and hit the notification bell, so you won’t miss out next time I release a video with tips and tricks about different ways to make money online.

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