$361 Meal At Hell's Kitchen Restaurant / Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington Review

guys you have no clue how excited i am i’ve 
been watching this famous beef wellington on  
tv for years what is wrong with that run away 
cut the wrong shelf cook the wellington in the  
convector now it’s in front of me i’m gonna give 
it a try what is going on everyone welcome to  
the channel and as you can see we are all dressed 
up fancy very nice because tonight we are trying  
one of the best and most famous restaurant in 
dubai and probably in the world yeah but before we  
go there we actually missed out on something that 
we really wanted to do when we were at our other  
hotel kind of more towards downtown dubai um and 
that is the dubai fountain which are the biggest  
fountains in the world even bigger than the one 
at the caesar palace in vegas bellagio bellagio  
anyways let’s get going because it 
only runs every half hour and then we  
have a reservation after that so let’s go let’s go  
have a good evening so we just arrived 
at the fountain after another great tesla  
ride can’t get tired of those so 
we just arrived at the fountain  
the show just started that show starts 
every 30 minutes starting

at 6 30 p.m  
i already see the fountain going the beautiful 
projection on the burj khalifa is gonna be amazing
so we just left at the fountain which was 
a very nice show only five minutes though  
but once again every 30 minutes so you have 
multiple chances to catch it every single day  
so we just took another short uber tesla ride 
love those tesla i know i said that all the time  
very annoying i’m annoying myself so i’m sorry we 
just arrived at the caesar palace just beside the  
massive ferris wheel which is all lit up tonight 
it looked very nice and we are about to go to that  
famous restaurant are you guys ready delicious 
food i guess it’s gonna be great some more classy  
shoes on though okay let’s do that first 
we’re at the wrong entrance but got a lift
so we just arrived at the famous hell’s 
kitchen the dubai location it looks exactly  
like in the tv show i’m so excited to 
be here i kind of i kind of hear in my  
gordon ramsay yelling in the kitchen right now 
we’re in the middle of service right now and  
i want food shut it so so far experience has 
been great the waiters are super professional  
and um i’m super excited for 
her i got some good stuff coming  
so they just brought out a little 
news push to begin the meet
so i got the famous scallop as an appetizer 
and tracy got a delicious looking tuna tartare
so just in case you’ve been living under a rock 
and you have no clue what hell’s kitchen is  
basically it’s a tv show that started in england 
back in 2005 with celebrity chef gordan ramsey  
basically there’s two team red and blue this is why the restaurant is team half red half blue  
just like on the tv show and basically the 
the winner wins the opportunity to become  
the head chef at one of the restaurants 
tracy how was your appetizer amazing
guys you have no clue how excited i am i’ve 
been watching this famous beef wellington  
on tv for years now it’s in front 
of me and i’m gonna give it a try
first best bite
10 out of 10. this is as good as i thought
so this is a honeycomb and lemon cheesecake with 
fruit salsa on top i’ve got cheesecake in forever  
phenomenal i was looking at tracy taking her 
first bite and i was like i know that face  
she’s gonna say it’s amazing 
okay let’s see if it’s this great
it’s just great and i get a sticky  
toffee pudding it looks like a little piece 
of brownie in like an ocean of caramel
this could be the best dessert i’ve ever had in 
my life this is a strong statement but you have  
to try this tracey perfect bite here it’s got that 
like burnt sugar taste to it that is very good
welcome to my new famous bathroom tour 
so let’s see what the bathroom look like  
they’re very nice i’m gonna tell you 
right now they’re amazing look at those  
nice sink nice little toilet all wooden everywhere 
that is real fancy for a bathroom guys everything  
is automatic and even what they give you to like 
dry your hands this is no toilet paper or anything
well that was a very good meal just 
wait to see how much it cost it though
so we just came back to the hotel with bellies 
full of yummy food about to hit a food coma  
yeah that place was great first of all it looked 
exactly like it was identical to the tv show that  
i’ve watched so many times so just that was super 
cool and then on top of that guys the food met  
100 of my expectation i’d say 110 everything 
was delicious i picked all the famous dishes  
like the yeah you had their like signature three 
course exactly oh they’re famous things everything  
that you see in the show and i i’m telling you 
guys the beef willington oh my goodness it was  
11 out of 10. it was unbelievable like i’ve 
seen chef ramsay throwing that piece of beef  
so many times around the kitchen i understand 
why it’s it’s done to perfection and can i just  
say that like i finally had my cheesecake and 
it was freaking phenomenal your salmon too was  
good everything was it was very good all of it 
from the amuse bush at the beginning until then
amazing bread was a little disappointing a little 
okay we have mixed reviews i think it was great it  
was just more of like a ciabatta like hard 
anyway i i thought the bread was okay all  
that to say um it was delicious perfect evening 
perfect meal perfect restaurant perfect service  
but not a perfect price um with so three-course 
meal for both of us uh with a bottle of wine  
but the cheapest bottle of wine that they have on 
the menu uh with tip i pay 1050 uh durum i’ll put  
the conversion on the screen uh it’s it’s quite 
expensive it’s one of the you know most expensive  
meal we’ve ever had but one of the best meals 
we’ve ever had as well so we we don’t do this  
often but no regrets that was definitely a bucket 
list restaurant for us it was amazing i’m glad we  
went let’s go to bed 10 out of 10. we got a big 
day tomorrow another big day tomorrow so don’t  
forget to like this video subscribe to the channel 
and see you guys tomorrow in the next one yes

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