Hello friends, welcome back,
look, today I have another review of a set of professional tools,
in this case it would be the third of the sets that I offer you from the German manufacturer Wendt,
here you have the logo, its Lockmaster lock pick line,
It is the third of the sets that they have designed specifically for professionals,
it is the one they call apprentice (Apprentice),
I do not know how to pronounce it in English, you have it there on the screen,
it is a more complete set, we are going to see it now,
there is a change Totally, in the focus of the set,
we go from the starter sets to a complete set,
for intensive use, for a professional already started in picking,
who knows that he is going to use them, and who wants a complete and perfectly operational set ,
what is it that makes up this set?
We have 9 lock picks, the previous one had 8,
they have changed profiles, concept, now we will see,
we have 7 tensioners, the number of tensioners almost doubled,
the prybars appear, it has nothing to do with it,
and we have these tools that we see here, in the

side, which are extractors,
a specific tool for locksmiths, to extract split keys,
and that no longer makes it clear that this is a more serious, more complete set,
different from the other two that we have previously analyzed,
everything comes in this case, a case that is no longer a pocket case,
it is much more voluminous, with much more capacity,
a different set that we are going to see in detail,
let me change the focus,
and we are going to see tension picks, extractors and cover,
everything separately, let’s go to it,
well, let’s go there with the lock picks,
look, here the approach has changed a lot,
let’s take them out and place them here,
we have five hooks on the one hand,
the relationship between raking and simple pin picking has been much more balanced
5 hooks, here we already have… let’s see it,
these five here, we have a short, medium and long hook,
which is how I like to compose the sets,
notice, in fact we have two short hooks as in the second of the sets,
,look short hook, first option and most used for the simple pin picking,
medium hook, fantastic, here it is, it works very very well,
and this long hook, for me all three essential picks in any pick set,
a very sharp tip and a very very great ability to go far, very very good,
all Lock Noob designs, fantastic,
in addition to those four, having two short hooks,
we have two short hooks ,
we have this high reach with the tip in half a diamond,
I have a predilection for the ball tip, but the truth is that it works in a very similar way,
Lock Noob design, fantastic, here you have it,
all lock picks come with their handles corresponding
lock picks no longer come without handles,
all are perfectly ready to use in a very very comfortable way,
it´s, as I told you, for intensive use, without any doubt,
all the picks in 0.6mm, all,
the thickness that more resistance than better feedback gives,
and more suitable for use intensive professional, I think,
and we have, among the rakes, the snake
that appeared in previous sets, there you have it,
the Bogotá style triple peak, perfect,
I think it will be one of the most used, if not the most used,
I love it, around here we can see the city reak, it is perfect,
very effective for me,
and the half diamond, which is a profile that appears constantly in all sets,
and that can actually do the work that the ball of the Previous set,
perfectly, wafer locks raking, without any problem,
perfect, a much more balanced set for me,
for a more advanced picking,
and that allows you to face any kind of lock,
because the spp lets,
well, what else, we have here 9 picks,
and the tools that attract the most attention in this set,
that make us see what a professional set is, without any doubt,
are these four extractors,
you know that I am not a professional locksmith,
I have used extractors sporadically to extract a split key,
but I’m not a specialist,
I’m going to show you,
two of them are… here you have them,
let’s see if it focuses,
let’s see if we can focus,
there you have them, two are displaced towards the Outside, let’s say…
one with a double harpoon, another with a simple harpoon,
they are tools that all come, of course, with their corresponding handle,
0.5 millimeters thick, very strong, very flexible,
as extractors need to be,
To work with a narrow keyhole and partially occupied by the key,
and the other two, diverted to the interior, to the opposite side,
we would also have them with a simple harpoon and with a double harpoon,
0.5 mm, and their corresponding handles,
use the extractors s without handles can even be dangerous, perfect,
well, before continuing, I want to make a clarification that I also made
in the review of the starter sets,
pay attention, it is about the triple peak,
Lock Noob realized, when do the review, that the triple peak
that came in these sets that they sent us for the review
was slightly different from the design we were testing so far,
it is higher, and above all it is more pointed,
the original design is lower and with the more rounded tips,
circulate better through the keyways,
so he contacted the manufacturer, with Wendt,
who indeed saw that there was a problem,
and guarantees us that, before the sale,
all the sets will be checked ,
and the original design will be placed, the design that works best,
I think it is important to comment on it,
there is very good communication between the picking community and the manufacturer,
and they are interested in doing things well,
and I think it is something to comment,
Well, to all this, lock picks and extractors,
we have to add, for me a fundamental tool,
an arsenal of tensioners,
let’s see it,
look at it, we have the four tensioners that appeared in the previous sets,
to place on the opposite side to the pins, in the pins side,
I love these, they are the ones I use the most,
and there are three prybars, three prybars that did not appear in the previous sets,
classic prybar design, with a short end
and a long end to save shields,
or in padlocks that it has in the cylinder deep inside,
here you have it, three thicknesses of prybar,
the most used, here you have them, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm,
with this we can practically go for any keyway,
they are tools that give a lot of control over the plug,
and allow delicate pickings, like these two tensioners,
these two tensioners are also used placed in the pins side,
we have two thicknesses, in this case 1.0 mm and 1.2mm ,
the 1.0 mm would be the that is used the most, they remain very close to the cylinder,
and are very very versatile, very resistant,
with this black finish, there you have it, I like it a lot,
iit s a very nice finish, rounded edges,
and the classics to place on the opposite side of the pins,
two thicknesses, 1.0mm, in these as well, and 1.1 millimeters,
and two heights: 2.5mm and 3.0mm,
here it is, this is 3.0mm , this one probably won’t fit here,
each keyway asks for its tensioner,
to be perfectly adjusted and give us control over the picking,
an arsenal of tensioners, for me one of the most important tools,
and that there are times that they are not sufficiently present in the kits,
in this case we have seven nothing more and nothing less ,
very very complete, I love it, I love it,
well, finally, we have the cover,
this cover concept is different, as you can see,
one of the things I like the most about this cover is the zipper,
it’s something I’ve done of less in other covers,
sometimes we carry small tensioners inside,
or many tensioners, which can come out of their place,
it is not easy, because they fit very very well, but they can come out,
and we can lose tools if it is not perfectly closed,
in this one that cannot happen,
the zipper for me is one One of the key details,
as you can see, is a case that has a high capacity,
here we have 9 lock picks, 4 tensioners, 4 extractors,
5 more lock picks fit, without any problem,
more lock picks, even if we put them in without a handle…
the tensioners can all go here,
it is a case that has much more capacity than those that we have seen in the basic ones logically,
and it is made of synthetic material,
it is fundamentally practical,
I think that is what best defines it, practical, and useful,
and well, although we have already seen these tools work several times,
I cannot resist reviewing a set of lock picks
and not making any opening,
so let’s try to make an opening with these tools,
let’s get to it,
well To test this set, it
is an already serious set, of intensive use,
in which we already have a very very long hook
and we can mess with some problematic cylinders,
I have chosen this GEGE cylinder,
you know that it is the brand that most I like to test advanced lock picks,
this one in particular has been in one of my boxes for a long time,
and it is not by chance,
now I have discovered that it has a very very very short fourth,
I am only able to place it with the longest hook in the set,
and it has a very long second that is easily passed,
it is a picking that, once you know it, may even seem simple, fast,
but it is not at all, it has cost me a lot to open this cylinder,
well, let’s try to make the opening, it does not always come out,
I will start with this medium hook,
I will attack the fourth with the long hook,
and we will see if it comes out,
there it is, Gege 5 pins,
with the usual behavior of the Gege,
third is binding, a couple of clicks,
fourth is binding,
one click,
two, I can no longer continue further with that pick, I move to the long hook,
I stop the third, it made a click,
otherwise it could not pass,
fourth, let’s see this fourth, another click,
I think I have not placed it yet, totally,
that it has not lowered to the bottom,
fifth one click,
but here you cannot run,
third, third is binding,
one click, a very good click, given counterotation, the plug has advanced,
let’s see, first, second,
third bind again,
let’s see,
I think… there it is, a good click,
I think I have not set that fourth,
the fifth seems set,
I go with the long hook, let’s see what comes out,
third, fourth indeed is binding,
let’s see, there I have reached much lower,
the feeling is that it is set
but until we see it fully set
until no more opening takes place, we will not know,
also they skip constantly, fifth,
fifth , first nothing, second nothing, the third has been skipped, let’s see, there,
the third …
first, second,
the third is still binding,
there it is, a click of a good turn, fifth is set,
first is binding, let’s see this first,
there it is, we would have it open,
it is not easy,
well, you have already seen that it works perfectly,
they are profiles designed by Ash, Lock Noob,
They work very very well, for me it is a joy to handle them,
in 0.6mm, with a very very good feedback,
what is the price of this set?
This set is around 99 or 100 euros plus shipping,
it will depend on the country of destination, due to tax regulations,
which obliges to apply the VAT of the country of destination,
I will leave a link to the manufacturer’s website where you can check the price of this Apprentice set,
and of the shipping costs and VAT corresponding to your country,
for me it is a very balanced set,
much more balanced than the other two,
regarding the simple pin picking, regarding the handles,
all the tools They have handles,
they are perfectly prepared to be used in a comfortable way,
iit s a set for intensive professional use,
the arsenal of tensioners is very versatile,
the extractors can be better valued by you than me,
the case with the capacity to expand,
a set different from the that we have seen so far,
and that I think is very very good,
I hope you liked the review,
especially that it is useful,
and thank you very much for your time, bye ;o)

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