A Really Fun Sequel! – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) Movie Review

for a texas chainsaw sequel this one’s 
pretty damn fun now let’s talk about it
2022 is texas chainsaws he’s a group of people 
who might be friends i didn’t really pick up  
on anything they might be business partners i 
don’t know they go to a ghost town that they plan  
on renovating so they can set up a business or 
something i just watched this movie i didn’t pick  
up on why they were there what they were doing 
so yeah while they’re doing that they see an old  
woman who hasn’t moved out so the resident first 
to die of the group forces hero with the police  
this resulted in her having a heart attack and 
the man who was staying with her who didn’t look  
that old and had brown hair ends up killing some 
cops a blonde girl getting gray hair and becoming  
fatter from that point on it’s just leather face 
killing people sally from the first movie is in  
this but holy [ __ ] was she seriously misused 
she placed a small part in about 10 minutes  
towards the end and at one point she even tracked 
her face down had her shotgun aimed at him and  
had the perfect shot for like a solid minute 

even casually uncharacteristically  
walked past her she didn’t kill her though so her 
goof here would wind up costing her life because  
she waited until he left to kill other people 
just so she could yell badass cool lines like  
i’m the one who got away but you won’t be getting 
away from me or something and spoiler alert he  
does and sally’s only didn’t get away he just saw 
her right in the gut and tossed her across the  
road this horrific injury though didn’t kill her 
instantly or very soon she was like bleeding out  
for a good solid five minutes or so but yeah none 
of the other characters aside from the unnamed  
texan dude maybe he was named i don’t know were 
that likable i mean like they all kind of sucked  
and even their actors weren’t that good they were 
just your typical horror movie cannon fodder dumb  
when they need to be but also brave war veterans 
who seemingly deal with this [ __ ] all the time  
i thought all of them were stupid and some 
were pretty annoying like i said the only good  
character who wasn’t leatherface was the unnamed 
texan guy i assumed he was a sword at first but  
not he’s just some dude kind of tries to play the 
hero but doesn’t work out the kills in this movie  
were pretty good and the film really reminded me 
of halloween kills in the sense that it’s just  
a horror icon killing people for like an hour 
also this movie is like an hour and ten minutes  
long not counting credits so it’s pretty short 
compared to most but i think that works in its  
favor because everything just kept moving and 
nothing ever felt like a boring drag yes they  
seriously messed up sally and her returning to be 
killed off in the same 10 minutes she arrived in  
felt really stupid but it was still a fun film 
overall oh yeah and one more thing leatherface  
got a bunch of shots stabs and took a chainsaw to 
the face and it was perfectly fine at the end even  
able to return to the original sawyer house so 
i don’t know if that means they’re going to try  
and make him another generic supernatural killer 
or what and in my opinion that does not work for  
leatherface leatherface is not some generic 
i am invincible and murder people guy i mean  
there’s already dozens of those i’m sure or at 
least i hope that this isn’t going to be the  
last texas chainsaw and i don’t doubt we’ll 
see a sequel to this in the coming years so  
hopefully those are also decent but they have 
more of a point i mean there’s already a new  
one announced but that’s its own thing unrelated 
to this anyway in the end i’d rate 2022’s texas  
chainsaw a 7.5 out of 10. it’s a high seven just 
for being an enjoyable texas chainsaw sequel again  
it’s like halloween kills there is a story but 
it’s mainly just a watch the bad guy kill people  
movie if you’ve seen this movie left to your 
thoughts on it down in the comments below and  
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