Ajeeb Daastaans Movie Review by Saily | Starring Fatima Sana Shaikh, Aditi Rao Hydari | In English

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Today we will be talking about the Netflix
original movie Ajeeb Dastaans.
The movie has released on Netflix today April
So lets get into it..
The trailer of the movie gives us an understanding
that this is yet another Women Oriented Movie.
However, I am pleased to tell you that it
is much much more than that.
Ajeeb Dastaans is true to its title and a
result of what happens when you give true
talent to showcase itself.
The movie consists of four short but powerful
films directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, Kayoze Irani,
Shashank Khaitan and Raj Mehta.
Produced by Karan Johar.
Guess KJO finally decided to give up the Nepotism
agenda and the result is truly bliss.
The first short film is Majnu by Shashank
This story is about Lipakshi played by Fatima
Sana Shaikh who is the daughter of a MLA married
off to a powerful goon turned businessman.
On their wedding night, he tells her that
he doesnt love her and wont have any marital
relations with her.
The story takes a turn when Raj enters the
The educated son of the driver.
The second short film is Khilona

by Raj Mehta.
The story showcases Nushrat Barucha as Minal
who is a house maid taking care of her little
sister Binny played by Inayat Verma.
Minals cannot afford electricity and has an
illegal connection which is cut off due to
the order of a new secretary.
To get it back, she takes up a job in his
house where he lives with his pregnant wife.
Minal and Binny are attached the local laundry
shop owner Sushil played by Abhishek Banerjee.
The story begins in the police station where
Minal is being questioned.
For what?
We will find out.
The third part is Geeli Pucchi by Neeraj Ghaywan.
This one is about a factory worker Bharti
Mandal played by Konkana Sen Sharma and the
new office girl Priya Sharma played by Aditi
Rao Hydari.
The story is about Aditi who is newly married
to a typical Brahmin family however is confused
about her sexuality.
Bharti is lonely and is often mistreated for
her boyish personality.
The story revolves around how the two women
help each other out.
Lastly, we have Ankahi by Kayoze Irani.
This story is about Natasha , a married woman
and a mother of a daughter who is gradually
losing her hearing power.
Natasha learns the sign language to communicate
with her daughter however the husband is too
busy and self involved to bother learning
Natasha crosses paths with Kabir played by
Manav Kaul who is also hearing impaired.
Kabir and Natasha instantly connect and she
finds a companion she was always looking for.
Each story in the movie touches your heart.
Its not about women complaining about their
life but true issues with the society.
Its been a long time since I saw a movie this
So Saily Says, this is a must watch.
I have nothing bad to say about it at all.
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