AK 5 2.0 Budget Microphone Condenser Review Unboxing Setup Test

hello world so today it’s me again aya and today 
it’s really going to be a very special episode  
for me because this is going to be a pilot 
episode of the product crew yeah and i hope  
you like this what we got here for today it’s a 
microphone condenser it’s perfect for those who  
would like to do live streaming you would like 
to do recordings and covers the medicine and
what we got here is the ek 2.0 um difference no ak  
no ak5 and ak5 2.0 is that this 
aka 5 tripod shot and will actually
so yeah open another
and this is how it looks 
like ta-da okay so micro four
the usb cable and i guess 
this is a strap for the table
got you i don’t miss my own microphone yeah 
i’m gonna take your plastic later then the  
pop yeah then it all is for i 
think someone does something
i love
let’s see the microphone cop goes in here
no no no no no
there you go oh it’s anna the 
first test we’re going to be doing  
is young metal foam gap and 
ethereum current settings go  
but i’m going to try to put it in a 

/> maximum volume because i think this is
so it’s going to be like 
this and then young distance
we’re only gonna have blow out net so 
okay let’s try it’s gonna turn on distance
i guess it’s time
and then let’s see
so hello world we’re back again in our portion 
and i gotta knock on a technical difficulty  
and i’m gonna
if you’re interested you can purchase 
the product below there you go  
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and see you again till our next video

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