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I’ll stick with the same 11, the beat Crystal Palace. William celebrity pressed herself has pocketed a fixes his old city and defensive partner. Wesley pavana 50th appearance in the Premier League for Thomas party and get real. Jesus makes a competitive home debut, but scored five goals against Lester during his time at Manchester City. Lester unchanged from the draw with Brentford with Kasper schmeichel. Departure to nice Johnny Evans is the new club Captain? Yuri telemon’s has been heavily linked to Arsenal right up against them. Today, Jamie vardy facing his favorite opposition 11 goals. He’s netted against

the guy. Promising to be the strongest they’ve been in years. Matthew Upson. Oh yeah, absolutely. Arsenal been kind of sat back in rear position really in the Premier League. Nothing like the Glory Days of when they were with him Premier League’s and finishing regularly in the top four they’ve been what six seven years away from that maybe more This year, this is the opportunity for Aster to get back in the top four at the moment, six seasons, they’ve got without finishing in the top four to think they went so long under awesome Binga finishing in

the top four. Now things have changed in North London, but they’ll hope to get back up to where they feel they belong in this Arsenal, National

court on the ball there. Air Inlet still looking to punish the meal, the surging run through the middle, which is cracking anticipation from, for fauna really showed his class here to make that chance, just hear that. There is superb anticipation. He shows their desire to win the ball. Little shimmy, they’re just cannot find that finish with the left foot. Jason’s is going to pick up a free kick as well.

We talked about formations of you don’t mean much when aside moves around a Solara the moment. No I just mentioned patients as well. These are the kind of instances that best want to avoid. Just a bit of a rash challenge there from for fauna. Jesus is looking for is going nowhere in that situation, running towards the corner flag and now there’s a dangerous set piece that less, the do not have a great track record of During these situations. So Martinelli to take this free kick for Arsenal and Lester everybody bar, one back in there and

penalty penalty area, most of their players, in their own six-yard box, and all could one for them to defend, Very busy, six-yard box and Martinelli website and looking for a corner kick, but Jesus isn’t going to get one. Great movement from Jesus lovely. Pace on the ball from Martinelli. I’m not sure if Jesus does such that perhaps it is off of Rd B was across in a Flash. We’re expecting for through each half of a moment to take in fluids. Nice touch from VAR D, dewsbury Hall. Worked it well here. Lester still gonna, just keep

that cross away from the arriving. Justed Jacker Martinelli. Her to guard, instant control on to soccer and soccer, swing it in But Jack her in there. This is the 3rd run. The granite Jacques made in this game to really get in and score a goal. Great cross from soccer and shatter at the far post. And this rebound here, I mean zinchenko turns away puts his head in his hands because he’s a good enough. Technician with his left foot to hit the target. He’s got plenty of time to think about it just blaze. Is it over

the bar? But shakka. It’s real four times. Now, looking really dangerous with those runs from Midfield party. Heavy touch, but finding the real Jesus. Jason, stop driving on looking for Martinelli for fun of thought about the challenge, resisted it Jacker. It’s all very tight for Arsenal. Brilliant finish, super build-up play again. I mean this type of passing and movement, One Touch from Jacker. He’s been arriving in the Box. All afternoon, he’s been brilliant from Midfield, arriving in that area and the vision delicate touch. It is absolutely. World-class this finish, the sees the goalkeeper measures that

opportunity. What a finish Gabrielle Jay-Z’s Zinchenko gets it back, sin chanko absolutely pass over the top more brilliant football from Arsenal, almost found Martinelli, but that was all about the Ukrainian. I think that’s exciting for the Arsenal fans you seen roads, and it will link up situations, all over the pitch at the moment, the center-back Partnerships, the link up between over Garden Jesus. Shakka, now you seen zinchenko, Martinelli think it’s great to see those little Partnerships. All developing all over for us. Little. Barely played left back in this game zinchenko. It’s made me feel, isn’t

it after time? Just tucked in that Midfield position. Because the corner towards any opposed the boys just drawn to him at the moment in his early days at the club and they’re enjoying this first half now. You going to see your coaches goal, the goal scorers goal, then they look like this. It really is just that movement that little area of the goal. Anyone will tell you goals are scored in that area. The pitch he knows that his teammates are causing Havoc all over from the set-piece. Lester don’t defend it particularly well they switch off

at the back post. I think it’s in DD or Marty who’s the wrong side and that little area there just for that. Lovely little head of tapping exactly where poacher goal scorers are and he is looking more and more like one of those by the minute. Gabrielle Jesus? What? A first half for him and Ramsdell all he’ll be thinking about. Now is this clean sheets a kid, plays It Forward. Brilliant ball for ramsdale and Je sus on a hatchery. This moment. I mean the distance that the evidence gives hymns far too much. There’s the challenge

and DD, brilliant tackle, but it’s just too far off him. And look at the strength that he has. He’s got such a low center of gravity Jesus that once he gets bedded in and he gets his balance is very hard to knock off the ball and he just bats into players. So well, but as a lovely Spin and turn The Press Lester can code for the moment. Jason’s the second time still asking on the attack, Martinelli. Just ran out of space but he’s proving Unstoppable at the moment until he has that final shot of gold

for the Hatchery. When it’s great pressure, again asked for not letting up timchenko high up, the pitch is allowed into pressure burn, these little 120 have been going around this area. The pitch just been fantastic from Arsenal. This afternoon, the movement off the ball, the ability to know where the team mate is, is just all linking together and it’s a really good safe from Ward gets out. Makes himself big. Jesus, just trying to keep that low was that he may be nutmeg, the keeper will just slide it down the side of him. But less, the

keeper does his job. Now, party chasing after this, all we got there, first body penalty to Lester a route back into the game. And Valverde, who hasn’t had much to work off in this first half came alive there and did he get there before? Ramsdale it seemed as though at first glance just looking at that, if there’s too much contact, If I’m honest, maybe just a slight bit of contact with G thousand left arm into the side of Jamie vardy. There’s not a lot of contact, I mean it’s a bit of a rash decision. From

the goalkeeper because Valdez running away from the goal. He doesn’t need to come out and apply this pressure and out of nowhere. Lester have been handed a potential Lifeline. He’s been recommended during England’s to check this one again. And when we looked at it again, it did look as though, ramsdale didn’t really make a challenge at all, just to brush on his arm, their body. He tries to withdraw, doesn’t he tries to pull out of the challenge, but his momentum is always going to lead him into his just whether or not there is sufficient contact.

We don’t blame Darren England for giving the penalty initially, but is he going to overturn his decision here? I think I think you look at it and say that vardy throws himself on the ground before the contact. The body was the man who tried to initiate the foul rather than ramsdale. Yeah. Fouling the forward and it has spots on said, to be honest. And I think you have to bear in mind with penalties that, just because there is contact minimal contact. It doesn’t mean it’s a penalty. It has to be sufficient contact in order to

cause the foul, and I think Jamie vardy was looking for it, which all could strike is do and I think he’s done anything wrong in that sense, but I think it’s the right decision. Evans says, he may pull forward. Now body trying to steal it behind, try to cut that ball out and own goal from the young Frenchman. He’s applauded by the Home supports quickly. Forget what has been L foot wrong since coming? Into the Arsenal team that there is more about an own goal of just being put under real pressure from Lester, great diagonal

ball, good headed back across, and he has little option. But having to intervene here, if he doesn’t intervene bodies in to has to get something on, this is just a shame. You can’t get a little bit more angle on that header, just to be able to head. It wider that post and out for a corner but just shows you how quickly the game can turn and Lester right back in this. Now, It’s Lester. Certainly needed that running the start of the second half and a game, which had a very encouraging Starks, but also pushing forward,

looking to respond quickly whites. Sacker back to White. Jesus look It worked so hard to get back in this game. Lester and to concede a goal to Arsenal of this manner is such a disappointment to them. It’s a real shambolic error between the farmer kind of gets in his way. Sway and just takes Danny, Ward’s Eye Off the Ball, doesn’t claim it at all. And from then on it’s just a simple tap in for granite xhaka. Is that man? Jesus though, he’s in the danger area, the heart of everything Arsenal attacking my eyes all the

time, but that is one to forget for the Leicester goalkeeper. Currently is interesting with any at Cho, isn’t it? Because I mean, he kind of stepped up and became a real Force last season at the end of the season before and then just kind of faded out again as an alien attack has come in since ball into in a chodak arriving challenging as well, Madison in a show on Favored left nabhi, reverse pass matter. Sir, this game’s not done yet, James Madison, quiet. First half coming to life in the second, half five goals of the

universe. Today, we just don’t know what’s going to happen next in this game. Nice play from Lester and Ramsdell will be really disappointed with this. The angle really does favor. The goalkeeper, you think he’s got that covered and he just smashes it between his legs. He can’t get his feet together. Good little reverse partial Mini at show, but from that angle Madison. I don’t think we’ll be expecting to school here. Ask them keep up. Just lets out through his legs, really? Unfortunately, tries to swing that right foot to block it, but it’s too late. It’s

too much power. Ritu. De Garde. Jay Zeus Martinelli to into for him to Arsenal and Lester just can’t keep sweating for too long. This guy another quick response from the Gunners. Well, if there’s one player who I really feel deserves a goal in this game, is this man. Martinelli. Arsenal, brilliantly, winning the ball back again. It’s been a real theme performance. This with his left foot really is good. Contacts. Love is zipped across the turf, banging off the post. He’s a brilliant strike, from Martinelli and hit the Density and his performance today, has been absolutely

outstanding. He’s worked his socks off. Possession pressing, carrying winning the ball bat, and there’s no other play on this pitch. That deserves a gold more than him. It’s been brilliant today for Arsenal because he knows that I’ll Tetra. Probably wouldn’t arrest him in the closing stages of games that they had the advantage. That’s the moment for that Hatchery. Chasers debut with two goals chances to score a hat-trick but he’ll have plenty more chances in an Arsenal shirt, that’s for sure. A very encouraging home debut from the Brazilian. Exciting two goals on his home, debut for

Gabrielle Chasers to Sparkle throughout Arsenal, looking, very good going forward, but giving Lester chances as well, which made the game. So watchable, Arsenal, skulls coming, besides je sus for granite Jack, And for Martinelli as well, the to hugging each other there. Lester were given opportunities in the game and own goal for William Saliba, giving them a chance to then I finish from Madison as well, between the legs of ramsdale, but only fleeting bright moments for Lester, because in essence, they were well beaten in the end. Arsenal starting the season on fire and winning at home

by two goals. Anil winning at home by four goals to two.

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