Ashfaq Auto-Electronics Review – MY FIRST EVER REVIEW VIDEO! Best Car Workshop in Town

Only a few people have the permit to go inside this room.
I have permission because he’s my friend.
He disturbs us, we disturb him.
We try that educated people join this field.
I have managed residence for outsider students.
They live here and get training too.
If you have a Japanese car or Pakistani car
The fix all cars.
Here. Babar!!
Adjusted? Let’s do it.
I’m Dr Nadeem Sarwar and you’re watching my YouTube channel.
We’re starting review videos.
Many people are reviewing different cars and places.
We’re doing to a car work shop, one of the best in Punjab.
Japanese electric cars
new or old
where to fix it in Faisalabad.
Even from Lahore, Sargodha and other divisions
people come from there.
So we’re going there. My first review.
Will share the name soon.
We’ll ask him. They’re also training kids.
His students learned from here and are now in Saudia, Dubai.
Best electric workshop.
Auto electric.
We’re at
Ashfaq auto electric workshop.
We’ll show from inside, it’s prayer time right now.
Here Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha are regular.
Babari Sial is shooting. It’s namaz time.
This is Mr. Ashfaq.

/> We won’t act, this is all gonna be real.
You can hug, virus is over.
This is Mr. Umar.
And this is Mr. Babar.
Asr namaz is over.
Let’s meet Mr. Ashfaq now, come Babari.
You will find a lot of discipline here.
The kids wear uniform.
This sheet they use is at Honda, Toyota,
It’s not there at normal workshops.
Lets meet Ashfaq, he’ll give us a visit.
Hello again! We’ll add both hellos.
You’ll give us a visit.
This is our first review video, you must have seen our VLOGS.
You saw Naran with us.
Give us introductions of ustaads.
He is big who is ustad.
Tell us all about your work
I told them about Japanese cars, you may correct me.
Hello everyone!
Since 2005, I’m running workshops in Pakistan.
I was in Dubai before 2005.
When I came to Pakistan, I made this workshop.
It’s working since 2005.
We shifted here 5 years ago. First we were at Canal road.
Then we shifted here. (Jaranwala road)
All Pakistani, Japanese assembled cars
hybrid cars, American, European
even Asian. We deal with all the work on these cars.
All Mechanical, electrical, denting
we do all but are more specialized in electronics.
In electronic programming, we have more specialization.
I have a lot of customers.
They come to me for a lot of programming relevant work.
This is Umar, our foreman.
My small brother Babar is here too.
They both deal in the workshop.
I do programming and electronics.
This is my small brother Babar, deals in the workshop.
Apart from him
these are programming and diagnostic tools.
We scan the cars
I have the latest scanners used in our latest cars.
I have all the types, we check cars using it.
Lets show you the waiting room.
Each computer is for a different car?
This is Toyota it2 scanner, this is it3.
This is Honda fly100.
This is a latest tool.
This is Honda original programming too.
This is old Honda programming tool.
This is G scan, battery tester
temperature tester, break oil tester.
pH meter.
We check pH of coolant, AC checker.
There we have ignition testers
connectivity checkers
These scanners basically check latest cars.
Thank you. Now
to the secret room?
In this room
only special persons can enter. I can because I’m his friend.
I’m Dr Nadeem and you’re on my YouTube channel.
Like you can’t go inside a operation theatre or dispensary
every person can’t enter to maintain SOPs.
Sensitive material is present here.
This is my
lab where I do computer pairing, programming
all latest car technology.
I have all these programming tools.
These are the control modules of the cars.
We do repairing and programmings here.
Thanks for letting us in.
This top-secret lab for fixing computers.
Lets take Babar’s interview with your permission.
Hello Babar. Since how long are you in this field?
been 8-10 years in field. Started basics from here.
Then got hold of the workshop. Dr. Nadeem is our big brother.
He disturbs us, we disturb him.
You must be getting it.
You learned from Ashfaq? Yes.
Thank you.
Umar is here too. Umar, your big brother Naeem
he learned from here, then went to Dubai.
Now he is in Saudia.
Students come here, learn then go out.
If you are skillful, only then you can work abroad.
Tell us about yourself.
I am working here since 11 years. Learned all from here.
Now handling the whole workshop with Mr. Ashfaq.
He is my boss and big brother. Am I not?
You are too.
Mr. Naeem learned from here now he has 2 big setups in Saudi Arabia.
He’s running those workshops.
I remember their man Faisal too.
This room is for customers.
Usually companies has such rooms.
AC and TV here.
TV is powered off.
Lets meet students of workshop here.
They’re working.
Making new from old.
They work very well.
This kid is really good too.
What is his name?
This is Atta ur Rahman. Since how long here?
3 years. Learned something? Yes.
Became ustad yet? No.
Nowadays kids become ustad quickly.
This part is for denting and painting.
It started off with electric work not has denting too.
They eating.
All available at one place.
What will you show us now?
Recently made an institute where I train kids.
We signed in with Punjab skill development authority.
We’re about to get registered soon, lets visit.
Let’s visit Ashfaq auto electronics institute.
First it used to be conventional teaching.
Now you have to study to work better.
Lets go up.
What are you doing here?
Lab assistant.
He is our teacher Jawad.
He is teaching since long, teaches really well.
He is in my institute now. Lets talk to him.
Thank you for introducing our institute on your channel.
Thank you for coming too. What are your questions?
How long here? How is Ashfaq.
Oh I know he’s a great man, the video started with namaz.
How are the students going?
Firstly uneducated were sent to this field.
I have a diploma in automobiles, many mechanics are uneducated.
We try to bring educated here. You asked how is Ashfaq?
I brought 3 kids here. 3 months course.
I learnt a lot from him and now I’m his man.
I will stay here now.
We will keep learning. We will bring educated people here.
Ahfaq has given 8 one day training in government level institutes.
We will keep on training too. Thank you.
Books in a workshop, why?
These a re shop manuals. Suzuki, Honda
Hyundai, Toyota,
these books are for those cars.
Now we have e data too.
What is a shop manual?
It is a repair manual too.
It gives details of each car’s system.
All engine data and specs.
Training manuals too. We’re increasing the library.
Lets visit the training lab too.
We give electronics training here.
We have kids from outstation, Malakand for training.
I have managed their residence too. They learn here.
Lets see the class room.
Our ECG machine is like this.
This is an oscilloscope.
It’s for checking electronic circuits.
ECG checks heart’s electric system.
Lets see the classes.
Kids recently had an EFI course.
They just got certificates, 2 classes.
This is multimedia room.
We give info on latest systems.
I believe kids learn by visualising.
Movies and pictures are more effective than boards.
Kids who watch pick things earlier.
College ends here.
Hostel is here as well, good.
Don’t worry.
Introduce yourself.
I am Taimoor Khan from Swat, Malakand.
To learn electronic work.
For computer repairing of cars. How long you’ve been here?
2 months.
I saw you in the workshop too.
Thank you.
You’re learning from the best college of Punjab and he is the master of all electricians.
These are the rooms.
Let’s keep this private.
Here is kitchen where they cook food.
Once gas load shedding took place.
He got caught?
That man? Yes. Very good.
We are scared from camera’s eye but not Allah’s.
I think all is covered.
If in Punjab
if you have Japanese or Pakistani car
I knew of Japanese but he says all cars.
Mechanic, electric and denting plus painitng.
Lets goto the workshop, I hope we find a customer.
Let’s take their review.
We were down here to talk to customers.
There are numerous cars here
the 9 car owners left their cars here because they trust them.
I am their customer too. I should give the best review.
Since 2007, when Ashfaq was in Hyundai
no 2001.
Since then, I’m his customer and I always choose him.
There is a Kardar hospital on Jaranwara road.
The hospital got famous because of Ashfaq.
Ask anyone where is Ashfaq workshop.
The link is shared in description for google location.
Any words for us at the end?
Thank you for your love.
We try our best to give customers best services. we not only aim to give good services
but we aim to educate boys to give you best services.
Our country is 3rd world, kids who used to come
who did not like to study.
Now I have all qualified workers here. Babar has 3 year diploma.
Many boys with 1 year diplomas.
Many new are joining too.
Many countries are ahead of us but we are trying to compete in services.
So we’re bringing best equipment and training the students.
We guide them each step to check cars.
We’re also educating private market to give best services.
Message for people?
Stay happy.
He’s always happy when I saw him. Yeah sometimes tensed.
Mostly in happy mood.
Dr Nadeem is my name and you’re on my YouTube channel.
I’ll talk away from him too
This is one of the best workshop, not in Faisalabad but Punjab.
Ashfaq auto electronics for your electric issues.
Take care and good bye.

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