IS IT REAL? IT CAN COME OUT BY ITSELF FROM THE EGG? I DON’T BELIEVE IT YOU KNOW THIS TOY IS BEEN AGES SO IT WON’T HATCHING BY ITSELF, GUYS WHOA, IT’S GETTING CRACKED FROM THE TOP, GUYS! THE CRACK IS HAPPENING ON THE TOP, GUYS Okay, welcome to my another unboxing video This time I want to unboxing.. Toothless’s egg from How To Train Your Dragon So this time we will talk about this super cute toy From How To Train Your Dragon film Which they has one of the main character named “Toothless” He is a dragon That

colored black but cute yet so cool He’s “Toothless” or “Night Fury” If you don’t know, let me tell you a bit about it Toothless is a dragon that Viking was scared In a film How To Train Your Dragon But then there’s one character named “Hiccup” He’s so curious with this dragon Which called as “Night fury” Long story short, Hiccup and Toothless, alongside with the other friends.. Proved that dragon is did not need to be scared of They could be friend or help to Vikings The point is Toothless is the main character’s dragon on this film

And in front of me, this is the egg, guys They said it could hatch by itself for real That’s why I’m so curious then bought

it right away And fun fact, I just read a news that they’re gonna make a live action about this film That’s why I get more excited to unboxing this egg So that was a short story about Toothless Now let’s talk about the toy but first let’s start talking about the box That looks like this The box looks so interesting The front-side looks like this There’s a name of this toy “Hatching

dragon” Which mean a dragon will hatched So we’re gonna hatch this egg And it’s written here “Hatch and train your own baby Toothless” So we would make an interaction to this Toothless The left-side looks like this There’s some step of how to play with him Starting from hatching the egg And make interactions with Tooothless The top-side looks like this There’s only logo of How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World And also an artworks about the dragons And the back-side and bottom-side only has articles that you won’t read if you buy it So that was

the box of this Toothless egg And I can’t wait to hatch this egg So let’s unboxing it Together!! So let’s open it up like this Okay.. okay.. okay.. The egg is still inside here, guys Let’s open it up first Okay.. Oh.. oh.. oh.. Wow! Wow! Wow! Be careful.. be careful.. This is an egg I DON’T WANT IT TURNED INTO SUNNY SIDE UP So this is the dragon’s egg, guys Okay, this is the dragon’s egg And the pattern is looks like a giant quail egg It’s colored black and white like this So now let’s start

the process But first we have to unlock what’s under this, guys Hold on, hold on guys Okay.. okay.. okay.. It’s ope– Oh.. it’s almost fall.. Okay, let’s unlock it One is opened And.. Two I heard a little voice from inside, guys And they said to hatch this egg We have to play with it more often Either we shake it, tilt it, or make it upside down.. The point is we have to make interactions with this egg Did you guys hear that? Toothless? Toothless? Anybody home? I heard the breath, guys! Let’s see When it will hatch

Get out! Go get dizzy! Go get dizzy! The more I shake it, the louder it’s sounds, guys Hello? Come on, get out! Why it’s sounds like knocking back at me? Again, again Hear that? Hey, Toothless, don’t be a bad boy! He’s acting up so bad even he’s still in the egg Get out! Get out! Get out! I think he’s mad if I’m shaking it too long He’ll get mad Is it real? It can come out from the egg by itself? I don’t believe it Come on, bro! Get out, bro! Feel dizzy, huh? Go get dizzy!

Get out, bro! Well.. well.. well.. I heard weird voices guys but there’s nothing cracked yet Or is he not strong enough to kick the eggshell? It’s sound like the engine Did you hear that? It’s sounds so weird, doesn’t it? But it’s not cracked yet Well you know this egg is ages I think it can’t hatched by itself, guys WHOA, IT’S GETTING CRACKED FROM THE TOP, GUYS! THE CRACK IS HAPPENING ON THE TOP, GUYS Keep cracking! Keep crcking! Keep cracking! Wow, the back side! the back side! LET’S GO!! Wow! Wow! Wow! The ears is getting visible,

guys! Okay.. okay.. okay.. It’s getting more cracks.. Don’t make me do c-section, you need to make it normal birth Come on! You can do it! No way it’s stop? Or is it all? – -His face is still covered, damn! You can’t be more open than this? Huh? I think it won’t be any further That was it, dude His face is still covered, only his ears that popping out So weird.. so weird.. Okay, I’m gonna give you hand, I’ll help you Okay calm down! Calm down! Hmm The material feels so good We can break it like

that,, guys It’s like a chocolate plate on a cake that we can write on it So it can be break like this And I will help him it’s because it was stopped there is no any movement Okay, we can see how cute this Toothless is Calm down.. calm down.. calm down.. Well, this is the Toothless after we’ve successfully unboxing from the egg, guys Damn, this is so cute! Whoa.. whoa.. whoa.. Why you suddenly turned on when I told you cute, ridiculous! Eh.. eh.. -What a fool! – Okay after it was hatched, let take him out

of the egg Wel– Oh my God.. Oh my God! It’s so cute! This is literally baby Toothless And why it’s turned off? Hold on, hold on, hold on Hey Toothless Hello! Hello! Hello! Why are you turned off, Toothless? Yup! Okay, turns out we need to tap his head first, guys Then he’ll turn on like that -Wow.. – Okay His voice is just sounds like in the film And they said, we can press his belly HE WILL SHOOT ENERGY PULSE So now let me put my hand here Whoa! Okay, he’s seems like charging If I release

it He make a sound like he’s shooting an energy like that, guys Wow, so cool And they said, he can fly too For example if I tilt him to the front like that He will flapping his wing So let’s try it, one.. two.. three.. Okay.. Okay.. Whoa, this is insteresting Beside the interesting gimmick when we unboxing him but turns out he’s so interactive like this, guys His wings is literally flapping like that Even it makes sounds effect of flying too Wow! Wow! Wow! Not bad And they said, he’ll mad if we annoy him Like we

bother him For example we hit his head Nothing happen? You late! You late! Your angry is late! Let me try again Nothing happen, why? Okay let’s try to bother him – – That was it? Huh? Let me make you upside down Well, he’s sounds like he’s mad, guys But it’s kinda delay And now let’s try to make him mad again I’m gonna shaking him Why he’s not mad? They say he’ll mad? Huh? Why are you not getting mad? I’m pulling your ear! But yeah that was it The point is he will gives us a reaction

if we bother him, guys Even though I can tell the difference if he’s mad or not Is that mad or not? I don’t understand dragon’s language, you fool! And beside this toothless, we also got something here.. His meal Just like in the film, guys We will got a.. This is very interesting Okay, hold on, hold on Well, this is it, guys We got a fish, dude! Let’s feed him Okay.. okay.. He’s sounds like he’s eating like that, guys Is it good? Is it good? Eat more.. What a fool! Is it good or not? And now

we’re gonna try another feature They said he can fall asleep We just need to lay him down like this He’ll fall asleep, they said Damn, it’s so cute, guys! Why are you so cute?! Okay overall it’s should’ve been a toy that has perfect gimmick Beside the details that looks similar to little Toothless It’s so cute And the features are so interesting It’s because we have some gear here To playing him Just like a car, guys For example, I turn it to gear third He’ll response and talking to us Toothless? Toothless? Well, even though he talks

in dragon’s language Well, if it’s gear fourth, it’ll turn into like Spongebob magical shell He will answers to our questions Well, let me show you I will ask him a question TOOTHLESS, AM I HANDSOME? YES, YOU VERY ARE Well, it was a yes, guys If it’s not, he’ll make a sounds like he’s about to shoot an energy pulse TOOTHLESS, ARE SOMEONE THAT NAMED ILHAM ARE HANDSOME? MEH I’m so sorry for Ilhams out there Well, if it’s turn into gear fifth, he will turn into a time bomb And this is would be so fun if we

play it with our friends Okay, now we’re gonna play using this Toothless NAME A COUNTRY BASED ON ALPHABET Argentina Brazil Chile Denmark E… What’s from E? What country starts from E? – E.. -Come on.. What E???? What’s starting with E? And this still has a lot of features that we can explore from this toy But the problem is, there’s so many feature that won’t work, guys Like it was broken Let me show you if I turn it to gear second He should’ve can move his head if we pet him But the problem is, mine is

can’t Well, I’m turning it on second gear here But if I pet him.. There’s nothing happen, this is such a disappointed Wanting for more, huh? And if I turn into gear seventh, he should’ve can dance And I saw a reviewer from abroad and he’s supposed to be can dance, guys But the problem, mine is can’t, guys Well, this is on gear seventh now He should’ve can dance if he listen to mucis Well, I’m gonna play a song here Nothing happen, guys He’s stand still like this Wait.. Wait, what? What? So that was it I don’t

know why there’s so many feature that’s miss and turns out it’s not happen to me only It’s because when I saw some comments from YouTuber abroad They gave a lot of complaints about the features that won’t work So it was not happen only to me And if you’re asking how much it’s cost for I bought this for So this is such a disappointment With that price, turns out there’s so much features that lose from quality control So for me, I will not recommended it Even though the features sounds so potential And unfortunately I can’t give

you any link to recommend it to you all So I think this is a fate that I should not recommend to you all But if still want to buying this Please search it on e-commerce.. With keywords So that’s all the video from me this time And if you like it, don’t forget to like, comments and subscribe My name is Medy Renaldy I wish you guys feel enjoyed on my channel And remember, “Toys are our friends” And “Packaging is our bestfriend” Eg– Toothless egg tha– Which they has main character Nope Toothless is a dragon that was

scared– Was scared? What is it? What’s the pattern looks like? – -Can you shut up? Shut up! This is such a disappointment And I think for that price and also the features that’s still ugly– -Let’s try to make him– – Are you pooping? Well, if we’re on gea– Can you get off? Damn, I accidentally touch his balls

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