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It’s a Saturday right now, we are at Shangri-La Orchard Today we have been invited to check out the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Singapore I am not really sure what’s going to go on but it sounds pretty extravagant I mean look at the hotel here, yeah let’s check it out Hi is this the Ferrari event? Yeah this is the Ferrari event We are from Sgcarmart Oh okay So we are here at the Ferrari Owners’ Club Singapore Meetup 2022 and they even have a theme, so as you can see behind us there are a lot of people,

and the theme for tonight is Bling Empire This seems like the most elaborate owners’ meetup event that I have ever seen and I am being told that there are at least 18 tables inside the ballroom and there are a whole host of activities lined up for the night so it is going to be exciting Don’t miss out because whatever that is going to happen in there will be really exciting I am here right now with the President of the Ferrari Owners’ Club Singapore tell me a little bit more about yourself My name is Kenneth Chen,

I am 50 this year I am with a cybersecurity company so in a way helping the world be safe so that’s what I do right now I

am currently, as you’ve mentioned, the President of the Ferrari Owners’ Club Singapore I am driving a Ferrari F8 Tributo In my research, I noticed there’s a website, there’s even like a login just for the owners so for like most other car clubs if you are an owner, you would probably get added to a WhatsApp group but I guess it’s kind of quite an elaborate setup over here Yeah that’s

right so Each member would be able to log into our website and it is just dedicated to the members and from there they can do their registration, they are able to understand say for example driving protocols, the different activities a calendar of events they can look forward to and many other stuff is in there My message is also in there There is even a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) arm to this group Yeah exactly Corporate Social Responsibility is important while we are just a motoring club something we want to instil in all members is how we

want to give back and that is key This year itself we conducted two different CSR activities What do you think about the upcoming SUV? Oh the Purosangue I think it is going to hit up very well with Ferrari owners for the fact that how Ferrari historically being a 2-seater, 4-seater, and now an SUV is going to be very interesting, and I look forward to testing the car itself I guess you are on the waitlist? I hope so, I hope so Charles… You’ve done it already so I don’t have to No no no You will love

to get… Let me just… Sure no worries I am here right now with Dr Charles Siow and he is the Club Advisor to the Ferrari Owners’ Club Singapore so Dr Charles, tell us a little bit more about yourself I was the President from 2020 to 2022 and I have been involved in the club for many years now for over 10 years, and I am glad to see that it has progressed and grown along the way As far as car owner club meets I have to say that this is one of the most extravagant that I

have ever seen It is almost like its own company kind of gala Owning a Ferrari is an exclusive thing in itself but we strive to be the best motoring club in town The events that we do, we want to also be able to pitch it at a higher level to allow members to have a unique experience when they come to our social events, just as they do when they come for our driving events Tell me about your pedigree of cars that you own The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, the Ferrari F430 Scuderia and I have a

Ferrari 458 Speciale These are all collected along the way some of them are now classics and quite sought after Speak to me from an owner’s perspective, how does it feel to drive a Ferrari? I think having a car like a Ferrari is a privilege because as you say, not everybody gets to own one I am not so much into the prestige factor and things like that rather the excitement and the joy that driving a car like a Ferrari can bring me and hence my choice of cars, they are all what we would consider raw cars

more hardcore, but more driver’s cars so when I am driving a car like these, it’s an indescribably joy when you can meld together with the car and be as one on the road Something visceral about that amount of power, the roar of the engine, and that control on the road Especially when the engines are naturally aspirated because now the cars are unfortunately going the way of hybrids Yeah like the new Mercedes-AMG ONE Unfortunately There you go So I think we will lose a lot of that visceral feelings that we get from a car like the

previous Ferraris that were NA (naturally aspirated), which all my cars are That’s a King Louis XIII, each bottle is over $10,000 so these, along with the King Louis XIII, these Vihari Fine Jewels and Glenfiddich, I guess they are all sponsors of this club and also if you look at the stage Shangri-la Hotel itself is also a sponsor If your company has a D&D (dinner and dance), what kind of emcees do they hire? Over here at the Ferrari Owners’ Club, they actually have Sorry the “Yam Seng” kind of threw me off They have Adrian Pang, yes

the celebrity host, as the emcee for their dinner Today we are going to celebrate all of you Now with FOC (Ferrari Owners’ Club) it’s special because it not only represents camaraderie and loyalty towards the brand it also celebrates loyalty within the club You guys really are family You’re fast, you’re furious, you are also Ferarri the triple Fs, tonight we are going to celebrate all of that including the other F, which is Family For those who have experienced it, thank you for your participation I think the experience I fantastic For those who did not, tonight we

bring that experience to everyone here Another one of their sponsors is Glenfiddich there is a booth here, they make cocktails in the Ferrari model names, so like Modena for instance I am not going to pass this up so producer Wei Feng, you are going to have to drive me back Don’t drink anddrive Camera is there, you have to cheers for the camera It’s all about the camera We’re media trained So that’s their event, it is still going to go on for some more stuff I think there are some lucky draws and all but we are

going to make a move first, it is a Saturday night after all Thanks for watching Don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe as well as follow us on TikTok @sgcarmart See you on the next one

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