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welcome to top crypto today we’ll be 
doing a tutorial of cracking exchange  
this is a cryptocurrency exchange that is 
quite popular for trading and exchanging  
cryptocurrencies i’ll show you all the different 
features how to create and set up an account  
and start buying cryptocurrencies before i get 
started i’m not a financial advisor this video  
is just for information education 
purposes only so let’s dive into it  
so here is the website homepage and just a quick 
reminder that all the links that we’ll be showing  
you in this video will be in the description down 
below so make sure to go check them out over there  
and right on their homepage they outline that they 
have over 65 plus cryptocurrencies and you can get  
started right with just 10 they have everything 
you need to help you get started if you’re a  
beginner if you want to take your investments 
to the next level if your exchange doesn’t have  
the exact cryptocurrencies that you need or if 
you actually have a firm and you’re looking to  
get a crypto solution this platform is also 100 
safe and secure to use and you also have 24 7  
support over live chat before we dive into some 
of the features of the cracking exchange

actually go ahead and create an account to get 
you guys set up so here’s the first step quite  
simple just put in your information email set a 
password or username say what country and province  
you’re in and then you can create your account 
next you should have gotten an activation code  
in your email so go ahead and go check your email 
inbox and then put that code into this activation  
code box so once you confirm your email and create 
an account it’ll get you to log back in and you’ll  
get prompted this page and have an account so from 
here on you want to go ahead you can buy and sell  
and convert and before you do that they’ll ask 
you to actually verify your identity so it’s just  
a few personal identification steps that you’ll 
need to put in and then you’ll have access to buy  
sell and convert different cryptocurrencies 
now let’s go through some of the features of  
the platform itself here’s some of the features 
for the essentials for your beginning trader you  
know you just signed up for kraken and you want 
to get started with cryptocurrency investments so  
kraken actually has a world-class team of security 
experts that work around the clock to cover every  
possible vector of attack so your cryptocurrency 
investments and identities stay protective at  
all times they have minimal fees as low as zero 
percent so their competitive investor friendly fee  
structure rewards you the more you trade is very 
easy to buy and sell assets in just a few clicks  
so they have a high liquidity exchange which 
makes sure that your trade orders are executed  
really quickly and on point with what price 
you want that is 24 7 support for all your  
different questions and needs and they also have 
some great funding options leading the industry  
and fiat and crypto funding options with very low 
processing times now those are some of their main  
essential features you guys can click on the learn 
about sections of each of these on their website  
remember links are all down below to learn 
a little more in depth about each of these  
features but these were essentially the essential 
ones now these are the actual ones for your next  
level traders who are a little more advanced and 
looking to seek some more knowledge now they have  
spot trading on margin where you can use margin 
to trade up to five times of leverage you also  
have the option to trade futures hedging your spot 
trades with cryptocurrency futures and maximizing  
returns with up to 50 times of leverage there’s 
options to have personalized over-the-counter  
service allowing you to execute large trades 
without disrupting the market with personalized  
service from the crack and trade desk they have 
real-time reference date indices which allow for  
the most accurate cryptocurrency benchmark 
pricing and aggregate pricing for multiple  
cryptocurrencies actually for the few of you who 
are a little more advanced and want that catering  
tailored financial advice and service kraken 
has account management service as well they  
offer that extra layer of dedication of one-on-one 
support for their more advanced clients so overall  
this is a crypto exchange that meets all your 
needs and has a ton of features from beginner  
features to advanced now here is the pricing 
section where you’ll see all the different  
cryptocurrencies laid out for you as we can see 
there’s a large list of cryptocurrencies over  
here you know so a ton of options for you guys 
choose from so where you can get cryptocurrency  
prices for 145 total assets right here so as you 
see the price how it’s going right now the 24  
fluctuation right now that’s going on the market 
cap so if we click on ethereum for example we  
see over here that there is a chart growth of the 
pattern that’s going on right now you can choose  
from the last hour the last day the last week 
month year and so on so so currently the price  
is 3 200 gives you the percentage that’s been 
going up for the past month in this example over  
here we’ll show you a little description about the 
cryptocurrency to get you a little familiar about  
the background and how it works and what it’s 
about as well as some cracking tools relating  
to it some advanced tools and some other popular 
assets that you can take a look at now this is the  
very simple beginner’s view of uh the prices for 
all these cryptocurrencies but you can actually  
go to the advanced markets view and this will take 
you to a little more advanced view of things and  
how they are going for these cryptocurrencies so 
taking a look at ethereum again this are some more  
advanced charts and some trading opportunities 
that you can have over here so great opportunity  
for those of you who are advanced traders who are 
wanting to get into kraken learn how the markets  
are working and start making those trading orders 
now one of the coolest things about the kraken  
exchange platform is they have a whole section 
about learning learning about cryptocurrencies  
their whole platform how to use it helping 
you gain knowledge in the cryptocurrency and  
blockchain space for example they have some cool 
resources over here for understanding bitcoin and  
cryptocurrencies as well as some editors choice 
different articles that you guys can take a look  
at for simple basic questions for beginners to 
even some events we just want to brush up on  
these topics it’s great to see that they cover the 
fundamentals for learning cryptocurrencies right  
from the start so you guys even if you are new to 
the space can definitely start learning from the  
get-go here’s an example of one of the links say 
ethereum versus bitcoin very common question and  
this just explains a little bit about that topic 
so more basic information about the top five most  
popular cryptocurrencies over here you guys can 
quickly learn about them you know easy to use  
easy terminology that you guys can find in these 
articles and a little price chart action over  
here as well as well as price details learning 
more about these cryptocurrencies as individuals  
so crypto 101 over here is actually the basis of 
cryptocurrency with their video series of all you  
need to know from the beginners from the basics of 
how do i get bitcoin you know why is the bitcoin  
price so volatile what if you lose bitcoin and 
a ton more videos over here which will help you  
learn in a video style format security is also 
a common question and concern for many beginners  
so they also have some a ton of crypto security 
guides with videos as well for cracking security  
two-factor authentication crypto and your own 
mobile phone a ton of information for you guys to  
learn and understand about the security aspect 
of things here’s also some cracking webinars  
that they actually host for more deeper dives 
informational topics about cryptocurrencies over  
here and these are actually webinars with actual 
live instructors that you guys can learn from you  
know ask questions back and forth and kind of a 
whole great environment of a class to actually get  
involved in this is a very popular platform that 
a lot of people use they have a very easy setup  
to start buying and selling cryptocurrencies and 
have a ton of growth and learning opportunities  
for your cryptocurrency journey remember all links 
that we covered in this video are going to be in  
the description below so make sure to check 
them out over there thanks again for watching  
the video make sure to like the video leave any 
comments down below of questions you might have  
any of these topics subscribe to the top crypto 
channel so we can keep on bringing some awesome  
content to help you on your cryptocurrency 
journey that’s all for now thanks for being here

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