Best E Bike! Beach Bike! The all NEW Addmotor Soletan M-66X (Full Review)

hey welcome to my channel if you’re new here my name is Brent I explore and film abandoned and forgotten places today I’m going to do a review on this electrical bike here it’s made by ad motor the model is a sultan m66x this thing is a beauty you should see how fast this thing goes so much fun can’t wait to show you guys let’s get right into the video the bike comes in four different colors black orange white and yellow this e-bike is powered by a bullfang 48 volt 750 watt rear brushless gear motor it

can travel 85 Plus miles with a fully charged battery top speed of approximately 38 kilometers per hour or 23 miles per hour the battery is a Samsung 28h takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to fully charge of course the battery charger is included with this bike the bike has a Twist speed throttle just like a dirt bike or a motorcycle it has a front 40 lumens LED headlight also has a rear brake light running light and turn signals it includes a 108 decibel horn and a handlebar Bell it includes a two-seater banana seat the frame

is an aluminum alloy step through frame the bike weighs 83.8 pounds without the battery the bike has a seven speed Shimano derailleur with a right

thumb Shimano 7-speed shifter it has a front and rear 180 millimeter disc brakes the e-bike has a full suspension includes a 42 tooth chain ring with a double-sided alloy chain guard it has an adjustable stem and a handlebar it has a large LCD display that shows the battery level speed average speed top speed and the seven different speed levels what is super cool is that it has a wooden foot rest

that provides a comfortable place for your feet to rest during riding it comes with foldable passenger foot pegs the tires are very durable and are puncture resistant let’s talk about the measurements of this bike the total length is 72 inches the seat height is 32.5 inches the wheelbase is 48 inches the handlebar width is 30 inches the banana seat is 23 inches by 8.5 inches the fat tires are 20 inches by 4 inches pad motor has tons of accessories for this e-bike like a front basket a backrest storage compartments and more now that we talked

about the add motor Sultan m66x specs let’s take this sweet bike for a ride

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