BRIDGERTON Netflix Review/Reaction – I'M AN ACTUAL MESS

so i really think
we should talk about burgertin yeah
you’re with me okay
if you are expecting for some type of
organized really informational type of
this isn’t this is not what this is i’m
sorry like you’re gonna have to
just go away
you want a bit of it right i’m not an
organized person this is gonna be so
severely disorganized i’m all over the
place i might have
but i’ve been to the doctor in like
years so i could be you know but we’re
not gonna step out
we’re not gonna talk about don’t talk
about it don’t talk okay what’s up
everybody i am your designated
introverted hotmess express now when i
cannot say
i have not been enjoying this forced
time alone i
thoroughly enjoyed it and netflix has
been one of those reasons not to say i
didn’t have free time before because you
i don’t really have a job i don’t know
about you i love a good
enemies to friends friends to lovers
type of narrative that’s my
stuff let’s say that that’s my stuff
that’s what i gravitate towards

i want it to be as romantic and
and as fictional as possible like what’s
the point if i
can’t bind to the fantasy like true love
just being surrounded by beautiful
people all the time that
for some reason are attainable wow
anyway so when i first heard about
bridger bridgerton bridgerton everyone
in the them all i first heard about it i
intrigued i love a good multi-colored
cast i love the inclusion
there could have been a bit more
inclusion it was a step in the right
direction they could you know take about
five more steps i think that would be
appreciated by
a lot of people well that type of
representation when i first saw the cast
i was like oh wow this is this is going
to be cool because you never really see
people of color particularly black
people can’t speaking about black people
here you don’t see them
in leading roles in those type of
victorian era
settings or if they do have lead roles
it’s usually not high places in society
scullywags i don’t know that was the
caster reminded me of cinderella but not
any type of cinderella brandy and
whitney cinderella
love to see it love to see it i don’t
think that i don’t think cinderella’s
cast acknowledged it at all that a lot
of the
pairings you know different races that
just don’t make sense like how does
whoopi goldberg
and that one white guy make an asian
we don’t know but it is what it is so
you gotta accept it
watched it on the day it came out and it
took me about a day and a half
to finish it i was hooked they got me
they really really got me
i don’t really know i’m going with this
i just finished it i just said you know
what let me just hop on here and say
because no one around me wants to watch
it and it’s so frustrating because it’s
good what am i gonna do do i wanna like
you know i’m gonna go character by
character and we’ll see how i feel
about that later on was i rating them
did i say i was gonna rate them
am i reading them oh my god oh my god
it’s all over my hands
duke of hastings simon bassett oh my god
reggae wow such a beautiful man
wow if there’s one thing that man can do
it is smolder
i’m not gonna lie it got a bit funny as
the show went on as every time
um the camera would pan to him it would
be the clean straw
the raised eyebrow just smolder
when you smile i smile
but he was so frustrated
just do it just have the baby be in love
be happy
the way i literally became obsessed with
this man
reggae consent i love to see it
it’s crazy that this is like what is
like the biggest
turn on but you know if you if you know
what i’m talking about
you know what i’m talking about i want
to show you more
the chemistry between the two characters
it was there like i said i love a good
enemies to friends friends to romance i
feel like that’s the type of
romantic progression a lot of people
should take instead of jumping straight
straight to i’m sexually attracted to
let’s be mates you know what i mean like
you need that friendship that slow burn
that’s not kind of what i enjoy it is
what i enjoy which is why
k dramas for the win the honeymoon scene
oh my
it was intense let me tell you it was
intense and i was happy i was watching
it alone but i felt so
bad for daphne because here she is
thinking that this is how you know these
type of things
happen between people who are together
married and whatnot
and he was fine with deceiving her on
that like the whole reason why i thought
his whole life children’s situation i
thought he’d gotten some type of
that time periods equivalent of a
vasectomy that was not the case
daphne girl baby you need to go talk to
somebody because
this is not that’s not how this is
supposed to work it’s it’s not supposed
to go this way
so someone tell her please old girl’s
over here smiling baby that’s not
how it’s supposed to go that’s not how
it’s supposed to go
simon bassett dukkha hastings he has the
yadda yadda he has a loud smile as well
he got the faces basically his face 10
out of 10
10 out of 10 10 out of 10 10 out of 10.
moving on
lady danbury the baddest block
light lady lady lady danbury
lady danbury lady lady john berry lady
john barry
we couldn’t have gotten her like a
better wig it was shiny as hell
i know you did not give lady dan very
lost in that
disrespectful anyway 10 out of 10. lady
whistle down
xoxo julie andrews you know
i kind of figured it out i feel like i’m
not sure how the books go but i feel
something could have been thrown in
there or something better could have
been thrown in there to throw
viewers off because i feel like once
that was revealed
to the tone you have to know who did it
you have to know who said it like come
on now
the idea was down 10 out of 10. she is
the twitter
what would life be without twitter the
ton needs twitter too
oh my god the feathering tins oh you
know i couldn’t tell
the feathering tints apart apart from
penelope so lady featherington
baby stop dressing your children leave
your children alone six out of ten
lord featherington how are you gonna
screw over your family like that what is
wrong with you what is
wrong with you like literally what is
wrong with you i’m
disappointed very much so was i the only
one who saw it that he was looking at
marina odd like for some reason i
thought that there would be some type of
secret romance between the two
like why didn’t you want old girl to get
married like
that’s another mouth to feed if you
don’t get her out of the house that’s
what i thought at the beginning
but you know we just found out later he
was just yeah a dick so
minus 2.75 i would say out of 10. marina
thompson old girl ruined her chances you
know she could have had
that one abcd burgerton i don’t know
what his name is i can’t remember it
right now
she ruined it for herself now she has to
have her
dead lovers baby while married to his
man if they had the shade room back then
7 out of 10.
having her being the one during the
season that all the students gravitate
towards you know
being that she is she’s definitely
multiracial a lighter skinned
black woman at that so kind of like oh
something new and exotic that’s what it
gave me
attracted all the boys so i mean i kind
of didn’t like pushed
that narrative but you know knowing
shonda daphne
daphne bridgeton
i hated it so much it just distracted me
what is that what is that plus she’s a
powder that one
i would say simon has a smolder she has
the powder you know
with her little mole um without simon i
would give her a seven
um with simon i’m gonna give her an
eight because that one scene you know
after she came to the realization that
he was um
lying to her she kind of took matters
into her own hands i don’t know how i
feel about that
on one hand i’m you know go girl but
then on another hand i’m like
i don’t i don’t think that’s right i
don’t think that’s the right thing to be
doing maybe that was a bad idea
you know maybe
eloise oh my god we all need an eloise
in our lives can someone please tell her
how babies are made that’s crazy how are
they sending off these girls
knowing that she’s the next one to you
know go into the season half her season
and she doesn’t even know how babies are
made they send these girls in they’re
like the american education system is
trash but at least i know
what goes where by the time i was like
and she was funny but not overly so and
i love that
it was awkward funny like zoey deschanel
investigative journalist whose main goal
isn’t just to be someone’s wife right
she wants to make something of herself
which is cool
i can’t say that for myself sugar daddy
applications can be found down below
oh you want my feet picks do you
anyway send me money but eloise girl you
do you use driver independence you know
what i mean
i don’t want to work a day in my life
okay i’m
over it i’m only 24 and i’m over it who
wants to do this
i’d rather sit back and eat
all day and to be honest i thought
she and penelope were you know a little
was that the only one who thought that
it could not be me who was the only one
who thought that
i’m gonna get ellie’s a 10 out of 10. i
love that hell
the bridgeton brothers anthony
antony the vi count baby he needed to
calm down i’m going to start off by
giving him like a 4 out of 10
because he’s just he’s troubled and i
don’t appreciate guys who string girls
like if you are gonna fight for someone
fight for them don’t wait until they’re
threatening to leave you you know what i
anthony brought benedict
i thought he was you know i had a
feeling you had a feeling too i know he
eight out of ten eight out of ten
just because i thought he was can i even
remember what he looks like
i don’t think so colin wanted a bit of
the cocoa
with marina he’s a good singer and i
like how they smelt that ends you know
give that type of opportunity to him the
song was kind of out of place but you
it was expected as soon as the show
started with that little rendition of
thank you next i was like okay you guys
are pulling a rain
we’re gonna have modern music with
historical arrangements
okay you know i’m gonna give him a 8 out
of 10 because he claims
he would have taken care of marina and
someone else’s child
i’m going to bump him up until nine out
of ten i think he’s such a baby he wants
to be loved so bad
there’s other children too gregory um
francesca um
um white children sienna rosso and i’m
gonna give her a six out of ten for
knowing when to stand up for herself and
move on
and get someone who will treat her right
lord nigel
brooke the whitest of all white men okay
feeling entitled to
a woman very much so out of his league
for what exactly he needed to learn this
place which is why my baby
mr duke of hastings simon bassett mr
reggae took care of him
ah queen charlotte queen charlotte you
know i was living for her i really was
i’m not gonna deny it she
was hilarious in many ways very extra
very aunt with no kids it was
everything was so extra and i loved it
from the outfits to the wigs and like
everything was natural and just
nothing was not entertaining about her i
feel i loved it i really enjoyed it i’m
gonna need season two
um immediately which is unfortunate
because i know it’s not happening
anytime soon
because of you know this whole situation
that we’re in yeah i’m actually
really ready for it i didn’t think i’d
like it as much as i did but it was
perfect i feel like it was exactly what
was needed because i don’t think there’s
anything on tv right now
like it they could up the england’s
inclusivity a bit
the representation up a bit you know
maybe get a bit more melanated main
characters that’d be cool
and i’m pretty sure season two according
to the books which i wanted to read but
i don’t know if i should read because
there’s apparently
a bad scene in there like are you guys
excited for season two like i am like
i’m so
ready so ready and it sucks that
past year has been put on hold because
i’m pretty sure they could have been
halfway through production right now
i’m excited i thoroughly enjoyed it like
i said anthony
wasn’t my favorite character so if his
story if they do follow the books
then his story is next
hopefully you know they’ll make
something of it they usually do but if
those two
aren’t in love in real life then that’s
cool because
more for me i’m perfectly fine with that
you know i love good actors
i love good actors please do not follow
them and get married no
let me know what you guys think down
below are you as excited as i am how
did you guys watch it let me know i want
to i want to know the fastest time which
really the fastest time can really only
they’re about like eight episodes so did
you go straight through without taking a
nap that’s what i would have done
i started it really late at night if i’d
started it at maybe 5 a.m
i would have been done by at least 4
p.m so what would you rate who’s your
favorite characters let me know
everything i need people to talk
about which i need people to talk about
this with because no one around me wants
to watch it and it’s shoot
it’s sure
all night
i wanna know what’s on your mind so
drink it up
i want you to tell me that you’re mine
so drink it up
so drink it up

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