Cara Install DotOS 5.2.1 di Poco X3 Pro | Review, Tes Benchmark & Gaming [ENG SUB]

Welcome to Ruang Droid,
In this video, I will explain
how to install the DotOS version
5.2.1 official on Poco X3 Pro with codename yavu or bhima
then i will
a little review of this custom ROM and
as usual I will do a test
performance in some benchmark applications
and games that I usually use in
previous videos.
Well, for those of you who don’t know DotOS or
droidontime is one of the AOSP-based custom ROMs
that strives for the essence
from simple, unique and safe
This custom ROM offers a unique user interface,
optimal performance,
mwhile still paying attention to the balance between performance and battery life
the version I tested this time was dot
OS version 5.2.1
which is the last update
for Android 11,
and in the future they will focus on developing a dot OS version
6.0 based on Android 12
before going into the tutorial, make sure your phone has a custom recovery installed
such as TWRP and the like
Most importantly, don’t forget to backup the data
in your internal memory. if you are ready, proceed to the steps as follows.
let’s download the rom first
for the download link, I’ll put it on

/> here there are two versions, namely vanilla and Gapps. The difference is, in vanilla, Google applications such as the Play Store,
So, you have to download Gapps and
install it via TWRP. while the Gapps version includes the Google application in it
and in this video
I will use the Gapps version
Alright, let’s just download the file
if it has been downloaded now it’s time to enter TWRP.
if your phone is on like
In this case, you can reboot first
and immediately press and hold the volume up button like this.
after entering TWRP, do wipe data
by clicking the wipe menu, then
Advance wipe,
check Dalvik, data and cache like this
then swipe right to continue. after the wipe data process is successful, return to
the main menu then select menu
install and go to the folder
where you saved the previously downloaded rom file.
then click the rom file that you want
installed then swipe right to continue
and wait until the flashing process is complete.
after the flashing process is complete, return to the main menu and install additional files
such as Magisk if you want the phone to be rooted.
This is optional, so you can skip this step.


if everything is installed, select the wipe menu, then select format data
and type “yes” to delete all data in the internal memory.
click reboot system, then wait for it to successfully enter the initial setup page.

OK, so far the installation process has been successfully carried out without the slightest problem,
then do the initial setup until you enter the main menu.

now we have entered the main menu and this is what it looks like.
first impression when trying this custom ROM
it looks very simple and
the user experience feels very smooth.
then we try to enter the settings menu, here there is a special menu called customizations.
you can make customizations such as
changing wallpapers, theme colors, icons and others.
then there is also a gaming mode feature called the game dashboard.
This feature is certainly very useful for those of you who like to play games.
then we go to the menu about phone
then the Android version, here is the DotOS logo and what we are using
is version 5.2.1 with Android 11
It uses security level November 5 2021
and using Linux Kernel 4.1
from MOCHI
Then we see the default camera, it uses a standard android camera
and the camera seems mediocre
Maybe that’s all I can review,
then I will install some benchmark applications and games that I usually use in previous videos
to test the performance of this custom ROM
OK, the application and game have been installed and
now I will compare its performance
with MIUI Global version 12.5.5 and just watch the video

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