Children’s Book Review Series by Multiple Allergy Family

hi guys welcome to multiple allergy family 
we hope you’ve been enjoying our posts  
in this video we’ll be talking about our 
children’s allergy book review series  
in which we take a look at several different 
books that are about children with food allergies  
and food sensitivities this way you don’t have 
to buy a ton of books or take out every single  
book in your public library system in order to 
find the book or two books or even several books  
that are right for the children in your life 
whether you happen to be a parent or guardian  
yourself are a relative a teacher or school nurse 
or maybe even have food allergies yourself we’re  
hoping that you’ll be able to find a book that 
fits your needs. That being said if you know  
of any books that we haven’t covered yet or you 
even happen to be an author of a book that we  
haven’t covered yet yourself please let us know 
comments message us we’re into collaboration  
please let us know we definitely want to be 
supportive of our allergy families and also  
of the books that help all kids grow in their 
knowledge awareness and empathy good thing right  
I mean especially everybody almost everybody 
knows of a kid’s food allergies nowadays  

/> one of thirteen kids have a food allergy and 
children happen to be especially vulnerable to  
allergic reactions for many reasons one is a lack 
of knowledge and that there’s a lack of vigilance  
and over trust of well-intentioned 
others that may unknowingly offer them  
unsafe treats and there’s also an inability to 
recognize or notify their loved ones when they’re  
having an allergic reaction so all these things 
combine to keep us allergy families up at night  
which is how this whole project started in the 
first place. we started reading these books to  
our kids as another way to help them learn 
to keep themselves and their loved ones safe  
and it has helped you know my older 
son especially he will come up to me now  
and he’ll say oh so-and-so offered me a 
cupcake mom is is that safe is it okay if  
i have it and it’s really i mean i mean that’s 
great that’s all we can really expect right  
is that vigilance and understandings of having 
to be careful so we definitely want to teach  
self advocation of allergies with our children so 
that’s when we decided to share the books we found  
with our children’s book review series so we hope 
you find it useful we decided to judge all our  
books on three different categories the first 
being the targeted age group the second  
being how informative the book was and lastly 
the entertainment value of the book itself  
because that also matters of course with the 
book so lecture going with reviews again  
we hope you find it super informative let us 
know what you think and enjoy the reviews guys

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