Don't BUY this Samsung Phone – A23 5G Unboxing !

Buy these products with the best deals and offers from the Youtube shopping list. Tap on the screen and click view products to know more. Last year, guys That means Samsung dominated the smartphone market in 2022. After that Apple Then Xiaomi Let’s see Will Samsung do something excellent in the year 2023? Like Or the trend of last year will continue? A series came at the beginning of last year. Followed by like Galaxy Series And this time also, Samsung is launching A series of phones. All 5G So Here is the latest A23 5G Before this, Samsung Galaxy

A14 5G came. As compared to last year, this box is now a bit thicker. That means There must be some extra stuff. So let’s do the unboxing. Ok Let’s see, guys We haven’t unboxed any phone for a long time. Let us see in the bill what is the price of this phone. The price of this phone is Rs 22,999 6GB 8GB It is available in two variants. Let’s cut it. We cannot say that this phone is the cheapest smartphone with the OIS feature. Because Samsung has already taken its credit by launching A23 Where the feature

of OIS was available The phone looks a bit heavy and thick. Wow You get a charger and cable in the box. And Here you are getting fast charging

of a maximum of 25W. Adaptive fast charging USB Type A to Type C There is nothing else. The headphone is no longer available even with Samsung’s premium phones. With budget phones, headphones will not be available at all. Let’s find out how the phone is. Last year’s phone was a bit matte finish design. Let’s see what the color is this time. I think there is a glossy design here.

It is last year’s Samsung A series phone. Last year’s phones were in this kind of matte finish design. The design this time is a little glossy. On the essentials Here you will also find the headphone jack. USB Type C And Speaker As you get Here there is a side-mounted fingerprint sensor on the right side. Volume button On top Noise cancellation mic This side Sim Tray Not the clean How many Sim cards can we install here? Here you can install two 5G Sim cards and one SD card together. No Gasket protection The phone is not too

heavy. I think its weight should be 197 grams. I am right. 197 grams Here is the setup of the quad camera. Now it has become a habit of triple camera. But here is the setup of the quad camera. The phone has turned on. You can see how the phone looks. And like Is there a punch hole or notch here? You can see how the bezels are here. Well, to be clear, guys. Samsung’s budget phones display like this. Super premium phones If you use Samsung’s S series or Fold series phones Then that’s a different matter. But

if you go to any other series apart from this. So you might be a little disappointed. It’s not that it’s bad But you can get a better display than this. For an instance If you go for Realme 10 Pro See This phone is available at less price than this. Here you get the same specs that you get in this phone. But Just look at that Here you can see bezels at the top. I hope this too was made by Samsung. But You will see a huge difference when compared to any other brand. So forget that

If the display is your priority, then you should go elsewhere. On the specifications It is a PLS LCD panel. Not the IPS On the good part Here you will get the support of 120Hz. It’s a good thing that you are not getting 90Hz support here. But here, you get support for 120Hz. Right now, I have put the phone on 100% brightness. I think the brightness of this phone should be about 800 nits. For the testing, guys There is currently no HDR support visible on Netflix. It’s only HD here. I don’t know if it will come

in the future or not. But At the moment When this device launched There is no support for HDR in both Amazon Prime or Netflix. Here the display is not justifiable according to the price. And the processor And guys About the performance You get Snapdragon 695 here. That too In the price segment of twenty-three thousand rupees Now On the comparison If you want to go For example Redmi K50i Same price Or You can also get Dimensity 8100 processor at a lower price than this. If you buy last year’s phone like Motorola Edge 30 There you will

get Snapdragon 778G at the same price. And if you take Samsung’s last year’s phone at a little discount price. You can also get that phone with a good CPU for the same price. So this part here is a bit not digestible. At least If you see Samsung’s phones, which come in under fifteen thousand rupees Samsung F23 There you get Snapdragon 750G. Here the capability of 4K video recording is also available. So again That’s not understandable like Why is this done? Now let me tell you its limitations. For example If you play 4K videos here For

an instance On the Youtube You can not play 4K videos here. Even if you copy and play Youtube 4K videos, you will not enjoy You cannot record 4K video with the rear camera. Here you get a lot of such limitations. By the way, this display is fluid and is working fine. Here you will not feel the slightest lag. Its performance is ok in casual use. If you are only purchasing a phone for basic needs That’s it Let’s talk about the software. I have not installed any extra applications here yet. I have just connected Wifi here

and have added Google Account. All the applications here are pre-installed. Truecaller Snapchat And It is Samsung’s app. Prime Dailyhunt BYJU’S My Galaxy Amazon And there are many applications of Microsoft here. There’s Netflix and Spotify, Too. Here you will get many applications pre-installed. You must have understood that here you are getting many applications. You also get the feature of call recording here. Here the option of Call Record has been given. For the software information Here you get Android 13 out of the box. And There is no other phone in the market at this price that can

give longer software updates than this phone. To this phone And You can say that with Samsung A series phones, you will get software updates for up to four years. That means This device will go up to Android 14 15 16 up to Android 17 I am unable to say whether the phone will work until then. But updates will keep coming on your phone. So yes Probably Your phone is future-proof. Updates will keep coming to your phone, and your phone will keep working well. Updates will keep coming to your phone, and your phone will keep working

well. to be surprised, guys I can’t believe it here. I will show you too. If you look here Like If I show you the feature of screen recording here There is no screen recording feature here. There is no screen recording feature here. Even if I go to the plus option You will not find the feature of screen recording anywhere here. If you look at the Samsung Fold 4 Even here, you will not get the feature of screen recording. In the Samsung S Series Here you get the feature of screen recording. And guys Let’s talk about

the camera. Here you get the setup of a Quad camera. 50MP with the OIS 5MP Ultrawide 2MP Macro And here is a 2-megapixel depth sensor. Let’s see how is the camera quality here. Here is the Samsung sensor. Of course Here you will see a little result. like This object here is a bit dark red. But here, it’s a little bit more vibrant red. It happens in Samsung’s sensor that the color changes slightly. You can see it’s a bit light green. It’s dark green over here. It is a unique feature of Samsung that you get in

Samsung phones. And if we talk about the higher-megapixel camera. There is a 50MP camera here. You can see that here you can get a lot of details. It is an advantage of a higher-megapixel camera. Now all the camera sensors come like this. Even iPhone also has a 48-megapixel camera. So Not a big deal Now Now let’s take pictures in complete low light. in total darkness Here the quality is as expected. The photos are a bit vibrant. It is good enough to share on social media. In this phone, you get a 50MP ultra-wide camera. like It’s

now a normal shot. And this is Ultrawide It is not that you cannot get a better ultrawide camera at this price. Of course By spending a little more money, you can also buy Moto Edge 30 and Nothing Phone 1. There you can get a 50MP ultrawide camera. Selfie time Let’s see how the quality is here. The selfie camera is good here. By the way, the selfie camera of Samsung phones is good. There’s only an 8-megapixel selfie camera here. Which is also available in other phones for 15 thousand rupees Crazy like Only Samsung can do it.

As I said before This CPU does not support 4K. Here you can make videos of a maximum of 1080P 30fps. The good thing is that here you get the support of OIS. That means Your videos will shake less, and the quality will be better. Right now, I am recording indoors. So probably You can imagine how the quality is. And this is a sample of its front camera. Here also, you can make 1080P videos. Here the colors are ok. like As I see, the same color is coming here. Only here, the contrast increased a bit. like

Here the hairs look very dark black. So The quality of the selfie camera is ok here. But there is only 8 Megapixel selfie camera. So Again That’s a bad part Here you get a single speaker. There are no dual speakers here. But here, you will get the support of Dolby Atmos. Output is ok, but not super loud. You can get louder and better speakers than this at this price. Here the speakers are just ok. like Not bad And at the end, guys. About the battery Here you get a 5000 mah battery. Here you get super-fast

charging of 25W. So yes By the way, the slower the phone charges, the longer the battery life. Not battery backup I am talking about the battery life. If you want a fast charging feature or if you have to run the phone for a long time, it’s up to you. Should you buy this phone or not? By the way like The same story was the last year too. Samsung A23 was also a similar phone in the A series. You can consider this an overpriced phone in a way. For fifteen thousand rupees, you can easily get a

phone with the same specs. The best feature I found in this phone is software updates. Which no one can give It’s not that the phone won’t sell. So For which type of users this phone is ok. If you only do casual tasking If you use social media Instagram WhatsApp Facebook if you do all that stuff If you do more calling Then maybe this is a good deal for you. Because Here you will get updates for four years, so your phone will keep working. But if you are a bit Pro. like If you make a lot

of 4K videos If you do a lot of gaming Then this phone is not ok for you at all. You can get better phones than this at this price. Apart from this, you are also getting many apps here. The phone is definitely overpriced. The price of this phone should be within 20K. It would have been adjustable if the price of this phone was 18,999. And digestible too Both are applicable here.

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