[ENG] Chen Junyu's car review| Porsche 718 Boxster + singing "Ain't what it seems" by J.Sheon

hello hello everyone
today’s sunshine is also very bright
I also put on a light short sleeves
look, it’s been particularly hot
this is a familiar place
because I’ve been here before
as for what we are doing here
let me bring you guys, a look of today’s main character
Porsche 718 Boxster
Today, I will be a non-professional car critic
just a simple car enthusiast
come to talk with you about this Porsche 718 Boxster
It looks very handsome at first glance, right?
It has the style of a sports car
It has a soft top as well
It has red shed(interior skin)
It can be put down (open-top)
exactly a pure convertible
this car also has only two seats
honorable Porsche Chief, in his 718 Boxster
set off
I’ve already driven a long way
and one of the most intuitive feelings this car gives me is
First of all, as soon as you enter the car,
its sitting position is particularly low
the center of gravity of the chassis is particularly low
It is indeed in line with

the positioning of sports cars
driving it feels like just
In terms of comfort, there will be nothing like an ordinary family car
such is its quality because after all, it’s still a
sports car
I think there is no problem if you go(with this car) on a daily basis
still acceptable, acceptable
Porsche, constantly talks about its gearbox
pdk, you’ll hear more or less
It’s because of this gearbox
that it is known for, that’s right
awesome, really awesome
We are now going to carry out a
speed up, and not talk about the test
I just want to feel this one
the car’s acceleration
the somatosensory feeling
The somatosensory is not too strong
because first of all
because it’s a 2.0, a 2.0t engine
if its displacement is here(at 2.0t=2.0 liters)
It is simply bound to not have such a fierce
a feeling
because this car
It’s a mid-engine sports car
so by the layout of this engine
It’s just bound to be that way
It’s more suitable for driving on a road with many bends
so, I’m in like this road
I’m on this normal road
If I drive in a straight line like this
there is not much impression
I hope I can still try it if I have the chance in the future
《Ain’t what it seems》by J.Sheon

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