Film Instructor watches Attack on Titan 3×16 | "Perfect Game" Review and Reaction

hi everyone on today’s video I’m going to be reacting to episode 16 of season 3 of Attack on Titan what the heck is going to happen like this this this battle is oh my God where is hunch where is my girl she cannot die please like I I just want to watch if she’s alive that’s it but before we get into the video please subscribe to this channel if you’re not subscribed yet because there’s a lot of more new reactions coming and you don’t want to miss them so now let’s go into the video good

my God the disrespect oh he’s panicking no he’s doubting himself he’s panicking how can you sneak around when he’s so tall he’s got he sees everything this is horrible perfect game I don’t think it’s that what the heck what is that what is happen whoa what Jesus my God what the heck do you do against that oh my god wow it doesn’t doesn’t need them oh my God fore what the heck do you do my God how sake oh my God oh my God so people who cannot fight nice and this twoo yeah y I

don’t think he cares he doesn’t care I mean I wouldn’t say that bird is a person who just falls to his emotions easily he did

that a little bit with Annie that’s what army tried to explo to you know explode but but my God how my God he’s just massive like he doesn’t even reach his knee Jesus he’s going to throw him yeah like that was obvious Jesus what what I’m losing hope if Aron couldn’t do anything at all yeah of course okay how IDE you just said you need a plan and okay this is

giving me anxiety what they’re not going oh my God no they they’re flying away ah I’m losing all hope I was thinking okay maybe with the Thunder Spears you know something what to me it was more logical to to try and bring him down to do it on the knees or something but yeah if if the Thunder Spears fly back at you I don’t know I don’t know and he’s back like something really big needs to happen to to turn the tables what the heck oh my God got out of I feel defeated Titans oh

oh are produced by using its own body as a resource consumes muscle tissue so maybe what they need to do is make him continue to do that so he will become then but do they have enough time for that oh my God on this guy playing baseball all they have is recruits that they are losing all they will to fight they’re like what the heck for he’s ready to give up his life no Levi know he has he has the right the injection so now is the chance if they can you know capture no that

is going to be impossible they need to capture one of these special Titans turn someone into a Titan and make it it in I don’t know it’s complicated because right now there’s three Titans and Aaron is sleeping and but he’s got that doesn’t it yeah it should unless he forgot it and he didn’t bring it so what how how no oh my God I did say this Erwin like the way that the script is going everyn is going and I really hope I’m wrong but also the fact that he’s giving Armen some you know leadership

and everything yeah where is hunch because she’s next in line isn’t isn’t it so what is he going to do Li that is true that is true he needs to he he like he cannot just say hey guys do this I’ll wait for you here he needs to do it as well oh no no I want him to know he’s been no this is horrible no no no no no it cannot be no I don’t like this I don’t like this I don’t want to keep watching I don’t like this if he dies he’s like

his goal in life to know the truth and everything he’s you know he’s not going to know that that upsets me no it cannot be like that sake no foreign spee fore oh the squad everyone is freaking show making me cry for no no he’s accepting it no please no don’t die no he cannot die come on he cannot not without not without knowing what is in the basement wait but but Levi has the the serum so maybe maybe that that is what is going to happen so he will get injured but Levi will no

but then he will just be a Titan unless they take down one of these oh my God this is too many too much too many assumptions I need to know what happens oh to blurry the vision I guess yeah I got they’re terrified speee no but there’s Titans oh yeah Levi oh my goodness their faces oh my god of course they know that they’re going to die they just know yeah well yeah they could just say anyway you head to them or you just wait to them to them yeah yes basically do you really want

to die like that I mean he did say something like oh some lies or whatever but he’s not lying like he’s always very honest on these things he’s like okay yeah we’re probably going to all die that’s how it is that’s it and it was the same on the speech that he did for for to know to get new recruits for the Scouts he was like yeah most of us are going to die so if you want to join good if not bye-bye I don’t want him to Die the one with the hair Marlo he’s

nice the music everything the speed for oh my God no no no oh I can’t this is horrible they just going to die this freaking show oh my God I’m not I’m going to need therapy after this freaking Show Jesus they just make it so beautiful beautiful I don’t know if the world is beautiful but you know the speech the charge sake I want to believe that what is going to happen now that we’ve seen him that he’s being hit I did say this when he lost their arm and everything I had a feeling and

maybe they are going like my voice is shaking sorry maybe Leva is going to use the serum on him and you know he will regrow his arm and everything and everything is going to be fine but the fact that he gave Aran a little bit of power you know like come on start to stand up makes me worried so I don’t know because also I feel that we had seen a few moments with Armen that makes me think that something is going to happen to him as well so I don’t know I’m a bit lost

I don’t know I don’t know where to go I’m I’m I don’t know I don’t know I just want to keep watching or not I don’t even know what what the heck I want do I want to do this to myself anyways please drop a comment let me know what you think and let me remind you that if you’re a member of this channel there’s no waiting for you for the premieres you can just go and watch all my content among other perks and I also have a patreon where I upload the full unedited reactions

also with Early Access as soon as I film them they go over there so there’s no waiting uh I don’t need to edit or anything so it’s really fast and if if you cannot this fine just please like comment and share this video and any of those things will help me a lot so I can create more content for you guys I can invest more time and yeah I’m going to go to therapy and I’ll see you in my next video bye

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