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all right so God of War Ragnarok is out now in the blades of chaos have never looked better going up against the Norse pantheon the plumpy Thor and his Almighty mjolnir what a shocker but in this video we’re going to be briefly recapping the previous game discuss the couple different endings are theories for the next game along with our reaction and review of this new installment in the God of War franchise now let’s not waste any time because Ragnarok is on its way now if you enjoy this video then Leviathan ax throw at that like

button as it helps the channel and also don’t forget to subscribe for breakdowns reviews and Recaps like this every day with that out of the way a huge thank you for clicking this I’m Jared now let’s get into God of War Ragnarok you seem like a calm and reasonable person are you a calm and reasonable person foreign before we dive into the destruction of Ragnarok let’s go over a brief recap of the ending of God of War 2018. essentially the main mission was to spread FaZe ashes kratos’s wife and a trace’s mother on the tallest

peak in all of the nine Realms this happens to be yodenheim the home of the Giants along the way atreus and Kratos get into

all sorts of scrambles resulting in a dead Boulder they made Pebbles of him which upsets Fria his mother pledging wrath upon the two of them but if we fast forward to the ending the pair discover a mural in yodenheim that illustrates atreus’s life a prophecy of events of the game thus far revealing that Faye had been a giant herself named laufi therefore atreus is half Giant and half Greek god and that

the Giants had referred to him as Loki surprise but it has atreus walks away Kratos notice is a hidden portion of the prophecy depicting the death of him either by atreus or with atreus so with it now being revealed that atreus is the trickster god Loki the two head back to their home in the forest with mamir mentioning that it is the start of thimble winter a constant ever-growing winter that spans three Summers leading to the end of everything AKA Ragnarok there’s a final T stating years later with a big old Thor showing up to

their home either to talk or to kill them showing off the gods Almighty Milner before cutting to Black so um Ragnarok is the event at the core of this game with it having all you know obviously been set up by the pair in God of War 2018. now if you don’t know what Ragnarok is it’s a 2017 Marvel Studios movie where we see wrong Google search Ragnarok is simply defined as the final destruction of the world in the conflict between the ECR and the powers of Hell led by Loki set three years after the first

game the main goal at the center of God of War Ragnarok is the impeding Doom of Destruction on the horizon while Kratos and atreus must Traverse the nine Realms Gathering relics to find a way of stopping it along their way they meet several allies like agrabata and tyr the Norse god of war who all ask atreus who is your daddy and what does he do while also budding heads with many prominent members of Norse lore like heimdell and of course Thor who seeks revenge on his half-brother Boulder and his two sons that Kratos and a

train is killed in the first game all of this leads to the doorstep of Asgard as Ragnarok approaches but Odin continues to seek for an unknown knowledge that he believes Loki can uncover obviously trying to exploit him to be used to prevent the end of everything but the cycle of vengeance is not so easily broken now the ending leads Kratos atreus and the United forces of the other Realms to begin a full-on assault Allah you know the portal scene from Avengers end game on Asgard against Odin however he had been expecting them with Valkyries and

other Ein Harrier of his own to stand in their way Kratos and atreus battle through hordes having through our joined them with syndry breaking down the guard wall surrounding all of Asgard unfortunately tubby Thor is waiting for them going full on Rock’em sock’em robots with Kratos though Kratos bests him and milnar demanding him to think about the children that they don’t need to be destroyers they must be better again tying in with the cycle of Vengeance that is not so easily broken Thor throws down mjolnar stating that he won’t kill Kratos or be used for

his power again this results in Odin killing him because Thor had only been kind of seen as a tool to him with Odin now fighting Kratos atreus and Fria it’s a damn Jerry Springer family Throwdown atreyus smashes the masks that Odin was about to use to gain the unlimited knowledge ripping his soul from his body and placing it in a marble like all of the giant souls he had discovered along the way keep been the Odin marble seems like a terrible Genie in a Bottle situation instead syndrie angrily smashes it because of Brock’s death by

Odin earlier once again alluding to you guessed it the cycle of Vengeance ragnacock I mean a Ragnarok thrusts his giant sword into Asgard destroying all of it as they escape the final moments reveal angra Boda showing atreus one final mural from Faye revealing she had destroyed the Shrine in yodenheim so that he and Kratos wouldn’t know their fate instead allowing them to forge their own to break the prophecy atreus wants to now go off on his own to seek out more of his own story finding more of the giants that are in hiding obviously heavily

hinting we could get in atreya’s Standalone story in the future Kratos and him finally part ways in one hell of a gut punch emotional scene Loki will go dress remains after atreus leaves Kratos discovers another side of the mural opening it up to reveal his own story there are depictions of Athens Kratos with the blades of chaos traveling on a boat from there to midgard along with key events from the first game and this one the final panel is a second gut punch of emotion as we see Kratos standing above wearing his Spartan gear while

holding the Leviathan ax a blend of his past and present what he was and what he has become being worshiped as a God after others argued he was never a true God because he was never worshiped or prayed to his journey of becoming a worthy God is complete one that his people love a right and just God Freya and mamir ask Kratos what he saw replying a path I had never imagined referring to him never thinking through all of the rage in turmoil he would become who he is now a final hint of cleaning up

Odin’s mess of the nine Realms is mentioned by Freya as a bit of post-game content suggesting Legions of Ein hairier you know the chromed out Mad Max Fury Road characters still remain now in the post game content there is one more ending a secret ending that is um secret but it’s a funeral for Brock if you head to spartalheim you can meet with the dwarves on the shores of the spurred Saiyans this will see another emotional send-off of a beloved character Brock a disheveled syndry Pace’s final respects as Brock is sent out to see in

a traditional Viking funeral Kratos tries to offer regards to sindri but bitterly refuses staring him down as he staggers off and vanishes once again and I’ve said it like four times now don’t don’t make me repeat myself but the cycle of vengeance is not so easily broken as for where potential follow-ups and spin-offs could go the ending of Ragnarok leaves a few breadcrumbs we can follow we could see a split story following Kratos as he is now you know kind of become the new God of War in quotes in a sense for the Norse pantheon

because uh you know tear well uh he he be dead there were mentions of Ghana a valkyrie Queen still lurking out there so she could assemble some forces storming kratos’s doorstep while the other half of the story seized Loki now a grown man adventuring his way to uniting all of the Giants him and Kratos team up but this results in the death prophecy that we saw at the end of 2018’s God of War though do take everything with a grain of salt because Corey barlog said in an interview that this Norse series would be complete

after two games but hey Money Talks baby the next series will most likely jump into a different mythology in general either bring Kratos back into the mix or even handing off the blades of chaos to atreus various interviews suggest Mayan or Hindi culture and the 2018 game hinted at Egyptian Greek Celtic and even Shinto however the Egyptian Pantheon seems to be the front runner because that almost became the setting of the 2018 game with concept art being shown off Egypt was also the setting in the God of War Fallen God comic run so the Egyptian

story could even bridge the gap between you know God of War 3 and then 2018 rebukwil but what do you think where do you want to see the next God of War be set hell they could even get wacky with things and set it present day like the original god of war post-credits scene remember that that was wild overall ragnarok’s story is just man it’s the sprawling Adventure steeped in Norse mythology that I was hoping for the fact that all nine Realms are open for our Discovery and even more familiar and unfamiliar members of the

Norse pantheon are present it feels like the world and story has so much depth to it I mean who knew I needed to see Thor in a bar fight acknowledging his drinking problems this drink I like it another atreus coming into his own evolving as a character on screen plus Kratos learning to become more calm and understanding adds that extra layer to everything though I think the 2018 God of War had more impactful emotional plot beats Ragnarok isn’t shy of its own moments and I commend the team for really developing Kratos into a character that

you can really sympathize with rather than you know an ending in a traditional sense like kill everything in sight Rage of the earlier games like have we ever seen this man cry before like damn it’s great but I’m not crying I’m not a crier I don’t cry I you know I work out but obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on God of War Ragnarok and what you thought of this story overall is this sequel worthy of wielding mjolnir and I’ll let you know we are currently running the competition giving away three copies of top

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explained or our full wakanda forever breakdown with that out of the way thanks for your constant support I’ve been Jared I’ll see you in the next one take care and boy all right uh peace

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