Goo Goo Halo Hair Extension Unboxing, Review & Installation

hey everyone candy dawn welcome back to my 
channel today we are doing a review of a  
halo hair extension piece from the company called 
google hair now just a disclaimer this product was  
sent to me complimentary i’m not being paid in any 
way to make this video or i don’t make any sales  
uh commissions at all this is strictly an honest 
review so we’re going to do an unboxing review  
and i’m going to do a little installation 
on how to um apply the halo hair piece um  
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if you don’t know what a halo hair extension piece 
is we will get into all that and i will explain  
exactly why it’s a little bit more beneficial 
than your traditional clip-in hair extensions  
but first let’s talk about the packaging first off 
this is some gorgeous packaging um i love the like  
you know flower petal detail on the box here and 
this beautiful gold embossed logo and it comes  
in this like cute little like hat box style box i 
guess you would say

i don’t know i just think it’s  
absolutely a beautiful packaging i opened up the 
box and the company was very gracious enough to  
send me a few little goodies inside my package 
so we have this beautiful white hair scrunchie  
they also sent me a hair clip here which is really 
great for when you need to separate your hair it’s  
going to make the installation process a lot 
easier they also sent me a beautiful pair of  
um eyelashes fake eyelashes so can’t wait 
to do a photo with these and they also did  
send in some extra um uh fishing line 
like hair wire and some clips as well  
also included in the box is your instruction 
manual and also a lifetime hair accessory  
replacement guarantee and i love when companies do 
that because it just shows they really take their  
product seriously also got this beautiful cute 
silk bag so this is a good storage bag for your  
hair it’s just going to keep your hair tangle free 
and make it last longer so this is the halo hair  
piece first off i’m noticing something a little 
bit extra special about this halo hair extension  
i have tried ones in the past so i will explain 
in a minute what i’m noticing different about  
this one so first off let’s talk about the 
texture and feel of the hair this is super  
super soft feels like amazing quality um it’s 
absolutely beautiful this is i believe 20 or  
22 inches i can’t remember but either way it’s 
super long and beautiful they have a variety  
of lengths you can choose from and i believe this 
is like the blonde balayage so far just looking  
at my hair color i would say it is a pretty good 
match so what exactly is a halo hair extension  
it’s basically one long piece of hair attached 
to a clear like fishing line wire now normally  
when you order traditional uh clip in hair 
extensions you get about like five to seven  
separate pieces that you all have to clip into 
your hair so this is just one simple piece but  
what makes this one extra special compared to the 
other extensions that i have tried in the past  
is in addition to the wire this one also has the 
clips as well to add um you know extra um grip  
into your hair so it’ll help stay in nicely a lot 
of times um some other halo hair pieces tend to  
slip or not stay in place so i do like that they 
have these extra hair clips here to add extra  
security now if you’re somebody that really 
doesn’t know how to put in clip in hair extensions  
then a halo hair extension piece is your best 
option because it is super super simple so i’m  
going to show you how quick and easy it is to 
install a halo hair extension now there are  
probably two simple ways that you can um apply 
the extension so um the first one is you could  
just lay it directly over your head like so and 
then you can take one of these like pointed uh  
cones here and you just kind of go right above the 
wire and start pulling out your own natural hair  
and it’ll just lay right over top of that wire 
now sometimes your hair can you know get tangled  
and tied up in the wire doing it this way so i’m 
going to show you an even quick and easier way  
so this is where the hair clip is going 
to come in handy so you are just going to  
separate your hair just slightly above 
your ears and we are going to clip that up
and then we take our halo hair piece 
and we just lay that right over top  
and then let down your hair clip so 
then you just brush it out all nice  
once you have it brushed out and in place you’re 
just gonna go ahead and wiggle those clips into  
your own hair um so that they grip and then 
snap those into place so super quick and easy  
installation that literally took like probably 
what like less than two minutes and you don’t even  
see where the extension is because 
that wire is clear so it stays hidden  
this is the perfect solution um for those 
who don’t like the clip in hair extensions  
and personally it’s way better and healthier for 
your hair it’s less damaged for your hair and it  
it literally feels light as a feather so very 
comfortable to wear and just how easy it was to  
install it’s just as quick and easy to take out 
as well so all you do is you unclip everything
it’s seriously like a magic 
trick unclip and then pull  
and voila so i personally like to wear um halos 
or hair extensions um because my hair is super  
super thin so i like to have some extra volume 
rather than length i do like the length because  
it is super super dramatic but my hair is um a 
little bit shorter now so it makes it harder to  
blend when it’s um straight so you can see a 
little bit of my natural hair so a really a  
great trick and solution to help your hair blend 
in better with the extension is just to curl it  
honestly when you curl your extensions and your 
hair it blends everything so much more seamlessly  
and you don’t notice a difference there’s 
so many other ways that you can also style  
your halo you can put it back in a ponytail you 
can wrap it into a bun you can braid it there’s  
so many endless options okay so my final thoughts 
and review on google halo hair extension hairpiece  
a plus i would highly recommend this love it 
feels amazing super quick installation and they  
do want me to let you guys know they are going 
to be having a huge black friday sale starting  
november 18th to the 30th where you can get 20 off 
of this hair piece and you’re also going to get a  
free color matching sample like i said i don’t 
make any commissions or anything off of that so  
honest review definitely get this highly recommend 
so i’ve actually set some hair goals for myself  
and been wanting to grow my hair super super long 
which is obviously going to take years so this is  
the perfect option to tide me over in the meantime 
i just can’t stop playing with it it’s so soft  
all right guys that’s it for the review i hope 
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