I Celebrate My Skin by Nonku Adumetey Book Review & Kinda-Readalong | CHILDREN'S BOOKS

hey everyone hey everyone today i have my 
son vincent with me we are going to review  
this beautiful children’s book by my friend Nonku (Adumetey) 
it’s called i celebrate my skin and we’re going to  
read through it together and then i’m going to ask 
vincent favorite parts and what he thinks so let’s  
get started right yeah okay let’s do it all right 
this is called i celebrate my skin okay let’s do  
that do you like this page yes is it colorful yeah 
yeah are they happy yes yes okay and then here is
i celebrate my skin it is beautiful 
just the way it is what do you see  
i see sprinklers yeah and what else the 
rainbow the rainbow i see kids climbing up here  
yeah are they having fun yes yeah it looks really 
nice there doesn’t it and i see one sitting  
we are all born with different shades of skin uh 
why they are eating like this what are they eating  
pancakes you love pancakes don’t you yeah 
with syrup what are they doing hey they they  
don’t know are they looking at their 
reflections yeah yes they are they’re  
outside playing by the creek huh this is a creek 
why the creek and

this is a waterfall waterfall
what what are these animals what 
kind elephants mangos flamingos and  
hippos hippo kangaroo that’s a giraffe silly 
aww you always call it a kangaroo don’t you yeah  
do you know what this is a zebra a zebra 
what are they doing with their noses
smelling the flowers yeah 
oh are they playing yes yes  
are they reading a story just like 
us yes yes they are yeah that’s us  
that’s us yeah that’s mom that’s daddy and 
me and mommy that’s daddy you and mommy yeah
what can hands do? hands to touch and 
to hold and hug and squeeze i got you  
hey what do you think? what do you think? oh 
look at them are they playing on the rocks yeah  
yeah and what are they doing yeah i looked 
like just like they’re falling into lava  
on the rocks tattoo dot what shape did 
they make a heart a heart and they’re  
all friends and they’re all holding hands 
yeah and they all have different color skin  
and shirts and shirts and hair and shoes and 
shoes but they’re all friends huh yeah and  
they made this shape like a heart 
they do make a shape like a heart  
oh that’s earth that’s earth yeah that’s where we 
live all of us right? yes right oh there’s a rainbow  
do you like rainbows why do you like rainbows 
because i love all the colors you like all the  
colors yeah and i love the count the colors 
yeah there’s a lot of colors aren’t there  
yeah i celebrate my skin it is beautiful 
just the way it is it is who i am oh okay
hey that’s bella’s skin that’s bella’s skin 
which is yours i think this one yeah  
yeah that one yeah and that’s bella’s skin but 
where is daddy’s skin where’s daddy’s skin daddy  
is probably this too you and daddy are the same 
what’s mommy this one this one this one that one yeah
oh look at this rainbow that you can color huh 
oh well we well how do you want to color this  
yes yeah yeah so what was your favorite 
part about this book uh the sprinklers  
you like the kids playing in the sprinklers 
yes how many stars do you give this book?
five! can you show me five? uh how many 
five? yeah how many is five show me  
five stars okay did you have fun reading this 
yes yes do you recommend this book to other  
kiddos like you yeah yes well we have to put uh 
where do we put this book? we put it in our room  
thank you and bye say thanks for watching ready 
bye thank you for watching bye we see you soon bye  
let’s take a picture instead you want to say 
okay you want to hold the book right here yes  
okay can you say hey don’t 
cover your face say cheeeese

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