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what is happening there citizens of the reject Nation I see you you see me we’re gonna watch a movie called I see you how did we stumble upon deciding to react to this well it’s a horror movie and we’ve been loving covering horror here and it’s number one on Netflix I was like I don’t know what this Phillips I’ve never even heard of it it’s not a Netflix original it’s an actual movie that made its way to number one so we said we’re watching it today who knows maybe it’ll become a segment where we’re just

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that’s all all right let’s watch this and see what’s going on thank you for being here ah Dairy d-e-r-r-yah damn

this kid does his own stunts yeah he trained a long time for this actually Insurance almost wouldn’t let him do it watch out for Bears my dude oh cool shot yeah whoa gnarly geez I love this I don’t even know what this is a Rotten Tomatoes sounds like a Trent Reznor score this movie is weird I love it so far is that Helen Hunt is it I don’t know I can’t tell I can’t tell either

do you need money for school do you want to connect with me as a person here’s a hundred fifty dollars get yourself a hot lunch so when you start sleeping on the couch keeps on passing out in front of the TV not that I blame you mom’s a so are you getting into fights now they’re being that’s no excuse don’t defend yourself to have the other kid alone the other two kids one of them cried it pooped his pants good audition scene both of you I already I’ll see you later that’s my name whoa is

this like your marriage whoa is like my marriage are you kidding me I thought we got bulletproof windows I thought we installed the three inch thick ones oh you on my lemon drink did he put the mug up there yeah just a spider you’re an addict 10 years old went missing on a bike ride last night near Jupiter Park just letting Michael came Michael King was abducted cycling to a corner store in the city not Michael Kane you lead on this got it not Roadmaster any longer I feel like there’s a like a large demonic

presence it was like an overlooming shots they keep happy like Zach thought yeah it’s like if you took the Evil Dead POV and just made it really ominous and slow in just everywhere it’s literally like something is closing in yeah oh what a messed up ghost it’s like the camera’s a character just a window repair man I’m not gonna hurt you I’m sorry who let you win a kid of yours very polite you you trained her well who I would not just uh let that go yeah I would follow that guy outside I want answers

I went fast I want to know where that kid sleeps I wonder where he eats or nobody gets his bike wheels from Jesus Christ sir should we bring it in yeah you can uh you can beg wow there hasn’t been a pocket knife in this town in 30 years you remember cool Gardens before you’re taught oh of course I remember the green knife or Gordon is yeah I got help put in that he ain’t good now so what do you think copycat foreign that with a plastic fork little girl little girl ghost could be who

died yeah yeah Green pocket knife girl ghost screw repairman okay you’re angry how could you do that answer the question oh you don’t get to call me that you think pancakes and fancy dinners are gonna make it up no you ruined our family and you should pay for it well our nine-year-old Michael King went missing just okay that repairman they sent out I think he stole from us you what all of our silverware is completely gone he said something strange about some girl I don’t know what’s wrong with him he’s not that sudden me for

cheating he’s upset about the boy what that repair man stole the photo ironic artwork Ambien that helps calm the anxiety hey how’d you get in here where are you going oh there’s something terrible about to happen to this animal come on I heard you whoa Wowie yes but let me out now Connor that’s not Connor it’s unresolved trauma heard pounding so I came up he’s out I have no idea what’s going on in this movie you know it’s like all the tropes with none of the traditional tonal build up yeah I have no clue I

know you can’t just forgive me but I want you to know I’ll do whatever it takes to make did you want to get married you really think we’d still be together if you hadn’t gotten pregnant I’m trying Greg it’s hard being a Greg seems like it man I had no idea what you had to deal with whoa a little late to be playing video games isn’t it it’s a little late to be cheating on tattooses what in God’s name is that night she has a weird false reassuring way of delivering her lines hence the counselor

manipulating you but yeah I feel like she’s not actually saying what she’s really feeling what is what is happening in this movie like stuff’s Just Happening whoa bust out them rubber sheets that’s embarrassing you’re a drunk cold gourd emo was an exact match of a serial child abductor you put away 15 years ago you said what they still had on hand Jesus I sent Larson to track down the two boys that escaped Braun and Travers but they might remember details now they could help him beat Gordon’s defense I interviewed both those boys extensively when it

happened why’d you end up with us Ray huh he got too close to the truth Tommy Tommy absolutely terrified of these tummy guy he ain’t never been the same I still have that brontosaurus you gave me whoa no no no no no no no no no what how is this all together this is a secret Slenderman movie or something after the little house just the magic house it means you’re never gonna find him ugh are they living in the magic house they must be I’m still not sure if this movie has these what is happening

whoa hey what are you doing dude it’s Sam Merlot last time because that was a whole different because I’m in love with you oh no no God I don’t want to be with you scared Todd stop what we have you know whoa I was gonna say where’s Connor at God you’re the worst kind of person to have an affair with loud and show up yeah no discretion whatsoever you want to get caught ow ow ow ow careful something about the walls as soon as Connor goes to school I think I should take you to the

hospital this is a terrible situation yeah he’s gonna stab him with that toothbrush kid plays every moment like I’m in a horror movie how else would they know how to feel you’re calling me did you leave your phone somewhere oh uh get in the car I’ll be right there someone’s in the house or something and they’re killing children and leaving pocket knives you can tell me I won’t be mad I just wanted wowie I’m so sorry my son is out there Greg is going to find him go Greg got this keep that stapler close Michael

watches out his childhood window what are you looking for oh that was scary yeah chances are I knew the kidnap he grabs him drops one of the knives to throw us off maybe solid Theory or stops the kit no one’s found that yet this is so well hidden so well camouflaged sorry it took so long I didn’t yes a complicated situation of being classic jump scare explained that we were over and out of nowhere it just fell why didn’t you call an ambulance I don’t know that so angry he tried to kill someone no no

you don’t get to lose it right now do you know what will happen to our son I won’t be able to protect it you gotta take the fall for this I the body put a green pocket knife on it go change out of those clothes um this is fascinating there’s like two very definitive different stories happening here and they both feel equally Bleak and yet somehow so disparate and detailed yeah and I’m like how is this connected exactly other than the characters Good Fellas nice practical lighting for an ominous tone the movie has really good

music yeah they even insert like a slight child voice there like a little giggle or something yeah like little echoes oh the photos are gone did you see that whoa what I was so engrossed by the the shapes of everything but yeah that wall is completely blank damn silverware oh is it all in her head is it that movie or his head it’s always one in one of their heads oh that’s very human barrier yeah the grab a shovel and help me or hop in I feel like I should know it I don’t know frogginess

is this like a furry thing but for amphibious types what like living in the walls hey Connor you want some pancakes so they were actually under the bed yeah well it can’t be in all their heads because they were gone sure this this makes more sense let’s send a kid’s head it could be he was there the whole time so foreign holy whoa oh no stop for anything I’ll call you when I’m on my way mine’s Jackie I’ve gotta find the son of a who did this drive watching you even now damn this is a

great streaming movie yep perfect for Netflix and chilling yeah I see you to hang those back up why’d they take all the photos that was for us the audience make a lot of noise and you can’t really call for backup in this situation because you’d have to explain where you were that’s mean foreign symbolize yeah I’m like is it one of their songs is it the themes of the lyrics yeah you gotta get him out of the street to defeat him no turn around he doesn’t deserve to die no he doesn’t deserve this oh interesting

nice cut oh okay and now it’s a VHS movie go IndyGo it’s a fridge what the hell never seen a fridge before they actually ex-military is that just a military bag you gotta be kidding me I’m not are they also killing the kid what I just doesn’t try to connect I feel like this could be a red herring this is loud oh interesting so so this is like only worth it for this part of the day quick I can’t see anything night vision so turned on right now Nice Nice Shot this movie’s got nice restrained

drone stuff it’s like a weird rashamon that this guy overstayed is welcome fun at all I know the word oh catch up to you BJ oh yes sir yeah that’s actually that fits perfectly they see the Book of Revelations happening outside that’ll rain you idiot bastard seven-letter word starts with B hmm mission accomplished there’s so many places to hide your down there if we need a Quick Escape that’s our route yes I care about that wouldn’t it be kind of funny to mess with them take some random make them think they’re going crazy two days

this guy went crazy she really took the assignment to Heart just a second just let him in he doesn’t know you don’t live here and then she became an accomplice on top of already being a criminal oh what’d you put in the pills dude I would have bailed on this with this kind of guy yeah just leave the house now don’t even tell him her kid got swiped last seen wearing a green soccer jersey went missing in Troubadour see one of the kids who survived or something come on I’m not gonna hurt you Connor you

mean to tell me when Helen Hunt came over here she wasn’t like why is this door locked with this with a freaking hockey stick yeah you failed to mention that part oh okay okay oh God oh my God sicko that is too far man yeah as it was odd and what’s the point I mean it please you gotta ditch this guy you should push him off the roof okie dokie maybe she’ll just bail right now she’s got to be the one who’s warning Connor though you do what yeah leave wrong choice of words you should

have just left he should have just left it’s cleverly orchestrated the way they did this uh no what no what are you doing Jesus oh I wonder if you go back and if it was in the shot yeah probably I wonder yeah if you can spot them in in various moments maybe yeah yeah that’s clever how does she end up hitting him we’re in this together now yeah or is she just gonna witness this yeah just messing with their sanity man twist upon twist wow oh my god oh that’s gnarly oh everyone’s kind of fighting

this woman movie got me there yeah me too that’s good that’s that is a solid development that clinches a lot of things I think so is he the guy with the green pocket knives then wait was it their stuff that he just put in the trunk like they get it was his maybe she had like a like a camo what did you put in the trunk that might just have been a different duffel bag with the bat in it sorry it took so long I wasn’t oh my God why didn’t you coordinate those why didn’t

you call an ambulance imagine having all this knowledge the worst position Barbara really came for her it’s hilarious damn what’s up with this guy there’s like a sadness is he like the evil twin that they separated at Birth I mean like he has a personal motive against the family and maybe I mean that that’s my convoluted Theory my other theory is just like maybe he’s got some weird family trauma that this is bringing up or something like he kind of like almost crying get up there’s so much going on in this house no I am

not gonna let you ruin just for free oh yeah oh damn it that it’s this house come on look at button button keys always in such close proximity he’s like punishing this guy no oh God and to wind up with him she must think he knows this is so convoluted but I wouldn’t happen any other way this is so cost so stacked with right now it’s an overlapping Venn diagram horrible human nightmares of course he’s the guy so he is the guy yeah why would he be doing it I don’t know is a serial killer

911 I would just be like on the ground no hello hello can you hear me you’re becoming dumb stop put as much distance between you and that car as you can don’t go toward the light perfect opening foreign so you can see down the hole no no help us oh it’s them it’s gonna be okay come on no I liked you I know it’s not my type so I’m taking it back to town it’s going to be edited and everything yes you weren’t concerned when your kid was kidnapped who’s copycatting in my own damn house

that’s interesting you are I was scared for him like 40 minutes ago yeah I was scared of him other guy’s pretty awful but damn and now I’m just hoping that this guy maybe steps up and takes him down he’s gotta have some connection to this yeah it’s probably like someone’s brother wake up everybody should put a little makeup all I need you to do is stand up okay treated like an intruder just stand up don’t do it needs to make it look like he caught an intruder now it’s a Vengeance movie yes the woman I

thought I killed was killed me yeah there was an ax in the garage yes assume your final form consequences man do you have another gun almost Devil’s Rejects like yeah and then the flip-flop between who’s who’s the real bad guy yeah who’s gone too far for real where is the line squatters man it’s like the less tortury version of The Collector it’s a fun experiment in perspective this movie it’s a fun ride led by Helen Hunt in her finest role yes opposite not quite Dennis Quaid come on come on Frogger oh do it for the

kids oh because he chose the house too right yeah come on Frogger come on buddy come on Helen Hunt walk in nope up not be done he done come on you got one more twist up your sleeve stick The Landing don’t make me hate this it’s more like a Saw movie no yeah in some ways this really reminds me of the collector which is itself is and he came here to terrorize Elite detective on that case she tied up his son he was gonna be next I stopped you just in time he shoot me you’re

shooting a cup you have any idea what’s coming for you please be recording this please yeah he was a victim you don’t understand huh when I was a little boy wow oh no whoa that was a shoulder clip right I believe so oh my God he was an undercover cop here’s my bachelor observing this man for months on end To Catch a Predator oh he got rid of the bull oh yeah I was like please no put the raw Man Behind Bars see you had every right to cheat on him Should Have Cheated it was

good that you did foreign yeah the jersey and all that it’s a little bit like prisoners too let’s not give something I want to say it’s High Caliber no not as much of a film otes wow his hair was black Yoshi he always had the Yoshi yeah fun last line is Helen Hunt going what the faster black don’t just think because Dad’s a cellular killer I forgive you for cheating laughs it’s a principle that counts yeah where did this come from and why didn’t I hear about it how did he get so big what’s going

on we’re gonna look up some stuff box officemojo.com this movie make any money was it released in theaters um it made like a million dollars okay um not a lot but it’s good to see that it’s like picking up on streaming I mean it’s like a perfect movie to see on stream yeah yeah totally all right before we look at the Rotten Tomatoes score for any of this yes um no I enjoyed it it it started off in a way that was like okay this feels like one of those low budget mystery thriller movies I

can I can feel the restraint on budget and they’re doing more with their camera work and as much as I was enjoying it because it had a bit of not as ugly or nasty but it still had like I haven’t seen collector um but I’ve I’ve seen all the Saw movies and collector is about a guy who breaks into a house because he’s desperate and then finds out that it’s a Serial Killer’s house in there basically like Saw traps inside like the song the team who took over Saul wrote it and directed it oh okay

yeah well this movie um I was like all right I’m not sure it did a great job in the first half of it of okay is this like an immediate real crime Thriller is it Supernatural like I couldn’t tell what was happening because it was so questioning of how is the the story of a of a of a family with this affair situation and this cop who is coming off the heels of dealing with this affair now investigating this mystery of a missing child tying into whatever crazy Shenanigans are happening at home um and then

they did the thing where it uh they changed plot they changed right and I was like okay hold the Barbarian now we’re seeing it from the perspective of the people who have been living in the home and at first I was like interesting and then I started going well maybe this is not as it’s kind of undercutting some of the attention then it just started getting crazy yes and then it started getting like really then then we reached impressive like I it was a combination of this is ridiculous to this is impressive yeah because once

they laid out that especially the fact that it is purposeful why this guy is here because they’re pitching him as he’s the serial killer they did a really good job on uh when I said when a reference Devil’s Rejects of making you go ah they’re the victim no wait they’re the bad guys I don’t know who to fear for yes I don’t know who to root for I’m actually working for the bad guy now uh he was in a bag he actually wasn’t a bad I mean he’s unnecessarily torturing the rest of the family but

that is to torture the main guy yeah of course to torture the cop um which I thought was great it had a real cool mood I mean like a bigger budget they probably could have allowed this to be more of a dread heavy film sure you know like I think that was it when you’re saying prisoners I was like yeah it was a little bit more like deliberate and Dread heavy and or this was moving like this moves fast yeah it’s it’s enticing though like the whole movie is enticing and it has a really great

like what the hell is going on factor to it and then when they and I like the midpoint of it because because it’s like we’re telling you what’s going on but there’s so much more to uncover yeah as it keeps going and I thought that was great because I thought ah you’re revealing it a little tour early and and then they because like even when the girl dies um oh when he thinks he killed his friend yeah uh he seems concerned it’s not like he just snapped you know yeah he’s not completely immoral yeah so

I think the last half of this movie is like very impressive on how they handled it because it does whenever you think the movie’s done telling you it’s tricks and as you’re just watching you know the answer you’re like oh no there’s more there’s more to discover about the reveals right up until the very end um so yeah I mean like because you were saying you said like you feel like there’s something more personal with him and I was I didn’t quite pick up on that right away but when you said that it made me

go maybe he’s one of the victims yeah and so to see uh so it was a good tag team effort there in the mystery well done with well done but the but but yeah I thought it was I thought it was well done I thought it was really well done um would have liked some type of resolve with Helen Hunt’s character and the child because that is the first half of this movie and then they kind of just go well she learns that’s done yep and uh there’s just gonna be left to pick up the

shards of their broken lives I guess yeah because it it’s it’s more I I thought it was I was really looking forward to seeing how this all pays off yeah you know um because I like the idea of especially looking back in retrospect that him killing the guy who she had an affair with that was probably the thing that allows him the sense of closure to be like come in here like I inflict the trauma now on you yeah and then and then he’s like and she’s saying I’m sorry and then he holds her you

know uh yeah it’s so it’s probably in his mind is is how retribution happens for the situation yeah yeah oh is is nasty um yeah but I still would have liked a little bit of a little bit of Retribution but it is interesting it starts off like Affair and how is this gonna like is this an emotional turmoil that Center to this point and I like that they didn’t make him a copycat but that he was the original killer the whole time which just makes the whole plot even more ridiculous it’s a little that’s a

little silly it’s a little silly but I like it it’s a perfect crime like lead investigator is the guy like okay like I can see why that would work but it’s also on top of all these other circumstances yeah it just feels so high concept it’s like lead investigator was the guy the whole time yeah and that’s a Saw movie thing that’s yeah that’s what I mean it isn’t that it’s it isn’t that this guy snapped because as I thought okay maybe he snapped because of Affair and and that and now he’s become copycat guy

you know like is is that what happens but no control all this time he’s been the guy yeah which just makes me he was like sillier to me sure sure and while you know he’s got compensate for being gifted this beautiful house and this beautiful life and you know he’s got to feel like uh he’s getting control somehow yeah yeah yeah uh yeah this this was yeah a really fun and uh unfolding sort of experience where like yeah at the top you’re like is this about to become like Blum House hereditary or something and I

do like that at the end of the movie like yeah you have the cheating element like they set up all these very classic tropes of like oh you know dad’s trying to kind of bond with the kid and like there’s been a marital Affair and they’re just trying to get along and so at first you’re like okay we’re getting this kind of standard issue drama to flavor this weird WTF experience so yeah like at the beginning it feels like a haunting movie or something like that or yeah some kind of weird strangers thing and so

you’re like okay Bloom house meets a24’s creep dread Less in your face style but then yeah the the it reminded me of multiple movies definitely strangers and and definitely like I said The Collector but at the same time like the execution and the ultimate like placed it landed felt very kind of fresh and invigorating and unique to this even though yeah and prisoners is in there too like there are so many things that clearly learn from but I thought it made for this really great ride that they really for the most part it’s like you

know did he how did he know that the boyfriend would get there and then time his you know ride with his partner to go get that file so that he could kill him like they’re little things like that where I’m like okay how does some of the logic work but for the most part uh yeah the the game of perspectives and just the ever it’s deepening hole of nasty sort of psychology uh yeah just like I think it’s all kind of brought together by that stuff it’s like it’s I I’m always kind of open to

and welcoming of a sort of what the hell is happening experience but it’s up to the movie to know what it’s doing enough to bring all that together to make that worth its while and here I thought it was like here I at the beginning of the movie or part way through I thought okay this is this is gonna feel like a a less fresh and interesting Barbarian or something where it’s like you have this weird tension at the beginning and then like a complete uh reorienting of the stakes and circumstances and all that and

then you’ve got this like balls to the walls payoff whereas here like I thought it really did nicely to again transcend that you know comparison Point into its own sort of Twisted journey to where like yeah at the outset it feels like okay this uh detective is trying to figure out a serial killer case while also being tormented in his personal life uh but then at the end of the movie you just realize like oh no the movie’s about this kid who escaped this guy’s clutches ultimately takes his revenge and brings him down and so

like it’s cool to start with one line log line and end on a completely different one yeah and I thought it was neat too because the the movie did a good job on selling me that he’s a psycho and I do appreciated that with the frogging thing like part of me then at the at that moment was like okay so you read up on frogging and you’re like I’m gonna make a cool frogging horror movie where people think they’re going insane is really just people living in the walls but even that’s been done and so

it’s like it took a bunch of these familiar styles of story they’re all very like in the Zeitgeist and managed to build them into something kind of Primal and classic but that also like really nicely you know purposes those uh you know kind of current elements in a way that’s very sort of satisfying and still sort of current feeling that’s interesting on um I wonder why this because this this article is from March 11 2022 does it have anything to do with the movie I see you I don’t know maybe I mean no it’s not

even mentioned in this article huh it’s a thing that like um yeah has been kind of an Internet urban legend or there have at least been reports of yeah people living in other people I’m just trying to I’m trying to see if like if yeah no no I’m saying that it is for this article to be published in March 2022 when this movie’s it’s number one trending in March 2022. this is a responsible third article low budget but it’s not but I’m saying like maybe people are looking at frogging that led to like them discovering

this movie sure like the concept of it I’ve heard of like squatters I’ve heard the term squatters and squatters doing this kind of thing was like so there’s all there’s concepts of squatters where you can’t be living secretly in your home or you could just you know be dicks about it but yeah this is like squatting with a game element yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah um I don’t know who would document this I know that’s the stupidest part of the movie to me is like why would you doc you didn’t even need the documentation side

of it yeah I feel like you could have just had them recording just because it’s like they needed an excuse to that’s part of the weakest part of the scripting to me I was like you you yourself are saying this is illegal weekend so what are you gonna do with this footage yeah and why are you trying to disseminate it to help other people do it too when that would only kind of serve to like help people recognize when it’s happening yeah much easier you’re putting your face on camera you’re talking I’m like this is

a terrible idea lady why would you do this you have a cell phone and everything yeah keep the masks on and do it like maybe and that could necessitate The Mask a lot more than just sort of a random Motif that matches the activity yeah uh that was the silliest part to me and it seemed like a part that they included so that way they could have the moment where the cop goes over the they don’t be doing in my house you know when I’m like there’s other ways you could have gotten there yeah it

feels like something out of a VHS movie yeah it was once there’s a one part because I thought other than that like I liked the the actress a lot uh whoever played the main Frogger I thought that she she was great and I love this situation that she was in I just I just loved how it just kept getting stacked which is more ridiculous I really liked the last half I enjoyed the first half and I really liked the last half a lot the last half was yeah was when it gets the it I feel

like that’s when it really Embraces what I want to be and I feel like it would make for a fun re-watch to see if you could ever see these hidden spots I loved how they play with the perspective on you’re going back to the previous scenes that you saw in the first half and you could see where they were the whole time and it’s believable yeah that you couldn’t catch them it’s it it’s not it never the movie never made me go how could they not have suspected that there was someone living there or how

could they not have seen they made that very plausible and how it played out and I thought the way they handled the reveals too was great like like when the cop hit um Sam from True Blood when he when he did hit him in the basement with the bat you know you it you’re immediately thinking it’s the guy she’s frogging with yeah and then the way the camera does the reveal the like from starts off on the dead body and then pulls over to the left you’re like oh yeah that’s the copy like sure oh

this is wild did he just kill him or is there something to do without it has your mind going and right up until the end and I thought that was a lot of fun I thought they had a lot of fun I would have liked the result though because I have a very clear plot because it’s like you have two plots in the beginning of this movie you have the fair family situation right there and there’s someone stalking me in this house what’s going on at an investigative mystery and then they kind of completely drop

the other one yeah and I guess the movie’s saying that’s resolved with the guy being dead and the they made amends by hugging it out at that moment you know yeah as the movie’s saying that’s when it’s amended and I feel like there was a little bit more to it that they kind of just dropped but but I also do appreciate they get someone like Helen Hunt in here where like what is the poster for this movie um is it just her looking you know what I remember I’m gonna play this at like 1.5 speech

it’s like super super quick on my end the ICU trailer and just to see if they like watch the giveaway like did they lead with Helen Hunt in the trailer I’m just gonna play like super super Speedy just to get the visuals for it but I’m not gonna play it on screen um yeah 1.75 speed let’s go through this yeah they’re mainly leading with the first half and they’re mainly leading with Helen Hunt um yeah yeah the sort of yeah yeah yeah so I think that’s smart like you leave with Helen Hunt in the in

your build up and you feel like she’s the main character and she’s gonna be going through the torture torture stuff is just happening because of her so I think it’s smart in that way who’s who’s like it’s more impressive than I expected yeah I had no expectations I was more like what’s this random movie trending yeah totally no it’s it’s like tight and clever and and it has that sort of disorienting quality and it manages to earn that too yeah yeah it snakes between being different kinds of movies and uh yeah like there’s something about

the way that they just commit to her that does it’s like the two female characters in the movie ultimately are sort of exonerated of a lot of things even though they are you know guilty of certain parts of the web of you know uh mess uh and so yeah it’s like because Mindy dies and that’s a real bummer uh I feel like it could have been nice to at least compliment of like okay Helen Hunt lives and also maybe we just get some kind of emotional payoff for her because she has been so manipulated throughout

this whole situation uh and and I mean Mindy has been too to an extent I mean for obviously better reasons but yeah thematically it would be I guess it’s not in the movie’s main concerns but it would be nice to have and for this one too like I don’t know something other than just like okay they’re gonna come home too an even worse yes subversion of their entire lives What Becomes of the sun who like already hates this out of his mom yeah and and who you know has at least had some kind of uh

comfortable Rapport or some some you know Refuge with his dad yeah you know who’s now had that taken from him on top of being in a situation where he thought he was being kidnapped by the actual serial killer but he wasn’t but it turns out that that’s his dad anyway so he might as well like there’s there’s a lot of interesting stuff there and part of me wonders like I could if this had done better I could see how this could turn into some kind of weirdo franchise but but yeah I guess man it’s getting

it’s it’s number one on Netflix sure no I can random low budget ass movie that barely made any money in the box office is is like suddenly killing it and that’s really cool like it’s cool to see it yeah yeah it’s cool to finish one of these and be like wow like while this is like the perfect Netflix movie because too if you’re watching your house is gonna get you thinking about every little sound you hear but also the kind you would talk with people I think this is the kind of movie you would be

like trying to guess with your buddies if you’re watching yeah yeah you know yeah just wait just wait you won’t be able to put it together and and uh yeah it’s one of those movies it’s like very gratifying it’s like people use the word Hidden Gem a lot but I feel like this is a good example of that it’s like yeah this didn’t do huge when it came out at first but I hope people start to talk about it because this seems like it should be it’s good enough to exist in the conversation with your

recent Barbarian and other things like that you know Smiles or whatever else like I probably I probably liked this in some ways more than smile at least I would I don’t know if I would I don’t know how exactly it’s a barbarian I think on production wise like there were parts of it production wise that definitely felt like um like especially in the sound design when it came to like dialogue moments where I could where I felt a little bit less like I don’t want to I don’t know if the right words amateur is it

amateur film is I wouldn’t say is more of these sound is on where you could feel a sum of it where this is still like big early filmmaker you know whereas a movie like smile sure is while that follows a little bit more of a traditional it’s more Blockbuster even this yeah this that I’m talking just on the filmmaking side but if I were to learn like these guys got another movie coming out it’d be interesting to see how they step up their game in terms of just the crafts from inside of because they they

go crazy a little bit with like the cinematography of these long drawn out shots and going through the houses and these overhead drone shots and a little bit of these landscape moments and I’d be curious to see like okay now how they up it with their DP in the next one to really just give it that extra Edge yeah of not just like Saban films is that is actually not bad company and then sometimes they come up with things that are extremely low budget Lo-Fi you know and so once in a while it’s not the

greatest thing or you could tell this is very amateur filmmaking or low bud or something that you know the The Bargain Bin kind of example and in the beginning I was going I guess this is like right above that in the beginning of this film I was like I guess it’s like right above there and but then it became something much more that I thought was actually impressive and it did remind me of the days when saw first came out sure you’re getting all this like influx movies of things they call torture porn and this

was not that genre of what they even associate with that genre but it kind of had that like B-movie flavor well yeah yeah kitchen sink pulls like all of the different kinds of dread from all the sort of popular subcategories and just packs them into the same movies yeah because yeah it’s like you feel like you are watching it you’re watching a psychological torture no matter which way you’re looking at it in a sense because everybody’s situation like no one’s situation is in a status quo or in a state of uh you know just like

existing Beyond anybody else like every micro uh relationship is experiencing some kind of weird turmoil and then the macro situation is even more messed up yeah and uh yeah I would so what would you rate before we look at Rotten Tomatoes which I have not seen yet what would you call what would you be your percentage rating uh like you know like a 7.85 wow 7.8 I was gonna say 78 that’s funny hey 78. yeah it’s like pretty solid I don’t know see that’s the thing is I think but like an 18 is a b

if you’re going by letter grade so I don’t give this one yeah like no I’m going by percentages 78 is the majority of a hundred yeah it’s like pretty damn good rating it is fun yeah no like I think if I was on Rotten Tomatoes I saw a horror movie had 78 this is pretty cool very good horror movie I guess yeah yeah yeah yeah um I had a thought but it Escapes Me Now I’m gonna I’m gonna click it I’m gonna see Moment of Truth sure whoa whoa it’s right I guess the tomatoes yeah

that’s so funny yeah an audience score not too far behind wow I had no idea yeah wow we were like we were pretty much like right on the money we’re a little higher than them but yeah it’s it’s kind of funny what is that what is the consensus I see you gets tripped up in its own narrative contortions absolutely put a solid gas and an effective blend of scares and suspense makes the slow building mystery worth watching absolutely agree 100 yeah I just think it’s so funny how we were like right right if we were

lined up with Rotten Tomatoes pretty well that’s a solid consensus right there yeah also just real quick props to because you said the thing about the sound and I was like yeah part of it that made me wonder if some of these droning uh score elements were to cover up Let it give way to just like crazy ass music that said really like the music and I also thought that like props to the location scout because they got so much out of this house and and the house also has to be able to sell it

so uh yeah as well well uh conceived and yeah executed overall well they didn’t do too much exterior like the wood stuff they did but that’s I feel it’s kind of easy to find those locations Main Street yeah in the car the police station yeah so they didn’t really change too much but it doesn’t make it I don’t become like hyper aware that we’re we have in left locations that often like I would just feel restrained yeah it doesn’t feel like they couldn’t afford to leave location yeah it’s like it’s so much involved with this

house and then when you go like really far out and you find like the the camper van where he’s got his you know kidnap victims like that feels like it’s really out on the fringes of everything yeah um yeah that was uh that was a nice surprise yeah well done America well done elevator guys leave your thoughts down below what did you think of ICU did you predict all this stuff did you hear about it via Netflix and watch it or have you heard of this movie for ages yeah what does the trailer even have

20s 1.4 million views three years ago it’s kind of crazy to see this movie just it’s nuts I’m sure they find it’s awesome I’m sure there’s like I’m gonna type an ending explain I’m sure there’s like some big videos on that yeah I found foundflix has one from two point that’s 2.3 million views I wonder if any of these channels maybe helped really actually helped expand the visibility for the movie because I don’t know there’s only that one huge video but at the same time that could be enough to you know start that little wave

of people finally checking it out and recommending it yeah because I could I could definitely see this being a movie people would want to talk about I mean yeah I I to me when something goes number one on Netflix I go audiences must be enjoying this yeah and sharing it guys leave your thoughts down below and hey let’s send this for the pain Chase Gardner come break into the studio and live in the walls I think you you know you’re very active on the patreon giving us support and whatnot you’re also very active here on

the YouTubes and I feel like you know if anybody could create the right amount of tension in life by moving things around but also maybe leaving little things to encourage us that would be you so you could get your jollies off making us question our own sanity but then you could also reassure yourself that you’re a good person by leaving us things that will enrich our lives somehow and then you can also start your own channel teaching people how to do exactly what you just did to their favorite YouTube channels and then everyone’s helping each

other Thrive and succeed and then you can start your own patreon and then get paid to break into all sorts of other people’s houses so uh Chase I don’t expect any credit for this idea just keep your pledge going and we’ll see you next month and every month until you die in the closet over there love you buddy love peace

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