Jaeger Lecoultre Master Ultra Thin Mens Watch 170.8.37 Q1338421 Review | SwissWatchExpo

From SwissWatchExpo. This is one of my favorite 
watches. This is to me, one of the consummate  
men’s dress watches. It’s a 41 
millimeters Jaeger Lecoultre  
Master Control Ultra Thin. And you can see it’s 
just got a beautiful dial, very sparse, a lot of  
blank, real estate. They’re very sophisticated 
with the dart markers and the minute track.  
The hands are just beautiful. They’ve got a 
little bit of contrast on the two facets so  
that it makes that a little easier to read, but 
you can see it’s a real thin watch and it has  
all of the markings you would expect on the 
back from the 1,000 hours of tests that Jaeger  
Lecoultre does. This is the factory original 
strap you can see with the deployant buckle.  
The strap doesn’t look like it’s ever been 
worn. It’s only been on display in a store.  
And so this one’s a great bargain. It’s a 
lot of watch for the money and great value.

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