hey everybody what’s good i’m larry or i guess you 
could say utrecht son of hutrid it’s my favorite  
one my favorite shows on netflix and i hear it’s 
coming out with a movie so i’m celebrating today  
but you’re watching the movie cranks and today 
i’m going to be giving you my thoughts on the  
2021 film starring anja teller joy and thomas 
and mackenzie edgar wright’s last night in soho
so until now wright has been mostly known for 
his fast-paced satirical comedies scott pilgrim  
vs the world hot fuzz shawn the dead or some of 
them you may know with his extensive use and a  
signature editing style with a heavy emphasis on 
music steadicam tracking shots dolly zooms that  
includes a lot of weird wild transitions and pans 
that puts his unique stamp on the film he’s not  
exactly someone i thought i would ever see work 
his way into the horror thriller genre but at  
last here we are so let’s go ahead and check out 
this newest edition and see what it’s all about  
the rundown eloise is a young girl with an old 
soul who leaves her home and passed behind to  
pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer 
when she arrives at her destination her life  
begins to spiral

in time finding herself slipping 
off into the 1960s club scene with the shadows of  
the past begin to entangle with the present one 
of the reasons this film really piqued my interest  
is wright had been quoted earlier on saying that 
while making this film he channeled his inner  
quentin tarantino and it’s this and how this 
was going to all translate over into the horror  
thriller genre that really had me curious and 
i can say now tarantino no i didn’t feel any of  
that but hitchcock vibes yes wright’s filmmaking 
here his transition use of reflections and the  
surroundings is what makes this film pop giving 
it the tone of some of those 1960s films like  
psycho and the birds but there’s a lot to talk 
about here so let’s go ahead and jump into it  
and talk about some of my favorite aspects of this 
film the hits the scares these aren’t your typical  
jump scares actually i’m not sure if there was 
really one particular point in this film that made  
me really jump instead it’s more like i just said 
the surroundings the mirrors and knives the use of  
music even though i have to stop here though just 
for a second because some things here can be real  
hit or miss and i would say that at times here the 
sound especially during those moments where right  
was focusing on the music would actually 
peak a little bit above the dialogue  
something i personally found a little distracting 
but nothing too drastic that it ruined the film  
for me and at the time sometimes you know it would 
actually enhance the film setting up that tone and  
that nimble pace but these things included with 
the lighting even the rain smeared halloween  
makeup instead created a feeling of fright the 
bottom line here is it’s not really a horror  
film what you have here is a well-constructed 
suspenseful psychological thriller where right  
actually exploits the little things getting every 
little thing he could out of these performances  
and i can’t say it enough this is mckenzie’s movie 
and she is in peak form here without a doubt one  
of her best performances that i personally have 
ever witnessed of course all i really know of  
mckenzie is shyamalan’s old if that really means 
anything dad why are you looking at me like that  
oh no but here she speaks not just with her words 
but with her expressions her eyes they speak a  
thousand words just by themselves alone much of 
the dialogue here feels almost left untold yet  
visually told to us fixating on eloise’s emotions 
which is another thing mckenzie does so well here  
she runs through a handful of emotions happy 
scared fright everything you can imagine and  
with the way wright utilizes this lighting here 
outside her room creating those flashing colors of  
red and blue that coupled with mckenzie’s facial 
expressions tells us a story and materializes into  
two separate characters in their own right and 
we’ll have you thinking about this film really  
far well after you’ve left a theater the ending 
though the twist i enjoyed it it was really good i  
mean it was a very satisfying ending but just that 
it was good i had it all figured out from about  
midway through the movie maybe 20 years ago they 
would have got this one over on me but there’s  
just too many of these twisted films like this 
nowadays that you just come to sort of expect it  
not that it’s a bad twist like i said you do 
come to find out some things here as the story  
progresses and what it leads into and who and 
what it leads into you do genuinely feel for the  
situation and the people involved and that’s 
due to anya taylor joy’s performance who is  
equally as good as mckenzie but in a far 
more limited role i was really expecting more  
of any telejoy here which is actually where i kind 
of start to roll off into some of my the misses
there’s far more characters here than i expected 
other fashion students the mean girls you know  
where they walk into a bathroom and it’s 
like one of those really bad high school  
movies she’s just so weird i can’t believe they 
stuck me with her ew gross and her relationship  
and her love interest with the boy is just well i 
just feel like they had zero on-screen chemistry  
and it felt very forced and kind of awkward at 
times this is where i would have liked to seen  
things tighten up a bit showing us like i 
said more of the past and anya teller joy  
i would have liked more understanding of who 
this character was before all this happened  
what her life was like before she came to london 
she’s a lot like eloise chasing her dreams of  
being a singer we need more of taylor’s joy more 
of taryn stamp another character i really like  
just was not really in the movie very long and 
less of this love and drama and family issues  
i mean i get where they were coming from and what 
wright was trying to do here he’s trying to create  
the possibility that maybe this is just all in 
her head to keep the audience guessing and that’s  
what it does but these cliche side characters 
are just there to drive the possibility of this  
into the narrative and take it from one place 
to another and then there’s the final scene  
after the conclusion of the story that left me 
just kind of wondering in what world would this  
happen i mean by this time she’s almost stabbed 
someone in the face chased someone to their demise  
at one point she even goes to the police who 
just thinks she’s schizophrenic she’s right  
at every scene that involves a death and they’re 
all in suspicious occurrences so when the mystery  
finally unravels you kind of have to wonder why 
no one seems to notice or care as to why all this  
death has been following little poor eloise around 
the one girl she almost dabs on the forehead and  
almost kills at one point at the end literally 
just kind of gives her a little nod like sup  
we’re cool now and i don’t know if you notice 
this but they never really give us any conclusive  
answers there’s a little part in there where they 
kind of discuss a a gift i mean is she like haley  
joe osmond i see dead people or not they talk like 
i said of this gift for i don’t know one sentence  
of dialogue but then it’s left there by itself 
never really discussed again they just kind of  
gave up on that whole aspect of the story which 
i would like to see him dive into a little deeper  
and that’s my misses mostly minor little pics that 
didn’t really throw me off the main attraction  
to this movie which is the music the colors the 
style all this is what won me over the final score
at its core this is a 1960’s classic hitchcock 
and if anything i love it just for that  
this film knew how to keep the audience really 
guessing and knew how to build suspenseful  
tension and fright all while keeping you 
invested in the movie’s main characters  
and i’m gonna go ahead and give 
last night in soho a b-plus
so last night in soho did you see it what 
did you think did you love it did you hate  
it comment below and join the conversation 
but until next time guys i’ll see you later  
that’s all guys so get the hell out of here  
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