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usual what do we have today i know like it’s fine 
okay so when it comes to makeup i love complexion  
and i love lips my eyes i will do but like nine 
times out of ten i’m just rocking mascara so every  
time i’m in sephora or ulta anywhere beauty i 
look for like lip products face products i do  
love eyebrows as well so this time at sephora 
i immediately went towards refined beauty and i  
first saw refined beauty i hope i’m saying this 
correctly is it refi refi i don’t know r e f y  
i saw it on tick tock it’s like going viral for 
like being this like permanent lip stain lip gloss  
sculpting situation that doesn’t move or even like 
you can like literally go swimming underwater and  
like it won’t

move which like okay run that 
so i picked up a few of their products i got  
an eyebrow pencil which i’m really excited to try 
they’re also really big on like eyebrow products  
and i got three lip pencil pen situations and 
then also like a face glow highlighter situation  
because obviously i had to try it okay i’m trying 
it all on my receipt here i’m gonna give you the  
exact price that i paid for these products and i’m 
going to tell you if you need them or not it’s as  
simple as that so if you’re interested in learning 
about refi beauty watching my first impression and  
swatches on these products then please continue 
to watch this video okay per usual we are just  
going to get the hair out of our face even though 
i’ve already done like okay that’s not weird at  
all it’s like i have ears hello okay so i’ve done 
the base of my face i’ve basically done everything  
except my lips eyebrows and my highlighter because 
we’re gonna try those products here today okay  
so this brand is clean and cruelty free we love 
that we are all about that so kudos there aside  
from just like the general brow pencil that i 
bought there’s like this brow shaper like brow  
gel situation that gives you these like really 
trendy fluffy eyebrows that really literally looks  
like someone like glued your eyebrows down i’m not 
into that i’m just gonna be honest it’s just not  
my vibe but like if you’re into it i love that for 
you just looks a little aggressive for me maybe  
on my face i don’t know i have a good amount of 
hair on my eyebrows i just fill them in for color  
some additional shape and yeah that’s i think 
we’ll be good so this is just the refine eyebrow  
pencil and the color dark my go-to eyebrow 
pencils the anasazi of beverly hills brow wiz  
and dark brown and i feel like this is going 
to be too dark i can’t get it out the [ __ ]  
container just hold on this is a dual ended 
eyebrow pencil you get the spoolie brush on  
one side and then the actual product on the other 
i do feel like this color is going to be too dark  
yeah it’s giving me like like black instead of 
dark brown like i said i am into the packaging and  
the aesthetic it’s like a pretty gray tone color 
simple writing and black like a bold black um and  
that’s like a general eyebrow pencil this pencil 
costs 20 us dollars which is very very common for  
eyebrow pencils i’ve spent way more actually on 
pencils okay so i’m just gonna go ahead and get  
right into my eyebrow i’m brushing my hair up 
directly and it actually is a really good brush  
just gonna go ahead and start filling in 
my eyebrows right on the beginning here  
wow so it immediately goes on i 
can like see it without even trying
wow it’s like um immediately like the 
application goes on there which tells me  
it’s creamy so it’s not um i could tell just by 
looking at the tip that it already moved so much  
it’s a very creamy pencil so i’m gonna have to go 
very lightly and brush as i go um something i’m  
gonna say immediately that i’m not feeling is it’s 
smudging so like the end when i brush it out it  
almost like kind of like smudged and if i brush it 
enough it’ll disappear so it comes off so i’m just  
going to keep going in with the light hand and try 
to fill this brow in and when i do my brows i just  
like i literally follow its own shape i try to 
focus less on the front so it looks more natural  
and then i really just kind of draw the top out 
a little bit to give myself an arch like this  
connect it and then bring it down and i make it 
a little longer because they’re short on the end  
and you can see how nicely it appears on the 
eyebrow um but it is pretty like uh it gives a  
little bit of a shiny effect like more of like 
a crayon versus like a pencil and i’m not into  
that i’m more into like the pencil like the brow 
is how it applies it’s so nice it doesn’t move  
if you brush it it doesn’t it’s not like creamy 
it’s not like a gel so this is giving me like very  
creamy gel texture i’m not really crazy about it 
looks good the brow looks good um i feel like if  
i sweat and stuff which my eyebrows do sweat this 
will come off let me just finish off my other brow  
like you can see how quick you see that like 
it’s nice because it goes on immediately  
you just have to really be careful 
with how much you’re putting on
okay so my brows honestly look amazing they look 
amazing i will give it that but it could just  
be because i’m just amazing at drawing them on 
okay so i’m not crazy about the eyebrow pencil i  
don’t recommend it but for me personally it just 
doesn’t work you might love it and i will stick  
to my anasazi beverly hills it’s my it’s been my 
like forever holy grail for the last eight years  
honestly yeah i mean it’s worth a try they don’t 
look bad i just feel like they’re going to come  
off in 10 minutes so the next product i want to 
talk about is the refined beauty gloss highlighter  
and illuminator i picked up the color topaz topaz 
i’m super into the packaging i love like the the  
like very minimalist like again just a few letters 
bold black um situation i’m into it looks like a  
little moisturizer or like the samples they give 
you at hotels like that everyone steals so this is  
supposed to be like an illuminator and i’ve seen 
people put it on directly on their skin and then  
like blend it with their hands recently i’m into 
liquid products liquid blush liquid illuminator  
liquid bronzer all that stuff i like the dewy 
finish skin obviously if you said it correctly  
it always looks great absolutely no highlighter 
on i’m gonna actually just put a dot of this  
on my face not too much okay we’re just 
gonna oh it’s like a golden teardrop  
okay we’re just gonna go ahead 
and oh my god did i put too much  
so i may have put too much but we’re just gonna 
keep blending oh it’s like really sticky is this  
a disaster [ __ ] maybe don’t put as much as i 
did on directly but that’s what i saw them doing  
and they’re like little tutorials for this brand 
so let me wipe this off with my fingers okay i’m  
going in with the beauty blender and i’m actually 
gonna okay it’s not bad it’s not bad it’s really  
pretty it feels like just applying like a lip 
thick lip gloss on your cheek but it blends  
really nicely i think i put too much so just like 
don’t get distracted by the amount that i have on  
there but in general look at that beautiful finish 
like it’s nice um it’s gonna feel pretty thick and  
cakey if you’re into that this time i’m putting it 
on my beauty blender and i’m gonna actually dab it  
onto this side instead of putting it directly 
on my face that’ll probably give it a much  
prettier application and less intensified look 
because i’m a donut i’m a donut okay so we’re just  
like i don’t know okay i’m gonna put some on my 
nose there it’s really beautiful i don’t know how  
you’re supposed to apply it i’m not crazy about it 
so this is going to be pretty for the summer time  
i feel like you could put this anywhere on 
your body it looks good i’m just like glazed  
to the max like i look oily so let me just set 
my face a little bit with some translucent powder  
putting on some translucent powder really helped 
uh bring everything back to life and like look  
nice and seamless granted i put too much on so i 
don’t want to take away from the product because i  
like wrongfully put it on even though that’s how 
they do it in their videos beautiful you can see  
the beautiful glow it’s like a gold undertone 
i think for the summertime this is going to be  
beautiful on your body on your cheeks like 
if you just do a dewy look light like bb  
cream or tinted moisturizer and just add this all 
over you can even put this i feel like under your  
foundation to give your whole face like a glow 
this does cost 26 bucks i don’t know if it’s  
worth 26 bucks you can definitely get other stuff 
that won’t be you know as like heavy but if you’re  
into it if you’re into the thick illuminator vibe 
um then you’ll love it but i’m not crazy about it  
it’s nice it’s pretty but i can do this i can 
achieve this with several other products okay  
let’s get to the actual good stuff the stuff that 
everyone’s raving about so these are the refined  
beauty lip sculpts it’s just a lip sculpt i 
got three colors i got the color fawn blush  
and rosewood this is the color rosewood again the 
packaging is very beautiful very minimal and it is  
dual ended as well so on one side you get what 
seems to look like a lip liner which you’re  
really just supposed to line and sculpt your lips 
and then on the other side you get actual like  
whatever the setting it’s like a lip setter so it 
won’t move this is what keeps it in place all day  
this brand also has lip gloss that people put on 
top they didn’t have it at the store that i was  
at so i was really annoyed because i wanted to 
try it but i will just put a regular lip gloss  
on top so you can see everything together these 
retail for 26 us dollars not bad pretty average  
um but let’s see if it’s worth it okay 
going in with the color rosewood i  
took everything off my lips there’s nothing on it 
right now i’m just gonna go ahead and line them
feels pretty like good it’s like a little chalky 
which is not bad for like a lip liner it feels  
like a pencil lip liner the color is really 
stunning and i’ve only lined my lips like i  
barely brought any down and you’re not supposed 
to really or you can but um it almost looks like  
the color of my lips and i really like that i’m 
just gonna add a little more it’s a little sticky  
now you’re supposed to take the other side which 
is just like this clear it almost looks like  
like a lash glue which is really interesting you 
just put this on and it sets it so it won’t move
it feels like nothing you feel like it’s 
going to be like a lip gloss but literally  
it feels like nothing doesn’t smell like 
anything which is good i don’t know why i  
wanted it to smell like an adhesive which is 
so weird i’m gonna just put some gloss on top  
but even if you like without the 
gloss look at that and it won’t  
it’ll stay on your lips all day i love that 
this is just any clear lip gloss you have  
i absolutely love this 10 out of 10. this is such 
a stunning color for me like i this is my vibe  
like all day a peachy nude and i literally only 
have it around my lips like i didn’t put it in  
the center of my lips and it gives you like this 
beautiful ombre like lip liner look that’s gonna  
last you all day like it’s literally not going 
anywhere hello you can go buy an apple or do  
whatever you want the fact that i don’t even put 
a lot on and it just like lined my lips naturally  
it’s a pretty natural color for every day you can 
rock it at night beautiful let’s keep going okay  
so here’s the real test i’m gonna wipe it off and 
see if like i’m gonna struggle it’s coming off but  
not too bad it’s not like hurting me also it’s 
super soft on the lips doesn’t feel bad not tingly  
it doesn’t smell like anything let’s dive right 
into the next color this is the color fawn  
it’s a more dark brown color i’m into a brown 
every now and then with like a simple eye look  
same concept you have like the actual lip 
liner on one side and then the apple the  
lip center on the other side okay 
i’m just gonna go ahead and line my  
lips same way this is a darker color 
so you should be able to see it more
i also like that it comes on kind of rough but 
like it’s not breaking which is good and a little  
goes a long way this is a really pretty color you 
can see it’s much darker it’s more brown undertone  
it feels a little dry but it’s not too bad 
like you can definitely work around with it  
i’m gonna take the setter on this side oh  
i don’t know why i keep pulling this out 
and i want it to be shiny and it’s not
so okay here we go so this is the 
lip without any lip gloss on it  
i really like the color it’s beautiful it’s 
more like a mauve kind of brown undertone but  
the application is so nice it feels good you can 
even put like a nude lipstick in the center to cut  
pair with it but i’m not using any lipstick i 
really love this like i have nothing bad to say  
i love that it’s gonna last me all day i don’t 
have to reapply i love that i can just rock it  
by itself i literally just line my lips and i 
have nothing else on that’s wild like i’m into it  
okay i have one more color i want to try this is 
the color blush so i feel like it’s more pink i  
don’t know what it is i just love nudes i love 
neutrals i love pinks i hate oranges though i’m  
just gonna i don’t do orange lipstick okay 
let’s go directly in with the color blush
okay even without the lip gloss i love this color 
it looks matte but it doesn’t feel matte which is  
what we love like i hate when your lips feel 
dry and it’s like someone scrub them with the  
toothbrush please like it’s not a vibe i go ahead 
and put some lip gloss on top just so you can see  
and then remember they have their own lip gloss 
too which you can buy but honestly any lip gloss  
will be fine i love this like i love this 10 out 
of 10 on the lip sculpts um yeah they feel good  
they apply nicely they last you all day if you 
like long-lasting stuff then you’re gonna love  
this there’s nothing else to say honestly so i’m 
gonna have to skip on the eyebrow pencil and the  
illuminator not crazy about it i mean i’m still 
looking it’s pretty the glow is pretty but like  
it’s just like a lot going on the eyebrow pencil 
um even if the color was a little bit lighter i  
didn’t like the application it’s too creamy and 
gel like like it should either be a pencil or  
it should be a pomade i don’t like the in between 
but if you’re into that you might like it but 10  
out of 10 on these lip sculpts are like a lip 
stain you literally don’t even need lipstick  
i just put it on like a lip liner and that’s it 
i’m ready to go i know i love it i love it that  
is it for this video i hope you enjoyed if you’ve 
tried any of these products or this brand comment  
down below let me know what else you recommend 
i’ll list all the details in the description  
box below and again as always thank you for 
watching and until next time i’ll see you later

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