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a copy of One Piece patreon page let’s get to it I know Luffy made a deal with you to find our long clown but if this is another one of your tricks what are you gonna do bleed on me because I said bleed on me how do we know you’re not leading us to a trap I don’t know about your hits right come on I can sing a nice sea shanty

to pass the time oh the neck is moving I bet that’s an Easter egg I just want to know if nami’s okay a beautiful talented woman does not choose to allow herself with a pirate like our long Army clearly needs to be rescued that’s right you saved that woman men ah I like it I like the new one those oranges they are oh my God oranges origin orange oranges Origins actually it does not shut up everyone shut up let’s watch the show you’re ruining it for everyone I saw the vision yeah yeah you saw what

I was going for a bunch of hippies blowing bubbles in your orchard it’s not an orchard if it’s oranges right I don’t know okay your orange farm NAMI it’s your turn Nami Nami is that nami’s mommy Nami you’re a vet oh she had such a beautiful life before all this Darkness oh the fish hop All In strike 10 high I don’t know what that means Queen’s full no so it’s just regular poker okay I still don’t know what it means Richie we don’t lie about money on this crew I’ll be back for the rest of

your Berry later is that the implication it’s what she does she’s a thief way to sync that up nice that’s interesting because you’re so serious in Stern but this is the dream that Luffy keeps talking to her about yeah where did you get the book Nami I took it from the bookstore what it’s not like I hurt anybody you hurt the people you stole from I hate eating tangerines every day I hate being poor you have Bubbles and oranges no chica’s not my damn or she had it coming I know it’s 20 23 but this

was 20 years ago it would just be like hit that kid I kept a plate on the stove for you I’m not hungry classic parent move beat your ass and come with kindness I got dinner ready if you stop all that crying the day I found my unit has oh raised by a fighter nice when I saw you I knew I had to live I had to live so I could take care of you she found purpose hey there’s some great parents in this show I love the heart this show has I have another job

for you in the meantime one of the villages is late with their true retainment which one Cocoa Village no his job requires a human touch oh arlong knows exactly what he’s doing I always wondered what happened to the infamous red legs have captain of the cook Pirates yeah when I was dies a fall ball in me and the only thing under my command is this restaurant are they gonna kill him off right now I hope not a young pirate who was here recently name of Luffy he’s unlucky if I remember my regulars oh you’ll remember

this one straw hat stretchy did you choose Straw Hat goofy base his name off of Luffy no he couldn’t have they do a really great job at knowing how to gray out a lot of their environment but keep our Central characters still colored and saturated in their outfits oh yeah it’s impressive how they do that with their designs our long did this please please is that the same girl I think so yeah black girl blue hair yeah not a lot of those in this world hey they’re all the same Aaron don’t be racist it’s like

she looks like her Nami Nami Nami at the orange Orchard if that’s what it’s called I found NAMI so fast yeah that was really quick Oh Sister beef also I haven’t said it all but Nami is cute as hell dude she’s like it was fine as and you promised to never steal again is that will force yeah is that I think it is what the hell what the Cameo like the only name actor in this thing so far what’s going on oh this is why she hates Pirates oh my God shoot a duck she was

abducted oh or she chose to go with them oh I’m gonna make a guess she is playing the long game she actually wants to kill arlong and his people over because it’s like RR yeah so he’s strong no no already damn he just got here no no he’s right here okay no I don’t need any part of your system away they love you take the rest of these clowns and sail away from here I never want to see you again you don’t mean that cry a little bit a little bit give me a tear back

to the boat before the fishermen find us sail the hell out of here nah Luffy’s persistent I think she was very clear she wants us to leave you don’t know women they never say what they mean the villagers are terrified of her not all of them I’m a pirate Hunter we’re here to collect our lungs Bounty smart man yeah turn around and leave now that’s what I’ve been saying hey let’s start with nami seems you know her very well she’s a thief with no conscience and when there’s no more lift to take she leaves and

doesn’t turn back you really think it’s a long game I feel like she just went down the wrong path she doesn’t like him and she like he screwed over her town so she’s gonna be playing the long game you’re not special and I can’t help you how about a meal what Sanji with the charm huh oh no no no pretty good oh yeah I have a feeling daddy Pirate’s gonna die already you think so I have to reunite in episode 487. I took my choice there’s a new generation and they’re coming up Buns of impulsive

children are ready to be enjoyed you leave it too long it will go bad a lot of deeper context to this conversation just serve whiskey okay maybe he’s a I don’t know because you brought out the wine he’s gonna die I thought it was excited for a special occasion like it’s time to meet his I feel like he’s going I don’t know his last drink getting death Vibes yeah love the Prosthetics on the fish men yeah great job HP Lovecraft uh uh what it’s like a subdivision of the Marines this has whiskers yeah I have

additional concerns how many about twice as many as that let’s double our usual Arrangement that is where twice as many means yes you know this is the best thing I’ve eaten my entire life better than a tangerine you really need to know about Nami the truth is what’s going on is it like a Thanos and Gamora situation is that what you’re getting at I can see that yeah that makes some sense well you think she’s nebula who’s the blue hair yeah in a way Jimmy does a hundred thousand very adult you got the bucket hat

in the chain that’s hilarious take it that’s all I got three plates on the table ah damn it I have two daughters you’ll have to pay for the 50 000 Berry each he gave you everything I had too bad for you it ain’t enough no that is up oh it’s a family reunion because you are my daughters and I would never deny that wow she probably hates her because she she said something no no no no no no oh man I love you girls foreign I think you’re right oh man wait nami’s working for the

pirate that killed your mother oh God gorgeous shot I was just thinking the same thing best Dynamic on the show these two she made her choice I ended up hearing about Nami from other people she told you to leave Luffy so did you hmm how do you know she’s not one of our Long’s crew same way I knew you weren’t going to kill me when I cut you down from that cross same way I knew about usop Luffy can see people for their potential and who they can really be I know Nami is good to

know it too yeah I don’t think exactly a long con I think she feels like included a lot of guilt oh yeah my mom’s dead because of me this is like her punishment she’s serving her pendants I hope it’s a long cone she’s got to get revenge for her mama it’s not too easy keeping Marine patrols out of the area and with your increase in activity I guess it’s just the price of doing business you’re not smarter than people give you credit for you shouldn’t have said that man shouldn’t have said that don’t discriminate does

it surprise you that I have intelligence enslave my people slavery has been abolished what’s your Prejudice for me who have all the same rights as humans silly anything intentionally cast a black guy no I can accept the terms of our usual deal give it all back you’re smarter than people who gives you credit for kill them kill them anyway and what about our deal what about it I have the money a hundred million Berry I thought that money fair and square now are you ready to honor our agreement wow that’s a lot of berry U.S

dollar translation that’s like 200 dollars that’s why our USA is number one baby maybe there’s a way for the rat to earn some extra Berry after all what are you doing buying you a drink you can’t we’re on Judy oh come on God why don’t you just shave his hair it is so awful just commit man just shave it off your head looks like a penis aren’t you full of surprises dude you’re gonna confess maybe the straw hat Pirates aren’t the villains that the Marines are making them out to be you know something ‘s Luffy’s

grandfather would you why would you why would you say that tell anyone he’s gonna tell everyone they say what you want about Lucy but it’s the real deal it doesn’t matter not to a man like Garb you color Outside the Lines you get your arm chopped off it’s a little extreme if you ask me must have been hard going off with the dad like accent Morgan I am nothing like that straw hat filler with a straw hat came through here the other day they have to change your heart come on peace head last thing I

want to do is put myself in the middle of a family dispute it’s special reminds me of another pirate we knew back in our Glory Days you’re not saying it’s going to make it less true um the kid reminds me of gold Roger is that the guy who had the the one piece yeah is he related Luffy I still only bought a coat sir thank you for the meal you see he’s not gonna kill him have the Navigator said a course immediately for the Konomi Islands you have to know when it’s time to let him

go change is coming whether you want it or not it’s their turn now just turn around okay he’s safe told you it would have been satisfying if he died right here maybe Luffy’s the son of him and then he that’s nothing he’s not really the grandson of our villain oh you think he just like took him all took him in after yeah maybe he just took him as a baby or something that could be interesting Theory okay could be an interesting Theory it isn’t interesting here now grave too oh oh no no no no no

there’s important stuff in there it’s not what you think you have no oh and you’re hiding it next to her mother’s body mommy what kind of monster her for her mother’s mother’s death unless some other thing happens in this flashback which we’re about to find out I need to speak with you and who are you my name is Nami prepare to die you wanna kill me little girl no I want to join your crew say what whoops I have something you want because she’s got a black guy fetish I killed your mother to come work

for me how can you trust a human like that why would you do that because you have something I want told arlong I’d work for him on one condition that he let me buy back Cocoa Village that would take a lifetime I have the money and now I can buy the freedom of the village and everyone in it why’d you have to have everyone hate you she can let the secret get out well I couldn’t lose you too or anyone else oh that’s really sad yeah so you kept that secret oh the easiest and you

let me hate you I’d want the crowd I want people to know how good of a person I am I’ve heard the Pirates are stashing their plunder in this area you two wouldn’t know anything about that would you oh Luffy Zorro Sanji and I guess who’s up get some ass I guess it’s mine 100 million Berry how did you know how long put you up to this didn’t he watch yourself or we’ll take you into custody as well oh somebody do something oh I hate this I hate this so much you Draconian damn it’s so

messed up dude I’m really invested in everyone’s personal motives yeah yes let me go they can’t do this Let Me Wait get back that money ask your friends for help if they were so close to she was already at the 100 million marks you should have clued in the straw hat team she’s already used to keeping things so close to the chest she doesn’t trust people anymore I’m just saying you know I mean I agree with you the girl can’t trust now the time has come to restore the natural order of this world oh this

is so sad yeah man all right just rage will burn through Cocoa Village we will teach each and every human their rightful place beneath us you tell them fish needo ask your friends for help ask your friends for help sad I’m tattooed on your body dude oh I was gonna help you I love this show man so good I told you to get the hell out of here you did you don’t know anything about what’s going on here I don’t oh of course I will damn what a great scene oh hell yeah oh man God

I love this God I love this show that’s right damn look at this is a live action anime oh man what’s that they’re attacking the village uh-oh no ah of course of course that’s where it ends can’t wait for all five of them to be on the same screen together all right all right I got one more episode to go through so just talk about the super quick Aaron take it away oh man this episode’s incredible this episode was incredible from the the themes of of family you know the themes of protection going on um

yeah man this episode was great from start to finish like getting to see nami’s backstory finally after not really knowing what her deal was the entire time to realizing how um full of heart and full of uh selflessness she was under the guise of being selfish and pushing the people that she loves away whether it be her sister whether it be the straw hat crew and yeah seeing the the lengths people will go to for family I thought that was was really inspiring and and really really meant a lot uh yeah I just think that

this movie wasn’t this episode wasn’t uh high in action as we’ve come to to see over the course of the show but just seeing that has the heart has the um I don’t understand the emotionality of it that scene we just watched was incredible like Nami going into like trying to find her um I don’t know well she lost everything but yeah then her finally accepting their help and then just seeing how Luffy was able to be there for her and believe in her like the fact that Luffy is someone who just believes in people

to such a degree sees people and sees things in people that they don’t see in themselves is incredible and I think this is the first episode of the show we’ve seen Luffy not have this overwhelming like um not not necessarily optimism but like this gung-ho attitude he’s very much like kind of somber very serious for most of this episode and I think for a character who is very much like upbeat for all the time I think it’s important to have those notes have those accents for the character to really make them feel more human because

I think you could easily with an adaptation run the risk of a character feeling like a cartoon but rather This Crew and Luffy and themselves feels very dynamic as a leader as a character and yeah and just watching these different people come together has just been very satisfying of a journey and yeah really this episode really got me emotional uh towards the end you know seeing what nami’s gone through seeing like love through the face of of rejection via fear and yeah just I loved it man like didn’t it didn’t need the action for me

you know it had the character and then also with uh with sanji’s like surrogate father and him like in the role that he was playing in here just all of it really came together and nami’s Mom you know like her standing up for uh for her chosen family just all of it really really was impactful and yeah yeah it’s penultimate episode and uh yeah I would be if this is a week to week show like Aaron I’d be so frustrated that it just ended right now because I’m so excited to see them all finally come

together and accept each other as a unit yeah this was uh this is great yeah man what’d you think yeah I think you’re you’re right about that I think thematically they were showing the uh The Duality between like the types of surrogate parents and types of parenting that we have one side is like very misguided kind of parenting or straight up villainous parenting with our long the evil captain guy um even you call him penis head even with even with his dad that parenting side and then of course you got um uh oh my God

sorry it’s been a day Nema I’m already I’ve just like flaking on everyone’s name at the moment I’ve just lost the whole episode about her oh the uh nami’s bomb Navi God damn it yeah as I can see the letters I was like what the hell is wrong with my brain right now um Nami and her her parents and and then of course Sanji as well and looking at like Again The Duality between those types of parenting and how that affected them too I thought was beautifully thematically displayed here in this episode and I think

we’ve been watching how these children have grown up into adults and how that’s affected them you’re even sort of watching over the course of Luffy from where he was to how he is in this episode you’re watching him go from being a boy into a man and then it still manages to give you that reward and cathartic line that you could only pull off like lines like what when he’s when he like puts his hands up in the air like I could just imagine it in Japanese with the subtitles where he’s he’s exclaiming of course

I will and 99 of the time that would not work you know and you I would see something like a moment like that in an anime if you’re like well that wouldn’t translate well to the lot to like live action that wouldn’t translate well and then somehow this show manages to pull off some like that where you’re like that’s great that’s cool you know like they I think it says they earn those moments they really do even even amid such a serious moment because they did such a great job of showing Luffy through the goofy

sides to give him a serious moment to then watch that be um this embellishment of all these other qualities all it’s like this is this beautiful burrito of like seriousness and childlike Wonder All in One and it’s just one of course I will moment that I thought was great and the actress plays on me I thought is uh her performance has been very consistent it’s quite excellent here yeah and I love that this show has let us know everyone’s motivation has let us know because everyone’s usually set up with some type of mystery and then

sometimes a show will stretch that out until like season two or three if we’re talking just even live active shirt and Anime it like goes on for a much longer time right but in live action they’ll stretch that out for what feels like forever and then here I love that we actually got it and we now know everyone’s backstory and we see that this Suicide Squad of sorts uh some kind of Suicide Squad yeah of how they are a fan of how they can they can be a family yeah because they don’t have they don’t

have family anymore and you know it’s like Nami has family and stuff but you could see how them setting on all these and I like how they all have like different conquests that they’re after these different Adventures after and uh while I while I do like I I enjoy our long uh I enjoy the design of the fish people and stuff and I I enjoy the commentary that they make and I like how nuanced it is I really like how nuanced it is yeah where he’s not just a guy who terrorizes and that there is

at the end of the day a lot of well racism until I dealt his way or what would you call fishism humanism yeah some type of some discrimination xenophobia uh type of thing Eric yeah yeah there’s there at the end of the day there’s um a lot of systematic injustices that have been dealt his way that have formed him has formed him to be the the rage the wrathful man that he is and at the end of the day still is like still a villain yeah I I like uh I like the layers a lot

to him and I can’t quite pinpoint it yet and I wonder if it’s because the show has introduced us to other villains who I’ve just thought have been more engaging and ultimately scary like when there’s someone like mihawk out there yeah I’m not as scared of an AR long because I’m like I feel like a Miha could easily kill this guy when when they’re talking so you know what it is actually I think it’s it might be because our log was in like one episode and then like for a little bit and then he came

into last episode and was like more predominant and mihawk was only one episode two right but it’s presence no I’m not uh no I’m saying no I’m thinking of a different point here is that why this this thing about our long and I guess they’re kind of sitting like he’s like the main there’s a lot of villains yeah you know right now there’s there’s a lot of villains and I could and I think it’s one of the joys of a of a series is you can have ultimate villains especially the anime where you can have

multiple villains and stuff and uh I think that I don’t quite know what it is yet maybe I’ll maybe I’ll wait on that thought I’m gonna I’m gonna rest on that thought before we get to the fine until we watch the final episode because I’m like is there too many villains yeah uh because like mihawk seems like he’s a personal villain for Zorro for Zorro and he’s not really like a villain you know and then you have the captain who’s more for like yeah he’s hungry the Pirates in general but he’s more for Luffy and

then actually no now I think about it yeah every every villain seems to have one that’s like okay but yes our long is threatening to take over all of humanity and to like you know rule at all but he’s mainly here to serve for Nami yeah you know and then Usopp had the butler that’s been dealt with yeah you know um so he didn’t die though right no he didn’t no no he was he was uh rowing away yeah yeah uh yeah I think like with the way they’ve been I guess the way this episode

treated our long I felt like our long should have been in the show longer or built him up longer yeah especially when there’s such a diabolicalness to the the way it’s all coming across and such like a huge thing like they’re now gonna say like he’s got the map he’s gonna set sail and take over I’m like oh I feel like there should have been maybe more of a build up to it yeah but I don’t know like I really don’t know yet yeah I think I said like I can’t remember which episode it was

because we kind of like watched these like in in pairs but it was I think I said that like yeah that would come the final finale would come down to um our long and uh and GARP being like the two coming to head or like two people we’d be facing in the finale episode and yeah I don’t think I don’t necessarily think GARP is super threatening but I think that they serve our characters well as far as like what they mean for them and I think that mihawk was both cool and serves for um for

Zorro now could he have been in the episodes more I do agree you know maybe like build up to this threat that he’s supposed to represent uh I do think that they’ve you they’ve utilized him well in the time that we’ve we’ve seen him and I think he’s the only one so far that like I I get where he’s coming from but he has like that thing that makes him corrupt you know like oh like I understand why you feel the way you do but like you’re taking it like too far like you took it

like a a direction that like kind of get where I can’t align with you you know like like like a killmonger like a Magneto you know and well I feel like the dialogue provides that but I kind of feel like the performance misses some of that Nuance I think it’s because of the Prosthetics I was literally as I was saying that I was wondering if that might be it because because he at the end of the day he does just play it like Overlord at least the way it translates he’s just he’s just a bet

he’s just villainy and and when clearly there’s like through the dialogue I’m like well it sounds like this guy’s really there’s a lot of hurt and suffering this guy’s been dealt with dealing with you but he it’s kind of plays it feels like the perf the performance feels a little bit one note to me okay when the dialogue and the context feels deeper than that note yeah I think like the the this place is Sinister you know yeah no I can agree with that I think the the times we’ve seen him like talk about the

the plights of being a fish person and like the emotional weight of of that has not been um I don’t know if congruence the right word but to the same level as his level of villainy or like yeah or the level of Engagement we’ve seen him like there there hasn’t been anything that has made him overtly threatening or like oh like we got it we gotta take this guy down in the in the same way that we’ve um it just seems like everywhere he goes he’s murdering left and right yeah yeah we could we could

use more you know and I I do I can definitely agree with that fact um yeah I look I will say that being said I look forward to having Nami get her revenge on this guy yeah yeah what he’s doing to the town for what he did to the mother you know yeah and I don’t think it’s a satisfying villain for our crew but more so specifically for her and I feel like all of the villains to an extent have been like I mean satisfying for individual Heroes to take down except for usab doesn’t really

you know suffer Luffy you know get his rematch get his rematch too you’re right there there’s a person element for him there as well yeah um we’ll see I don’t know like I’d rather wait till the final episode for actually casting a final judgment about it fair okay um yeah I like the sister too she was a good performer she was good um alrighty well one more to go we’ll see how it goes alrighty excited for it thank you guys for being here and we’ll see you for the finale bye

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