ONE PIECE EPISODE 8 REACTION! 1×8 Finale Review | Netflix Live Action 2023 | Luffy Vs Arlong Fight

what is going on here citizens of the rejection it’s time for the final episode of One Piece season one I want to say thank you to all who have joined us on this journey thank you Aaron for being here with me are you excited Aaron I am born excited I’m I’m so excited I could keep it short okay you’ve got somewhere to be geez you’re taking too long me happy we are we this is dragon out this is dragging way too long Dragon Ball Z this is dragging out please we gotta we gotta get some

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cover several things over there exclusively with reaction highlights and watch alongs included let’s get to it thank you oh it’s

her getting her tattoo it’s like branding yeah she’s just a kid when she got it too dang man damn you got any tattoos no you pay me 100 million Berry when you’re able to pay you and your town will have your freedom map collector wow she had the money and then he just stole it right from her and I like a pirate who used to keep my promises no you don’t it’s a liar oh dang

it really burnt that down the chico told us about your sacrifice we didn’t know can you ever forgive us there’s nothing to forgive I was kind of a dick this is my fight no hours this is our fight right guys finally I got to cut something but how are we going to be our long we saw what he did at bratia every creature has a weakness even bulletproof ones you don’t have to do I won’t hesitate oh that’s a cool one I would get each one of these logos each one of these title sequins as

a shirt they’ve all been pretty cool I have received word of pirate activity at Coco Village what what oh Pirates there is a new Chrome in these parts led by a ruthless killer the pirate in a strong hat Savage would be stupid enough to attack us yeah let’s go let’s go oh yeah yes yes oh hell yeah oh nice way to go buddy yep sounds about right great camera work all around yeah all around very well shot stop wearing them when I was 12. I never cleaned it up they just stopped love it there is

for a rainy day what a big blade oh yeah this guy Spire fire spitter great shots again nice I loved it this Zoom board is like a shredded like an anime action that was nice it looks like someone’s backyard rich man’s pool not me you you could have been spared taking your place right by my side yeah the deal you betrayed me overboard maybe for giving me a hundred million like what nothing can stop me from taking the East blue and every other sea after that pirate king not even flinching could you have used her

so effectively yes mm-hmm yeah they’re always bleeding yeah he’s holding on to the blade yeah she’s a person with wants and dreams of her own guy anyone else who tries to hurt other people or alongside the hell are you talking okay I wasn’t there for those events get out of here Nami but Luffy I got this you can escape round two are long have the motivation of friendship now so Swift maybe you should take a break maybe you ought to get back in the kitchen Luffy needs us oh great that was dope you don’t know

what Luffy needs I know he needs my cooking you mean putting two slices of bread together trust me I can help you guys win this thing oh gosh yes yes oh so much better than I even remember I’m gonna get out of here kiddos I’d love to make things right but it’s time to exit stage left I guess not oh damn oh unless you probably put some stuff on it there’s no way you’re bleeding that much this has to be a trick too bad little one just when we’re starting to have some fun you really

he really hunted him down yeah he really singled out USA hey Netflix what happened to the element of surprise my skin is tougher than bullets maybe you should try one of my new patented fire rounds I don’t catch fire maybe you don’t but the bottle the alcohol does whoa nice the Great Captain uza fails another notorious villain the first time I’ve ever done something okay you strike down my brothers okay against the might of my fish your fish man karate fist in 3D three-dimensional fisty cuffs kick him in the face Angie oh okay this guy’s

good also wouldn’t draw get his swords fixed damn it let’s go yes oh that’s a great new teeth yeah he is gross no thank you damn it is Karate kicks can break a ship skill that’s nothing you should have seen Seth’s kicks when he found the next show in the creme brulee I can’t nothing no burn the maps burn them maybe I can’t beat you but I can destroy everything you’ve built what you talking about Willis burn it nice outsmart him Army is a fool to ever faith in such a weak and Patriots God I

love him so much yeah what a reference what a call back follow me straight through that’s great she’s like who’s this guy who’s the new guy that was so cool burn the maps let’s just smack the it’s a lantern lanterns thank you smack the Torches oh my God yes that was the last thing I expected Luffy slingshot your way out of there yo that’s crazy he’s fine he’s made out of rubber right I love the consistency of Zorro and Sanji still with their hands in their pockets yeah so cool always you are our friend Let’s

Go the music too straw hat for life baby let’s go I even got Zorro smiling okay okay he’s going to be king of the Pirates I love it love it love it love it I mean our Long’s not dead though oh probably not I’m gonna need these recipes too you should really write a cookbook it could be talked into offering some private lessons nice try why do none of these women want to sleep with him I don’t understand he’s Charming I don’t understand pulled my trusty slingshot like single-handedly defeated arlong and his deadly crew With

a Little Help all right cheers we’re gonna have done it without him Luffy man hooray I Love Lucy all right the Marines oh I forgot about them arrest them I saw the story Cocoa Village you have your orders Cadet no no finally you do realize there are severe punishments for disobeying direct orders disagree with those orders sir join the Pirates join them me too yes I called it from the first episode wow last chance Give It Up it’s not really my thing hmm you’re gonna fight him do you have powers too he’s gotta I mean

did have he did throw that that ball earlier I don’t want to fight you Grandpa fighting me your entire life damn come on man you just defeated R along you can do this I think Grandpa’s stronger than our long got that old man shrinks just crush the whole village Luffy just give him one of those claps give him a little Thunderclap or do that kick again do that super kick because I trained you better than this you did oh he’s gonna slingshot himself yeah yeah I didn’t think that was gonna work I told you you

aren’t ready you can hit me all day long I could do this all day but I’m never giving up on my dream and I will find the one piece Pirates is it every episode yep yep have it your way lower your weapons you’re stubborn just like me but I know who you are boy I just needed to make sure you knew it too what a long journey right to find that out he’s the whole Marine Fleet Texas grants he wasted government money to test his grandson wonder if that’s going to cause the Marines to question

his leadership because he just let these Pirates go they’ve been chasing for like six months I can move forward with my head held high that’s why you always want it right I’m sorry I didn’t understand the sacrifices you made for me now open that over your thigh you know that Citrus you want the juice so messy cyan it was a napkin or something I hope you’d be proud of me she was always proud of you how’s your own the new tattoo worth it do you really have to leave I do need to go no matter

how far you go you will always have a place here to return to this will always be your home hell yeah my God there’s lyrics oh Citrus pinwheel that’s what her mommy made her I have an orange tree do you eat oranges like that I love oranges I wanted to show you something hell yeah that’s that’s a lot of berry it’s the highest bounty in the East blue you’re a wanted man now exactly what I wanted you just wanted to be wanted the whole time I guess this is goodbye then goodbye means forever we’re just

done with Kobe now be a good Marine be a good pirate oh they both will be they both will be they can navigate the Seas Together live in your dreams what a beautiful thing unless movies wanted posted not just Luffy this is stupid this is going to make things much harder with that price on your head every Bounty Hunter and that useful will be cunning for you season dose then it’s a good thing we’re not staying in the East blue going to the West Blue we’re going to the Grand Prime oh hey hey and the

bird too yay we’re shanks oh they’re all coming back all the characters we met along the way up then all right buggy yep buggy yep and then our uh our mustache a guy that killed a little myself if you don’t I will team up the Fire Woman yeah team up what about the other guy what about the butler guy the odds of all three of them in the same room are not likely right now that’s Season Two Season Two I’m ready to accept my punishment following orders doesn’t make you a good Marine it’s following your

code all men have their own brand of Justice and you both followed yours hmm nice oh yeah my training methods have been called the worst kind of punishment you gotta train us yourself well you want to get stronger don’t you learn how to fight yes teachers not a villain he’s not I was not expecting that um I want to show people that rogano azaro isn’t the only one that knows how to use swords oh I need a new haircut the old Chef was right it is your turn they’re the right age ah our guys back

that’s the butler oh he’s gonna be teaming up with the butler huh oh no no shakes Shanks come on lads we’re in the presence of a mighty warlord of the sea show a little oh respect see you monkey see Luffy’s want to post her please I recently ran into someone who might be of interest to you Thursday you really did it no way it’s Lucy he’s a pirate he’s a captain wait which one is usop’s Dad I don’t know bring out the reserve booze boys thought you were hungover Shanks Gosling I can’t wait till they

reunite I’m so excited oh hell yeah Journey thoughts anytime you want tangerines not oranges a bit odd but I like it a little bit of home with you I love it perfect we actually have something for you too is it what I think it is the Jolly Roger beautiful how’d they do that without him realizing I love it love it love it love it ill adorable son of a right good River or a canal or something but it doesn’t make any sense these elevations show a mountain I mean how can a river go up a

mountain no how can a river go up a mountain hmm draw that oh hands on deck for a cast off ceremony stuff ceremony full circle barrel and now they’re about to oh my God hero shot Arrow shiny or blue oh hell yeah their childhood dreams I’m gonna be the world’s greatest Swordsman what do you want Mommy I’m gonna draw a map of the world okay all right what do you want usab hi I’m gonna find your dad I’m gonna become a bright Warrior of the sea that’s right yeah I mean that one’s more achievable than

the other ones but yeah man you got this oh let’s put our feet in what do you want to do Greg I want to reach 1.4 million subscribers there it is there it is the one piece those are another it’s a tease or what’s the cotton what’s to come what’s to come we don’t know who’s this Feller uh-oh burning burning Luffy’s thing this is when an ending explained ruins shits for us thank you well cool as non-watchers of the anime I don’t know what that was about the anime right there all right let’s skip to

it skip to it let’s just get in it okay that was fun all right Aaron let’s look at the time and then we got to get you out of here 10 minutes I’m gonna wrap this up buddy what did you think I loved it I love the entire show I love this episode I thought it was incredible yeah we started with the stuff with Arlon or arlong and seeing Our Heroes finally come together working together and doing all the cool things the heroes that decide to be a team do from usab’s moment taking down the

the one fish guy to Luffy taking down arlong to Sanji and uh Zora working together it was so cool to Kobe realizing his Arc and The kind of getting his Arc too and then Luffy coming full circle becoming The Wanted pirate he always wanted to this was like dream fulfillment for everybody involved or all of our characters you know that they’re on our their journey to become the heroes that they really want to be and I thought it was great you know it’s it was a live-action anime that succeeded at being a live-action anime and

it did it with flying colors you know it got us to endear the audience to these characters and their they made a believable and yeah man it was just it was just so much fun it made my heart so happy and I am thoroughly invested in one piece after years of people telling me to watch this thousand plus episode show I haven’t seen all thousand plus episodes I haven’t even seen the anime but I have seen this and I love it and I understand the hype now it was it was great and yeah I I

love seeing I think the thing about this show that made it so great was this this persevering heart of dream fulfillment and teamwork and realizing that you can do anything with little help or you can do anything with a dream and a vision and pursuing that dream pursuing that vision and perseverance yeah I think overall this was one of the most fun I’ve had watching a show in some time uh because it had heart it had incredible action it had beautiful choreography it had beautiful set design incredible music and yeah it just passed on all

colors for me I think maybe some things could have been fleshed out a little bit more or rather like given some time I still think usab could become more useful in the future because it kind of feels like they’re like they had his two episodes they’re like we’ll figure it out eventually but you know he’s he’s he’s kind of funny um but yeah I think everything else really uh really worked for me even the turn of Garb being not so bad of a guy I was like okay I can get behind this not what I

was expecting but hey I’m with it I’m with the journey and yeah I think for the time being that is what I have to say about it I really really enjoyed it Greg what did you think well I think that this show was excellent on all accounts it got me thinking in the Final Shots of like what does one piece mean or like what is the interpretation I can at least have of it and I feel like they’re all like pieces to this one Unity you know this whole team the straw hat Pirates each like

it’s not it starts off as just Luffy’s show and then as it progresses it’s like every one show yeah so it’s all these pieces that all become one even though they’re searching for a thing called one piece I love the idea of unity and that’s so much of what it’s about is the the power of companionship the power of cooperation the power of friendship the power of belief in others the power of self-belief it’s just a lot of very positive messaging uh throughout it and it even thematically tied in with his grandpa which surprised the

out of me uh out of everything that every turn that happened the most unexpected one I thought for some reason the grandpa might let him go I didn’t expect it to be the reasoning for what happened there oh yeah and like not even because it’s straight up had this like shift where it wasn’t even jarring it didn’t even feel like a cop out because the whole season is like he’s the villain he’s the Baddie he’s a bad guy the big bad the ultimate and then he reveals what’s really up and he doesn’t even like punish

the other two no instead finds like oh that’s the kind of spunk I’m looking for you know and it all fit with the character yeah it didn’t go against the character it’s like well that’s kind of uh I normally I’m left here baffled and kind of a oh you kind of just undermined a lot and to hear him like no this actually lines up with everything yeah at all tracks like he’s a tough and everything I’m not saying like he’s like a nice person um but he’s not the villain you know and I or at

least right now right and and I like that Nuance too that they have of understanding that not all Pirates are bad and not all Marines are bad people you know and um that it’s all about like the power of the individual you know the uniqueness of that one person who can really make a difference and it’s a lot of that too is like the one person who can make a difference so I thought a lot of there’s a lot of great strength here and uh yeah you know incredible fight scenes all around I like the

camaraderie with everyone I like the back and forth of Zorro and Sanji um everyone had a character Arc here pretty much kind of you saw but everyone everyone here had like a really clear character and it gets you excited for what’s to come uh for for the future for these guys and setting up the stakes of it while not also feeling like they’re rushing just to set up season two like I still feel like I got a complete Journey here of them becoming the Assembly of this team while looking for more to come like I

think it’s a near perfect season one you know there are some sometimes in the directing where I was like nah I feel like they might have like overshot it a little bit like I mean just like shoot him like maybe this looks like not as I don’t know you know what I don’t even want to bother nitpicking I don’t even want to bother honestly I don’t like it was it like the end of the day a word is hard on a sleeve throughout and and it’s there’s nothing like it there’s no other live action show

like it there’s nothing like it and uh I’ve seen you know me either yeah so uh I think it was I think it’s excellent unique and from what I understand a pretty damn good adaptation as well and um I I can’t wait for the next season because I feel like whatever things I would have nitpicked about some of the ways it was shot or maybe looked or maybe they’re like I didn’t really have the budget to do this certain moment here or there again I’m probably a nitpick because it was so rare when I thought

it I feel like with the amount of success the shoe had it’s just you’re gonna lucky so much it already looked great it’s gonna imagine like just how much more refined it’s gonna look in season two just how much they already threw a lot of money on this first season imagine how much better it’s gonna look in season two better some of the cinematography will look with some of the makeup in this in the visual effects and all that like for the vast majority already looked amazing I’m like oh man it’s already gonna look better

than so yeah I I I’m very very excited I think this was an excellent experience and I hope that one with the hope the weight’s not too long because you know the Netflix shows can take a while plus the strikes and everything oh yeah oh yeah it’s gonna be a long time uh but the weight I think will be worth it and um music excellent everything around I feel like if you just take all everything we’ve said about every episode that’s the whole series review yeah that’s the whole point and I think uh some of

those things I was missing from our long in the last episode kind of gave me more of that here that I was looking for um so yeah everything all around it was great guys um thank you all for being here thanks Aaron for being on the stream with me uh it’s pretty sure you’re sticking around I know you got something to really get through that you paid for a long time ago thank you guys so much again and uh keep a look out I’m sure there’s going to be something else great to cover um all

right well I won’t be I’m done oh we’re done thank you guys bye

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