POCO C55 review – Leather Design budget smartphone under 10000 (but is it worth it?)

Friends, this is POCO C55 smartphone The good thing about this smartphone is, it comes with a leather-type finish It feels great but The smartphone’s best thing is that its price is under ₹10,000 Its exact price is ₹8,999 I am going to tell you about the smartphone in this video but first, let’s unbox it KEEP WATCHING… I have already started using this smartphone This is the POCO C55 smartphone box The POCO is following the same traditional yellow color Inside the box This is a SIM tray ejector pin a USB to micro-USB cable This 5W 2Amp charger

means a 10W charger is present inside the box The smartphone under ₹10,000 comes with basic features You have to compromise little By the way, the smartphone’s build and finish are amazing. At the back, a leather-type finish is given You can see the stitches at the back too Most people are going to use the silicon case The material used at the back is amazing It does not get smudges from fingers and is also scratch resistant to some extent You can avoid using a case on this smartphone So this smartphone feels great in the hand and a

fingerprint sensor is present at the back The camera module is placed perfectly In fact, from a distance, many people might assume that this

smartphone is of a premium level. Unfortunately, it comes with a micro-USB port By the way, you don’t get high-end features in under ₹10,000 smartphones Many smartphones under ₹10,000 are available in the market that comes with a Type-C port I don’t think this makes a huge difference The display quality is Ok-type This is 6.71 inches IPS LCD display It comes with HD+ resolution and Panda glass has been used on this for protection Here

are the specs, it is running MIUI 13 out of the box It has 64GB internal storage and 4GB ram In it triple slot is present. Dedicated micro-SD card slot This smartphone supports 4G and both the SIMs in it support 4G MediaTek Helio G85 processor has been used in this This is the Antutu score I got. It’s decent If you wish to play COD game on this smartphone then you can see the game is not running that smoothly The game is lagging but yes you’ll be able to play this type of game on this to some

extent It has a dual camera setup of 50MP and a VGA camera The front camera is 5MP The camera’s interface is basic and no filter options are present in the photo mode You’ll be able to shoot videos in it at a max of 1080p The smartphone’s camera quality is above-average level You’ll be able to share the photos on the social networks and they also look fine on the computer See some portrait and long-distant shots Movie mode is also present that changes the aspect ratio for the best recording It shoots good-looking selfies Here are some night

shots, they are decent and you’ll be able to share them on Social Networks This is the recorded video I am recording this video while walking and no stability option is present on the phone So if you wish to record a stable video then you’ll have to use an extra gimbal It has a 5000mah battery that can easily give 1-2 days of battery life Charging will take time using a 10W charger Se multiple options are available in the market under ₹10,000 There are some things in every smartphone that you like and some things are missing. So

ultimately you have to decide Nowadays users are not changing smartphones frequently A few years ago people used to change their smartphones after 6 months or a year, but now this frequency has reduced. The main reason behind this is that many new smartphones that are launching in the market If you compare all the smartphones then there is not much difference between them One more thing the camera quality The camera quality of most smartphones has improved to a great extent So there is no diff. in camera too So it’s natural that when users update their smartphones, they

would want the new smartphone to have new features. This is the reason users are not updating their smartphones frequently In case you wish to update your smartphone and your budget is under ₹10,000 then this is a good option. The link to purchase it is given in the description KEEP WATCHING…

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