Ponding on roadways in Katy during severe weather

Gerald Harris is in Katie with an update and earlier we had some flooded roadways. Gerald, how are we looking out there in Katy? Yeah, it’s the same story. We’re beginning to see the ponding on the roadway. You can see my foot has completely been sunk into the flooding here on the roadway. But this entire area where the East Avenue and the Avenue a meets, you can see roadway. You can see another car driving through flooded water, which we advise you not to do because your car can install out, if not worse. But this is the

situation many drivers during this lunchtime period are dealing with if they’re deciding to go out. And venture out into this, into this weather event, but it’s certainly the wind is picking up, the rain is coming down really hard and drivers are continuing to take on the road and take on the roadways. But this is the conditions here in downtown Katie as we continue to follow the weather bit that’s moving through our area that’s causing some concern for a lot of people. Thank you so much for the update.

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