PR98-Retro Review: Engine Gattai Series #06 – DX Engine Carrigator

Hi everyone this is the review of Engines 
Sentai Go-Onger. Engine Gattai series number  
six carrigator since i bought this as a pre-owned 
item i do not have the box so let’s start with the  
review we will start with the engine soul 
so this set comes with carrigator soul  
so on the top we got engine 
soul here is number six
for the carrigator logo ES system number six 
down here and at the bottom we got the three  
buttons. here is the activation one we all love in 
the back we got the battery compartment and we  
got the reset button or i like to call it the 
kill switch so that’s all for the engine soul.
Right here carriator himself. He have 15 wheels
total as you can see there 3, , 6, 9, 12  
13 14 and a small one down here 
15. and here is Gunbir-Oh helmet
show accuracy since he is car carrier
he called carrigator because he can carry  
Gunpherd and Birca so i’ll show you that 
in a moment but also cool about carrigator
you can pull his front half out, you can have articulations…
He doesn’t have to move like a brick… he can turn… From side to side
His mouth can open and lock

in that position and here’s 
the engine soul compartment
and these are the activation button
now i’ll show you how to carry gunpherd and Birca …all right so i have birca and gunpherd so  
birca here he has these slot so you want to just 
match it over here so you want to put him on  
he doesn’t peg anywhere you just fit on 
or sit on and gunpherd have these little  
slot right here also you want to put him in the 
back like that and carrigator can pull them
around. I’ll show you the function of Carrigator sound. All right now i’ll go over the sound effect for  
carrigator so let’s take berka and convert 
off of caregiver and put them on the side
they put carrigator back together so just 
push him in … push his head in place. i’m  
going to flip this panel back so you 
guys can see the character face clear
so open carrigator mouth
“Engine Soul Set!” So character sound gonna 
be … there are four characters sounds  
on this side and general sound 
on this side so let’s start
again every engine on machine world 
… repeat their own syllable so  
carrigator repeat his last syllable so “gator gator”
i believe that one says “sorry that i 
bite” or “sorry that i had bitten you”  
again yeah i have no idea what that
again his syllable and i believe that 
once they go-on. carrigator also have that  
walkie-talkie like similar to gunpherd and Birca
so let’s activate it for their hidden sound  
within that walkie-talkie so hold 
one button and click the other one  
yeah i have no idea what that mean but that’s the 
new sound so that’s it for the carrigator sound
Here to form GunBir-Oh we need engine Birca and engine Gunpherd
So let get these guys Prep.
If you guys haven’t watch these videos you guys want to go 
check it out after or before whichever you all prefer.
For Carrigator you want to turn him around and detach …
attach them back together
Sorry about that. I push the button. So what you want to do for the feet…
is the front and top here will be his 
toe and the bottom will be his heel  
so you want to lift the toes up and push these 
down will become healed. stand him up light the leg
and bring it out and here is the helmet 
for a GunBirh-Oh. so you want to take it off  
so in order to put it back you so you 
see engineer g6 face you want to match it  
peg inside just clip it on like that so we 
need this right now put it on the side so  
you want to bring carrigator face down and 
clip it your clip and peg. peg and clip it.
you want to put this on the right 
side depending on your point of view
and Birca on the left. Last 
but not least the helmet
and there GunBir-Oh. So for 
articulation, The arms can go 360
all the way
and can go up very high
and with that going out you 
can pull it back more forward
you can do that if you want we also got the 
same elbow articulation but it might they’ll  
bump into your carrigatior. so you want to pull 
the shoulder to the shoulder articulation  
back a little bit and then you want to 
turn it like that same thing for Birca
you should be careful so you 
don’t … open the compartment
that is GunBir-Oh. There is a spare pose.
so next up
Next up, i will show you how to do Engine-Oh G6.
Alright that is all for this review, if you 
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