REDGRASSGAMES Studio XL Wet Palette Washable Paper REVIEW | Miniature Painting | 2021

hi i’m don welcome to my channel
today i show you the 15th washing of my
red grass wet palette
rgg is known for the wet palette but
it’s also known for the handles
i have four extra swappable caps which
is great for batch painting
also it’s kind of funny because the
rotating cap i never ever thought that i
needed that in my painting
lastly it’s not for me to say if my
miniature painting has improved since i
got the rgg wet palette
but i do enjoy miniature painting a ton
more seriously i love all my former and
current partners but rgg really made
painting a ton more fun
now let’s do the 15 washing of my red
grass studio xl wet palette
so as you saw i put my water cup on top
of my wet pallet to preserve the
well basically instead of using the
rubber band
so i learned my lesson i no longer
remove the paper the washable paper
while washing the wet pallet
after loosening up the paint with water
i gently rub it with my fingers to
totally remove the paints

black paint does not stain the paper but
flow colors did
i also accidentally damage the paper
it’s my nail while holding the wet
pallet and washing it with water so also
as you can see as i’ve said
flow colors kind of stain the paper so i
guess the 15 washing will be the last
washing of this paper
the flow stain won’t really affect the
painting but
let’s change the paper
red grass gave me the reusable and
washable paper and also the classic like
50 sheets of the classic hydration paper
that i’m so eachy to
try but alas i decided to use the
reusable and rewashable paper again
i also saw a video where the guy kind of
struggled laying down the paper flatly
but i don’t experience that since my
foam is really wet at this point
however the paper the edges of the paper
will curl up but it will settle down
after a while
let the paper soak with the foam for a
while and then wipe it up with tissue
paper so that the surface of the paper
is nice and dry
i tried diy wet palette and also the
small tiny notebook size wet palette
which are cheap but they’re really
as you can hear the roosters agree
red grass also sent me a couple of
brushes they’re all they’re both awesome
the number two brush and the small 2-0
brush for detailed painting i use them a
lot these days and
they make painting more fun
we’re done now for a quick tip before we
end the video i learned this 20 years
ago when i was 12 years old and this is
for usually what we do when when we do
watercolor painting you have a spare
in the mixing dish and a cup for
cleaning your brush so
clean your brush in the cup and have a
tiny bit of water on the mixing dish
before you actually work with the paints
we’re done we’re now ready to paint so i
hope you liked the video it’s quick and
short do like the channel subscribe
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hi i’m don welcome to my channel

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